Newcastle Rumours Archive September 09 2013


09 Sep 2013 19:51:55
any body got any imfo on a rumour going round that nufc are to sign two free agents no names yet. from a good mate who is reliable. old pro


Why don't you ask your mate?

Laurel & Hardy?

Northern Echo reported possibly Khalid Bouhlarouz and vincenzo iaquinta

England fans attacked in Kiev how will fifa respond properly giv em there ticket 2 the wc got to think if it wa us then they would of chucked us out of the next 2 wc! Fifa nearly a bigger joke than gashley

I did but he had no names he only heard club were after two free agents not there names I only asked if any one else had heard anything old pro

Kinnear probably thinks a free agent means we don't have to pay any wages for them!


David Bentley

Carlton Cole

It'll be a sad day if we sign Bentley & Carlton Cole

Let's hope that rumour is the same as the PEA & Bony rumours and not come close to fruition

Big Dave out

Free agents! The hairy bykers! Si on one chicken wing and Dave in the middle of the stew! Just the recipe for a success for fat Mike and his jaw munching excitement! RAW74

We have a huge trial on tomorrow its called steve harpers testimonial hopefully 2 or 3 will be fit enough to don on their boots for the first team again what a joke we are

Cole is heading back to West Ham!

No he's not! West ham have signed mladen Petric! Won't sign Cole now! He is free to join us!

Maybe ebanks blake

Ebanks blake would be as affective as Gouffran




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