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09 Jun 2013 08:49:57
Demba Ba is facing the Chelsea axe as he is not in chelsea's plans. Do you reckon we should go for him? Ed, what clubs are chasing Ba? I reckon galatasaray might be. {Ed002's Note - I am not aware of anyone showing recent interest.}


We couldn't afford his wages - that's why he left in the first place
Plus the fee would be far higher than the £7m we got for him

Get real man Ba knows all about the Newcastle Circus and apart from that he left the Toon because he wanted to win Silverware

Not much chance if that at Newcastle

Yeah and look how his stint with Chelsea has ended. Maybe his level is the 'circus' you call Newcastle. He (and we) could do a lot worse. Exactly whst we need.

No, he's 28 and would cost max 11million, not bad. Can give a lift to our dressing room. especially with that 60m TV deal I reckon he'd take about 70-80k wages from us.

Why would we want him back, he left us not on the greatest terms after he refused to sign a new deal, also he would again demand a signing on fee and his agents would as well, was sick of him when he was here, great footballer but has more baggage than joey barton, we need to move on, and definitely don't waste wages above 45k on him

I know people won't agree, but I think we should go for Carroll instead of Ba! He is younger, English, a Geordie, and I think he has realised it was a mistake to ever leave us! With rumours of Cisse leaving because of the Wonga sponsorship, Carroll would be the best replacement as number 9!

It maybe hoof ball football as people keep saying but if it means we are successful I don't care, I just want to see Newcastle winning matches! And competing at the top of the table and hopefully lifting a trophy sometime soon, if that means playing hoof ball football to Carroll then so be it!

Who says hoof ball is successful? Don't see any of the top winning teams playing it.

Stoke and West Ham under Pulis and Allardyce have achieved what exactly with it? Oh yeah lower to mid table mediocrity.

Oh now maybe I understand why Pardew wants Carrol back as he doesn't want Europe!

Carrol is a very injury prone, hardly prolific hoofball magnet with an appallingly unprofessional off field lifestyle. Rodgers isn't stupid, Pardew is

What are you talking about!

You want to see hoof football!

When carroll was here we didn't win anything either and I for one don't want to be watching HOOF Football just to please 1 player.

BA made carroll look crap when he signed as his replacement because his overall play was of much higher standard.

Carroll is out till atleast september due to injury and there is no point in taking a risk.

Let Carroll stay at liverpool and his price will only decline.

There are much better players out there than Cartoll, I for one would prefer the money to go on Charlie Austin if we want to invest in someone closer to home or even Rhodes or basically anyone other than Carroll.

There are plenty of options abroad to which are again much better than Carroll.

Newcastle need a pacy forward who can score goals on the regular not a player we litrally need to design a team around.

At the end of the day, regardless of what people say Andy or Ba would be good additions to our current squad. Carroll would give 110% in each match and I would like to see him playing for us again. however I do not think we should have to pay any more than 10 mil for him.

Also, his wages will be 45k a week tops, but I am sure he would sign for that anyway as he seems desperate to resign for us.

Hoofball. have we not been playing that all of last season? I do not like seeing hoofball unless there is an end product - ie goals socred. When Carroll was with us we were scoring freely from crosses / knock downs and we actually scored from corners. we really did!.

As long as we score goals and win games who cares who we have up front? You know Carroll and Ba will score us goals so what is the problem? The cost pffft. we need goals and player who want to play for us.

Also Ashley needs to get his cash out and buy some sodding players otherwise another season of dispair awaits. I am truely hoping this 2 players only is a smoke screen for our real targets

Btw a person can only give 100%


I would expect that all players in the black and white stripes give 110%. The point was that every time Carroll played for Newcastle he gave it his all, put his head and body on the line, something he did not do at Liverpool and will not do at West Ham.

Players playing for their home town or boyhood team always give more.

10% more than everyone else





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