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09 Mar 2013 00:38:17
i think people who are saying we did well on thursday are stupid. we went there hoping. and boy do I mean HOPING for a draw. was it one shot on target? has any fan ever seen a more negative performance ever by any team ever? This was even worse than the shambles against brighton in january! yes we got a draw, fair enough, however, what I joke of a way to go into a game! and b4 folk get carried away too much, metalist got a nil nil at st james remember! no doubt about it in my opinion that anzhi will come at us more next leg, in fact it looked like they prefer to counter, I think we could be in trouble second leg, and why, because pardew decided to sit on defensive on a game that was there for the taking. anzhi were poor yesterday, yet we sat back and didn't go for it! and why bother with this adam campbell!?! he obviousl isn't anywhere near good enough, I hear fans say he deserves a run out, but if he isn't trusted for a run out in what was basically played at the speed of a pre season friendly then he is never gunna be worth a game!

Fingers crossed for stoke, because I think we will need luck to win!

If people disagree, tell me why, back yourself up with stats, but we are struggling. struggling a massive struggle.



I actually agree and disagree with some of your points. Anzhi are a good strong team. They weren't at the races on Thursday, but I am very pleased with the result. I definitely would of taken the draw before kick off. We have always struggled defensively but we looked solid. Never rated Perch as a prem player but he played very well. I think Pardew could of changed things just after half time and try and attack after seeing how Anzhi were struggling, but unfortunately, we did not have the strike options with Cisse ill, and Campbell untested. Amoebi not good enough. My biggest problem with the match is why Pardew started Ben Arfa. So glad to see him back playing, but his first game back is against a solid physical team, in freezing conditions on an artificial pitch in Moscow. May be just me but I thought that was a huge risk. Good to see him come through though. We will be able to play a lot different at home thurs, with a decent pitch and 40,000 plus cheering the team on. Think the lads will have confidence with the last few matches going into the Stoke game and we should outplay them. The biggest worry is we aren't taking our chances upfront. Should of brought in an extra striker but the team seem to be geling and getting better. Future is bright.

Ben Arfa being back is great, I hope he can stay fit forever haha. Hope cisse will be rejuvenated by sunday and hopefully we batter stoke

Yes because getting a 0-0 draw away from home against one of the Richest clubs in the world, who had won 7 games on the trot at home was a terrible result.

What do people not get about this tie?

Attacking away from home would be hoping to beat Anzhi via a score draw over two legs, that would be ok if we were playing Bordeaux, but this is Anzhi!

Do you not understand what kind of squad Anzhi have?

10 million is what they spend per head on their very cheapest players.

Sunderland fan wind up.

It would be funny if it was not such a long written attempt.

What did people expect on thursday? for us to come out and boss the game and win 3-0, the lack of knowledge shown by some fans is staggering. anzi are a good side at home in russia. Our game plans was to keep them quiet for an hour and then start to hit them on the counter which we did well, if it wasnt for some poor passes/touches in the final third we could have scored at least one. We will attack them at st james and look to control the game. it was important for us not to lose in russia and we didnt. Job done. I fancy us to win 2/3-1 on thursday.

Agree very silly Mackem looking for a bite.

Seculate all you want we are simply not scoring goals and unless we win against Stoke we have a GOOD chance of being relegated as have Blunderland & ar least one of us will be there or there abouts
The ignorance of not relaxing Ba could be a disaster because Cisse is Abysmal

It doesn't matter if they are a rich club. there players aren't amazing, far from it, over the top transfer fees dnt make the players better than they really are. let's not forget 35 million for andy carroll. one of the biggest transfer fees of all time. certainly not worth it. and the same applies to anzhi.

and we were lucky, loadsa them players struggle to string 2 passes together! embarassing at times! and as for corners haha. jesus what do these players do day in day out in training haha, rubbish

Last post re Carroll £35m. Difference is, Anzhi have bought proven players on international and champs lge standard and paying huge fees to get them. Dalgleish paid big money for British players I. e Carroll, Henderson etc. For future growth. Didn't pay off.
Also, Anzhi don't normally play on an artificial pitch either.

No. Position Player
1 GK Vladimir Gabulov
2 DF Andrey Yeshchenko
3 DF Ali Gadzhibekov
5 DF João Carlos
6 MF Mbark Boussoufa
7 MF Kamil Agalarov
8 MF Jucilei
9 FW Samuel Eto'o
13 DF Rasim Tagirbekov
14 MF Oleg Shatov
15 DF Arseniy Logashov
16 MF Mehdi Carcela-Gonzalez
No. Position Player
17 MF Sharif Mukhammad
18 MF Yuri Zhirkov
19 FW Lacina Traoré
20 FW Fyodor Smolov (on loan from Dynamo Moscow)
22 GK Yevgeny Pomazan
25 MF Odil Ahmedov
26 GK Azamat Dzhioev
28 FW Serder Serderov
33 DF Emir Spahić (on loan from Sevilla)
37 DF Ewerton
85 MF Lassana Diarra
88 MF Willian

well heres anzhis current squad. I love footall, I watch loads of football, and I can honestly say I've only heard of 6 of them! so they are really spending there money on proven international standard players! wales has an internatianal team, so does that mean david vaughan is worth 10 million haha, fc basle play champs leagues every year, but that doesn't make all there players good. And chris samba suggests anzhi do spend over the top!

Obviously you do not watch very much football outside of the English game.

I think you said it all when you said you had only heard of 6 of those players.

You are a little bit out of your depth.

I cannot argue about who Anzhi are as a club with you, if you do not know much about their squad.

Have you looked into each player profile?

I can assure you there are a lot more than 6 good players in that list.

And Anzhi did not overpay for Samba, they maybe paid slightly higher than normal in wages, but not in transfer fee.

Samba has always been a very highly rated defender, he would have improved the Arsenal team if Wenger was not such a tightwad.

I can honestly say I recognise 8 of the squad. Also, they have a top manager in Gus Hiddink.
You are right about Samba. That was money thrown away.
How long did it take to write the squad out?
Hope every one enjoys the game today and we get the 3 points.
Hopefully lots of possession and take our chances.

Anzhi have a very strong squad and just because you know little of their players doesn't decrease their ability what so ever. Players like etoo, lass, willian, ewerton, jucilei, bousaffa, joao carlos, zhirkov, traore, gonzalez and possibly ahmedov and shatov are very good players whether they over paid for them or not is a different story, they will have to over pay on transfer fees due to the fact every club knows they have the money and will charge more, and the players will ask for ridiculous wages.

Also a response to the first post where the question was asked has any fan seen a more negative performance, I have seen many many more negative performances. One example being when Scotland played norway away and had the formation 4-6 there was no striker and lost the game 1-0. Where as we got a very good draw away from home at a team that have won every home game in europe this season and haven't not scored at home since november 2012, no idea what planet you are from if you think we are struggling and that was a bad result.

Winning 4 of our last 6 in the premiership to be one of if not the best form side in the premiership at the moment is not struggling, and comparing this match to brighton is just moronic if we had played like we did against brighton at anzhi they wouldve destroyed us 5 or 6 nil

Also how can you say Campbell isn't good enough and you asked for stats how about : Campbell won Most Valuable Player award at the 2010 Nike Cup at Old Trafford. In addition, Campbell was awarded Premier Player of the Tournament at the 2012 Milk Cup.
I don't think you win those by being not good enough




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