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09 Jan 2013 20:28:20
Remy in shop window for the summer, why else would he play 120mins? And risk injury...

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Because he is contracted to marseille and he has to do what they tell him to do...? ToonJones

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09 Jan 2013 19:25:19
TV Newcastle commentator Mick Lowes has just said on total sport Newcastle are is serious negotiations with more than 2 players and 1 could be in within the next 5 to 6 days, who do we think they are? I'm going for Tompkins, Sissoko and Remy.

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I have a feeling its going to be the same as the last few Jan windows,,, NUFC is interested in..... going to bid for..... about to buy...... Then "stuff all happens" Lads i hope I'm wrong and we don't have to listen to the OLD well we tried to get it over the line... blahh blah crap but i have a feeling we will get no-one or some 18yr old nobody to put together with the other 18yr old nobody's we already have... its not just the boards way or agents of gathering interest..

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Dexter blackstock martyn waghorn and broadfoot

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Sissoko looks like he will be a free in the summer though. Hope this one is true! :-)

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Sissoko will be a free but i think other clubs will come in for him alswell
Heard Sunderlanmd interested in him this transfer window?? I f they offer decent wages they will get him although I think he wld use both of us as a stepping stone to another club in the prenmiership if Im honest

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09 Jan 2013 19:21:54
Newcastle in "advanced talks" with 3+ players, source TV. I reckon it will be Douglas, Sissoko and Remy or Aubameyang

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The defender will be Tompkins i think

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09 Jan 2013 19:03:58
Newcastle will not go near Hangeland, he is too old. Tomkins or Mirin are the top targets. Remy is stalling and newcastle don't want to be left without a new striker so they are set to go for either Aubameyang or Erdinc. Also toon are looking into adding more creative flair for when cabaye is injured so we will make an approach for thauvin of bastia. Also we are in talks with moussa sissoko and Sulejmani who are both out of contract in the summer

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Newcastle will not buy anyone else in this transfer window. we will get all the crap about players coming back from injury will be like new signings, given Pardew an eight year contract was a joke.Newcastle once again the laughing stock of the north east.Roll on May championship football and we won't be back up again as the players we have the decent ones will be away and what we have left are dismal, so come the end of January we will still have to watch this shower of overpaid under achievers.Should wear the Newcastle shirt with Pride.Like Gazza, Shearer, Lee, Speed.Newcastle recieved 35million pounds off Carrol, Money off Nolan, Ba, Enrique, but only spent 9 million, has Ashley lost the rest in Casino, Get rid of Pardew, Ashley, and the rest of the crap we have here.and start again.Fans don't deserve this.

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What about Beccio (spelling?) he would be a good siging if Leeds would let him go.

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We r not going to sign anybody this transfer window we will just stay up probably on goal difference on the last day of the season i will score for a few extra million end up having a night on the bigg market give Alan p an extension to his contract. depending on how much I have made from sports direct I ll go and spend some serious money buy michu mata Fellaini sneijder messi and some defender from accruing ton Stanley as I have been told he s good we should then win the prem + both cups all the best fat mike ps the next few months r going 2b nail biting.

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If Remy is stalling he obviously doesn't want to come, so move on to the next targets - it's his loss as Newcastle can do without this type of player.

Believe it will be similar to previous windows -all words and no action so at end of the day we will be weaker than before the window opened. Had months to get things sorted but we always seem unprepared and not ready to act.

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I'm getting nervous now. 3 strikers worse off than this time last year. Leaking goals nearly as bad as the Villa and even the 'upbeat' supporters now constantly looking on line for the sign of a signing. Howay Mike sort it oot!

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09 Jan 2013 19:00:10
Expect a bid for West Ham's James Tomkins. Pardew is a long standing admirer and he's out of favour this season at West Ham. We've bid for him before, so its a racing certainty that we'll try again soon I reckon.


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Tomkins is no better than Williamson so that is a step sideways.

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I think tomkins would be a great signing due to his age and versatility. Can play CM if needed. But personally i no we like making signing to make profit but i think if Distin is available i would love him

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Sounds about right Alan Pardews admiration of players not getting in the team there at, look at Rob Elliot, stick to leaving GC do the transfers pards

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09 Jan 2013 13:52:56
Newcastle looking at bret hangeland to shore up leaking defence. My mate works as security at fulham

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Dont think so. He does not fit into the clubs profile (over 27 and little re-sale value).

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He may not, but what a centre half, get 3 years out of him ! Good player . But we won't get him

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Im from west london fulham to be precise, and a lot of my mates work at the club shops, security and a few in the youth squads and none of them have mentioned this to me at all, and i don't see him moving from london to newcastle and probably for less wages as fulham give very high wages, and although he doesnt fit into our criteria would be the perfect signing for us on all levels would rock up the defence and cause problems in their boxes in set pieces

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Whats the bets we don't get a striker or a defender probably end up with Keiron Dyer on a pay as you play contract.Happy days. Splash the cash fat man

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09 Jan 2013 12:55:12
Remy has turned down Newcastle after speaking to AP,
It seems wages and what newcastle are willing to offer is the issue ( bonus, sign on fee Ect..). No bid has been made by Newcastle.


