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09 Oct 2013 18:00:18
a web site (only the most reliable of sources) is reporting that Ashley's given the green light to try and sign Tom Ince. If this is true what it really means is that he's given the go ahead to make a mediocre, below valuation bid before sending Pardew or our director of f**k all out to say that they tried their best and they got close to sealing the deal but they weren't quite able to get him over the line

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I am not sure Ince is an improvement on Marveaux.

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The website you ask for can't be provided,but I can assure you he has spoken to Newcastle,it isn't breaking news it happened on the 2nd September.}

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Talking to Newcastle and playing for Newcastle are miles apart.
And the very fact that he has spoken to us is the very evidence needed to comfirm he won't be signing.
If they have allowed that baffoon anywhere near that young lad, he won't be coming here. that's a given!

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Sorry but ince inst an improvement on marveaux?
Having seen every minute marveux has played in a newcastle shirt i'm quite confident a one legged donkey would be an improvement.
Ince is a good player & i'd love us to sign him but like all young english players he's massively over valued.

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09 Oct 2013 17:53:45
There's a report saying that we're considering a bid for Javier Hernandez who wants away from Man U because he's not playing or starting enough games. Although I'd like this to happen because I think Hernandez is a really good striker who could come in and replace Cisse if he doesn't start scoring again. However I doubt it will happen for 2 reasons: 1. We probably won't meet Man U's fee if we try to get him and if by some miracle we do we almost certainly won't meet his wage demands if we do have a bid accepted. 2. The other clubs apparently interested in him are AC and Juve, even if we did have a bid accepted who do you think he'd choose at the moment? One of two Italian giants or us, a club being treated as nothing but a quick cash grab by its disgraceful owner?

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If he wants guaranteed first team football, that could be our bargaining tool. If he goes to a Champions League team, yes he will get top level football, but he will not be guaranteed games.

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Any established players like this will not come to Newcastle
Ashley's policy is completely different to any other owners of the premiership

The names of players such as this purely speculation

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Never going to happen! we're only interested in young, cheep, foreign players no one has heard of and 'might' make the first team in 2-3years or sell on at a profit. forget football and actually winning things.

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09 Oct 2013 14:26:39
Reports in France saying we're looking at Argentine striker Dario Cvitanich who plays for Nice. His record for Nice is 24 in 37 (I think) and is being compared to Michu because of the quality for the price they paid, £275k (again, I think) so we might be able to get him quite cheap. The only problem may be that he's 29 so he may be considered too old.

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Cvitanich is a great player and even though he is about 29 he would still give us 2 or 3 good seasons.

I have been watching the French league highlights on YouTube for some time now and he really looks top class.

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Imo Cvitanich is a good finisher in an okay league he doesn't offer much else than kicking the ball in the net if played exactly to his feet. he suffers from a distinct lack of movement. He'd prob end up like that Boselli guy that played for wigan. bt I could be wrong.

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