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08 Jul 2013 22:43:33
Tick the unbelievable box all you want but remember this is where you read this first. Newcastle United are almost close to completing deals for both Siem De Jong and Luuk De Jong.

A bid for Siem (thought to be 10 million Euros) has been accepted by Ajax and Newcastle are waiting for him to return from his holidays before finalising the deal.

As for Luuk, Newcastle are far into negotiations regarding a deal. Monchengladbach are currently in negotiations for Nikica Jelavic and want to try and recoup as much as they can from the £10 million they spent for De Jong. The sticking point, as always, is the fee. Newcastle have offered 8 but Gladbach want closer to 10.

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Luuk won't leave mochengladbach so early into his contract.

Siem may not make the same mistake as his brother and may actually sign. I hope so anyway.

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After signing of the year 'Joe Kinnear', Newcastele will only sign Emile heskey and give a comeback to Vinnie Jones.
Kinnerar's kind of player {Ed013's Note - Vinny Jones was a great character and player}

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I think Luuk would be very happy to link up with his brother. He's not happy in Germany and has been a relative flop there. 8M seems very reasonable.

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More chance of getting luke skywalker and using the force to get rid of mike but I like your optimism

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Cant see this happening, we need to spend our transfer funds on a striker and cb. As below I can see us spending a small amount on a midfielder like Huddlestone but nothing more than that. Unless we sell.

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We have more chance of signing Jelavic then either of the De Jong brothers.

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Luuk is probably valued at £8M roughly, why would we spend this much on a player who has struggled to score in germany? weaker defences in holland mean goals there don't convert to goals in stronger leagues

for the same-ish (buy out) or less remy looks a more solid buy due to record with qpr in the prem

although I don't want him bent also has shown the ability to score in the prem so don't see why we would look at Luuk now

As for siem, i've seen/heard nothing about us going for him, where's this rumour from?

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I have genuinely also heard this

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Bent is nearly 30. de jong only 23

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08 Jul 2013 19:47:51
Newcastle to bid on Darren Bent.

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Has this poster been asleep for the past two weeks?

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Just dropped a fare off at St James, Bent was getting out of a car into reception. 2 blokes with him but no clue who they were. You heard it here first.

Terry Taxi

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Whaaat really? Where have you heard this? I haven't heard a single thing about this.

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What happened to the milkman from last season, he had the best info

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Why would you be dropping a fare off at St James when there's nothing going on. b******* story

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Although I don't believe this for one minute to be fair to the guy, I used to taxi and people get dropped off there everyday of the week. Plenty people use it for conferences and then you have all the function rooms where people have party's and weddings ect

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Milkman? Didn't he deliver eggs? Can remver him saying he delivered end to the training ground lol

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Yeah I remember the egg man too! and yes he came up with some great info. Where's he gone - Egg Man we need you back! lmao!

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Yes he was the egg man and he got it right more often than not.

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Thats the one the egg man

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Are we singing the chorus to I Am The Walrus here or what haha ;)

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Bent crap could not get into the mackems team or aston villas, villa will rub there hands once they get shot of him no better than ameobi we should be signing a decent striker not a has been

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Wow just wow Bent no better than Ameobi? Give your head a shake! The guy knows where the goal is. And I'm a mackem.

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It was just a yolk.

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If yous get excited over bent you are all fools old and pass it now taking villa rejects

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Given the right service Bent could come right out of his shell, he could be cracking, I'm not yolking, I think he could be all white and so on and so forth.

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08 Jul 2013 17:12:59
Have heard that we are looking at Tom Huddlestone from Tottenham, Pardew seems keen and they are looking to get rid so only looking for a nominal fee. (Maybe £3-£4mill, money well spent IMO)
Looked like he was over the most of his injuries towards end of the season so this could be a good capture, plus he's English and still quite young.

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No thanks. There is a reason they call him Tom Hundredstone.

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Huddlestone would be a good signing. A defensive midfield who can pass and start attacks unlike Tiote who is strong but doesn't offer anything else to the team. Hope we go for him being English is even better.

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If you can keep Tom Huddlestone fit and playing then he is an absolutely cracking player, he is one of the best ball strikers there are around at the moment and has a cracking delivery as well, but that is a big IF.

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The only snag with this one is Huddlestone is going to Sunderland

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With Huddlestone covering 2/3 of the pitch just standing in the centre circle it would free up Cabaye and Sissoko to attack at will. Actually, with that in mind, maybe JFK could do a job for us in goal.

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The reason the Sunderland deal is taking sooooooooooo long is that he doesn't really want to go there but they are the team that have made an approach at the moment.

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08 Jul 2013 14:41:09
Redknapp is apparently willing to offer Remy for S Taylor also odds are being slashed on us signing Sinclair from City

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Doesnt Remy has minimum fee release clause (with qpr being relegated) so that would be doubtful

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A minimum fee release clause isn't relevant if the owning club accept less. can't see us signing Remy now though with the court case around his neck.

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Think Sinclair would be a very positive signing

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Sinclair can't train until at least August due to having a rib removed that was pressing on a vien causing a blood clot apparently!.

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Didnt prince get a rib removed so he could give himself oral sex

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Thats what he told his wife he's had his rib removed for!

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Would like to see the loan signing of Sinclair with an option to buy. Think he would add some much needed pace and width to our attack.

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We may still go for Remy and put a clause in his contract saying something along the lines of 'if the court says you're guilty you're contract is immediately terminated etc. Plus it would be too risky to only sign one striker if he's the one we sign.

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He said he wants to stay and fight for his place

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SD news now saying we have NO interest in Sinclair and any signings bids will be announced through them and not tv.

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08 Jul 2013 12:59:35
Any Idea what is happening with Christian Ericksen and De jong of Ajax. Is Newcastle interested?

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Will go to bigger clubs than us.

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De Jong might happen although I think he wants to see out the last year of his contract with Ajax. As for Ericksen, don't get your hopes up.

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I do believe now with Everton signing kone today that we're the only club to buy somebody meaningful this summer well done Ashley

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08 Jul 2013 00:03:38
I heard on talk sport the other day that Newcastle want Matt Taylor from West Ham.

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Sunderland probably want him.

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4.5mill bid imminent from nufc

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