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100% accurate graham, Marseilles manager came out and said that remy could still stay, if he does leave it will be for Dortmund, Newcastle will probably end up with Danny graham as ba's replacement, also no way hangeland will be bought, too old and no money to be made by our business men owners

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How do you know ?

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Wont end up with Graham, we can't afford him.
Won't end up with anyone else we will just get the old line of "it was not for the lack of trying, it is very difficult to get delas over the line in this window"....and every other window apparently if you are NUFC but not every other club it seems. Championship here we come.

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We'll probably go for Aubameyang before Graham because he's essentially the same as Remy but 3 years younger, 5-6m cheaper and has already expressed interest in joining us.

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Spurs could be a suiter for remy, pushing for champions league football, in the Europa league Adebayor at the African cup of nations for up to 5 weeks

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I don't understand this Danny Graham rumours we had the chance to sign him before he went to swansea and decided not to so why would we move for him now for more money than before and after seeing him perform not well in the premiership also pards said he wanted pace, that is not what danny graham has

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First text on here got good info that luciano becchio is deffo on his way to newcastle

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Why would Danny Graham cost more now than when he went to Swansea, especially if Swansea are willing to let him go?

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09 Jan 2013 10:53:17
Marseille have confirmed that NO bid has been made for Remy by NUFC. We let two strikers go in the summer with no replacements, now we lose our top scorer and still have not even made a bid for our reported top target, what is going on?? If AP is to be believed that nothing else will happen until a replacement for Ba is bought then we are rapidly running out of time to bolster the squad for our relegation fight. By the time we do (if indeed we actually do) get anyone else in we could have lost against Norwich, Reading and Villa and be completely in the cac.

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But why shud a centre half be on hold just cos they havent signed a striker wish they all would leave the club

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Get a grip. If most of the fans on this forum get their way we will be bankrupt and have a team of players like when we had owen, viduka and company. Its refreshing we have someone who will not pay over the odds for players and agents fees. We will sign the right players for the right money when the time is right.

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What a ridiculous thing to say. All I was doing was querying why we had to wait to sign a Ba replacement before signing a new CB, how woudl that bankrupt the club if "I got my way"? As noble a stance as it is our transfer policy has us 2 points above the relegation zone when this time last year we were dreaming of the CL. We have been a CB short for 18 months and a striker short all this season, fair enough reduce the playing staff if the money from sales and saved wages mean a better quality player is brought in but to not bring anyone in is reaping the rewards its deserved and sees us in a relegation battle. Don't get me started on the under 26 only rule, since when does being over 26 not mean value for money (RVP anyone, and no I am not saying we would have had a chance to buy him but unless we at least look like getting in the CL our best players will be wanting to go)With the big TV deal coming up next season our transfer policy has more chance of bankrupting the club if we go down.

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I agree with you to some extent. We do not want past it has beens that just want to earn a buck. But the time is right and we need players now. Like the other guy said if we lose out next 3 we are in it big time. I can't believe no bid has been made for either position when we have known for ages ba would probably leave and we have known we need a cb for a while. And if you can remember we still have not filled the position for Leon best. We need these players quick

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I can't believe the above post saying " get a grip". Obviously supported the Toon for maybe a couple of years and knows nothing about football. As original poster says, we SHOULD have had bids in as soon as we knew Ba was leaving. A central defender is also a must. Doing it on the cheap gets you where we are now and if these Ashley lovers ( previous poster) would open their eyes they would see we are in freefall.

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That we be signing players when we are in the championship then

we need signings NOW

im sick of all this rubbish and want pardew to go

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I agree witht he above statement but the time was right to bring in reinforcements in the summer and we didn't. We need to bring the right players in at the right price but there is no way we are waiting till we get a striker before looking at CB's. AP is just distracting us all so we don't expect too much.

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Will we get a proper manager when the time's right?

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Owen Viduka and Company.....its a good job i know what you mean but just waiting to see who the first person is to say we never had Company. niktoon

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Owen was heralded by thousands of us in the ground the day he signed and at that stage was not past it, how could anyone have forseen the horrific injuries he had while he was an NUFC player? Spire Toon

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AP moans about lack of senior players yet Guthrie was allowed to run his contract down and he was a pivotal member of the squad ( I bet he can't believe what a bad decision he made not staying at SJP), Best was sold, Lovenkrands was released as was Alan Smith. Not saying they were world beaters but Guthrie/Best/Lovenkrands scored important goals last year and could have taken the weight of the shoulders of others as could have smith. No problem letting them leave IF they are replaced, because everyone at the club must have known as we supporters did that the kids we had were not good enough to step up, perhaps there is a bit of benefit of hindsight here but did anyone last year really think sicknotes Gosling/Vuckic would be fit to play a major role, or that Sami/Fergy/abeid could step up or that Xisco/Ranger could replace Best/Lovenkrands, FFS we even let Phil Airey leave when he had been prolific throughout his toon career and as a local cared really cared about wearing the shirt. I thought the days of short termism had gone but apparently not.

