Newcastle Rumours Archive June 09 2015


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09 Jun 2015 18:38:24
Lee Clark apparently under serious consideration to return to Newcastle as assistant head coach

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10 Jun 2015 07:58:40
Steve Round will join the coaching team after mcclaren's unveiling.

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09 Jun 2015 15:45:30

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09 Jun 2015 17:47:53
OH NO, what will we become without the Premier League's self professed "Best Coach"? Woe is us.

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09 Jun 2015 22:17:23
it is a positive step and at least shows some intent by the club to seriously change things. carvers position was untenable, clearly none of the players wanted to play for him and his coaching was clearly not up to scratch.

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09 Jun 2015 23:12:05
Dave Billows has left as well

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10 Jun 2015 14:02:46
Not surprised bout Dave Billows going, our injury record has been aping.again.

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