Newcastle Rumours Archive November 09 2011


09 Nov 2011 14:43:10
What's this crack about united been interested in signin cabaye.... Hope not


United (newcastle) av 'redy signed 'im, pet.

SPORTS DIRECT ARENA! Agent Ashley take a bow

Effin thick mackem - so by creating a cash investment and paying the wages to players thats 3rd in the league and took 7 of the last 9 points against (should have been 9) hes trying to get us relagated

He would go, newcastle is a stepping stone for him to go to a true football giant and win things. 3 words geordies SPORTS DIRECT ARENA!! Agent Ashley take a bow

09 Nov 2011 21:41:16

That should calm people down. Gd 2 see he is focused on NUFC

They would have to pay 20 mil plus for each anyway but it wont happen things have changed every player at newcastle is wearing the shirt with pride about time so we will be building a team over nxt 3 years not selling

Him and every other good cm in the world, are linked to ManU, wouldn't worry. Unless liverpool need another mid, and then as much as i like Cabaye, if they use the same negotiator as they did on the AC deal...well, I'll take another

Man U are litterally goin to be credited with every decent midfielder in the world, first scneider, then tiote now cabaye. highly doubt ferguson would agree with forking out over 10 mill for a player who has only had 10 games in the EPL, if he did TIOTE would have been long gone. so in my honest opinion i dont see this happening. again its the smae as tiote krul and colo, yeah ok last season they were good, this season they are amazing but i cant see any big team willing to pay big money for players who are still getting used to the EPL, well unless its liverpool

Dead right man, come on the toon

There's been murmurs of this for awhile now. Kind of debunks the theory of folks like SAF and Jose Mourinho's ability to develop their own lads. More than any other adversity that teams outside the "top 4" face is poaching. I remember JM saying something that if he were to take over at Man City, maybe it was before he went to Real Madrid (can't remember the semantics tbh) but that he'd need 100m to spend on players. Really? REALLY? Arguably the best manager in the world needs THAT much money to spend on players? ....and these accolades Mancini is doing wonders at Man City, are you kidding me? That team could coach itself. It's so disheartening as a supporter to see someone like AP who i think NONE of us toon supporters wanted digging in, working his socks off for the players, the fans and the club, improving himself in the process and on a collective budget of, what was it?...taking into account Nolan, Enrique for cash, it could be argued anywhere from 0-5mil is what he got to spend since he's been at the club. Sorry, just had to rant. AP's fast becoming a legend and I can't wait for our boys to put on a show next weekend! HTL




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