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When the time is right? we didn't pay for Debuchy in the Summer when they wanted 4 million, but we paid 5 million now. We didn't sell Ba in the summer when we could have squeezed more out then then we did now. There was plenty of interest in him. Cisse was on offer for us two seasons ago when we looked at him, didn't bid and he cost us 9 mill of which, he has been worth 9 pound this season. We have an outstanding scouting system yes but what use is it when we don't buy the players we scout?

Don't make out that we splash the cash "when the time is right, for the right amount" when actually, Mike Ashley is a money grabbing owner and loves to sell anyone for a minor profit and will take too long to sign players, usually when we are in a dog fight. The time was right to sign Debuchy, Remy and a big name defender in the summer when we got into europe. Not when we are in a relegation battle. Pardew wants decent players in form, and consistent. Ashley looks at those players and finds us cheap knock offs from lower leagues. For example. Bigirimana - good player for his age but is nothing on tiote and cabaye. and the same for amalfitano.

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The fact is that Ashley has taken more money in than he has spent out on players.

How can you compare that to the days of Owen, Duff and Others.

We have gone from giving huge wages to players barely even worth a punt to not spending on players at all.

Just because one system did not work does not mean the alternative is to lock up shop and sell more than you buy.

What is wrong with just buying good players in positions they are needed, is that so wrong for the fans to want?

And some guy is telling us to get a grip like we are a bunch of spoiled Man Utd fans crying for Ronaldo to be signed.

If you think Newcastle are going to find another Cabaye then you need your head checked, it was a one off. If you want good players then you have to pay what they are worth, clubs are not keeping their star players on ice waiting for skinflint Ashley to come knocking with his smarmy grim.

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To me you just have to look at senior players in vs players out during 2012... Cisse and Anita in. Best, smith, loven, Guthrie, Ba etc out. On top of an already thin squad and European football! If they'd invested in the summer whilst the iron was hot instead of excuses we'd be fine. Now we're in the rubbish and players are thinking twice about coming (or staying?). Suicide. Anyway this is a rumours page sorry.... My rumour.. Absolutely no one!

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Some of these posts crack me up, we aren't going to find another Cabaye? Bet we said that about Tiote? Santon? Ben Arfa? Ba? Look at our No 1 now, young player who cost very little. All pretty cheap we haven't needed to spend the cash previously. We may have received more than we spent but I would much rahter that if we found the quality we do for the money we do.
You lot make me laugh, supposed toon supporters but just slag the club off. For the first time we are heading in right direction. You take 10 of any teams starting 11 away and of course you are going to lose games.
I just want to finish by saying, if you are a supporter, actually support the club, it gets embarrassing at times.

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Shouldn't have let Leon Best go... would have been a good back-up player. Highly under-rated in my humble opinion...

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I did the original post but yours is excellent, common sense, basics, clear for all to see except the people in charg of our club. We can but live in hope. spire Toon

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When where we offered debuchy for 4 million i don't remember that and cisse for 9 million.......we where asked 11 million for cisse in that summer and we waited until january and paid 9 million not bad tbh he has been played out of position give to end of season see what he, s done.....we where told roghly 5.5 million for debuchy then then came back after we agreed terms wanting more money so we walked away...

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Leta just wait and see

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Tiote was not exactly a steal, he isn't worth much more now than we paid for him, he is all over the place at the moment. He gives the ball away all the time when he isn't booked.

Santon's value has not rocketed, great getting forward but when it comes to defending there is a problem for all to see.

The only reason we got Ben Arfa is because he went on strike at Marseille, when he purchased him he was laying in the injury bench with a snapped leg that we were not even sure he could come back from.

Cisse at around the 10 million mark was not really a steal either, sure at the end of last season maybe it looked that way, not now.

As for Krul, he has been with us since the last time we were in Europe which seems like a lifetime ago, we have spent a fortune developing him.

But yeah sure, we are going to go out into Europe and buy all these star players for around the 3 to 4 million mark per player, because we are the only team scouting in Europe?

Come on, wake up and smell the coffee.

The only player we got on the cheap was Cabaye and that was because we got very very lucky to find out about his contract clause.

We have been lucky so far, but if we carry on treating the transfer market like a car boot sale then the good players will leave and we will be left with the junk that did not work out.

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''You lot make me laugh, supposed toon supporters but just slag the club off. For the first time we are heading in right direction''

Heading in the right direction?

Have you taken a look at the premier league table recently?

All clubs get injuries, or did you think injuries just happened to Newcastle?

Real fans care about the club enough to take action when they see it heading in the right direction.

If you were a blackburn fan you would be one of those types celebrating the venkys and saying ''come on lads lets get behind Steve Kean'' and calling true Blackburn supporters traitors.

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Yes you know, it's not like a supporter is meant to actually support the club is it? Yes a lot of teams get injuries, but as I say, 10 first teamers is a lot to manage for any club who is not a top four club. Wake up and smell the coffee yourself, we are not a challenging club, we have a big fan base yes, but we should be happy to be in the EPL, I swear half of you lot forget we were in the championship two and a half years ago.
If we told you then, that in two years you will be finishing 5th above Chelsea and in Europe, you would all have laughed. So easy to forget the past with you lot.

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