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07 May 2012 14:08:10
hey eds is there any news on a company sponsoring st james park for next year or has no one came forward and it will continue to SDA?? and yes i know it will always be St James park Im just curious thats all. {Ed007's Note - Sorry I haven't heard of anything. Maybe Branson could be interested in a deal of some sort, but that is just me having a guess.}

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There is rumours floating around that nike are interested in speaking to mike ashley, primarily to get more of their clothes into sports direct and to sponsor his chain, but mike ashley is trying to get them sponsor the stadium by giving them a better deal in the chain if they agree to sponsoring the stadium would be called the nike arena

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Have we not signed Puma for 2 years tho? Atleast on the kit.
Stadium would be different, but having it called "Nike Arena" is better than SDA atleast. Nike is a great brand.

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Woud puma not effect the deal? eds? {Ed007's Note - A kit deal would be different from a stadium naming one. Look even at Man Utd kit and training kit, two separate companies The only problem would be that they are both sports companies and rivals, would either be happy with one deal and a rival as the other?}

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Doesnt ashley own shares in puma though? if this is the case surely that wouldnt be any cause for concern

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Doesn't make a difference whether Ashley owns shares in Puma or not, unless he is the controlling shareholder, and he is not. Like the Ed says, no competing sportswear sponsorship would be allowed under the contract that is in place with Puma, and if it was the marketing & sponsorships manager at Puma should be sacked. Seen as this isn't the first sponsorship agreement they have ever done I'm sure that is not the case. Nike wil not be a stadium sponsor once the Puma deal is in place. 100%.

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Bring jarvis and adam johnson in both good players and could fit in to the side need more recuritments if we guna be playing europe next season need to add a few addtions in so no one they is more options and places to fill when people are injured. , few good signings and who knows what to aim for next season... pardew doing a great job and deserves manager of the season! come on the toon!

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I'll be happy when a company called St.James' comes along

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07 May 2012 13:43:00
To be going in to the final game of the season with the chance of finishing 3rd, however unlikely it is, is simply amazing! Everyone at NUFC needs to give themselves a pat on the back for the way they have handled everything this season, from Joey Barton's tantrums and Jose Enrique wanting out, we have brought in better players who WANT to play for the shirt. Mike Ashley is running a football club the way it should be and the prospects are looking good for the foreseeable future :) Graham Carr will find some more gems this summer and everyone will find out the TOON are here to stay!

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Lets hope were saying this after the summer. We may well bring in some good players, but the most important thing it to keep hold of our current team

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07 May 2012 11:57:32
Don't no if it's true, but been told Adam johnson is 1 of are main targets if we can get him for right price and wages!!

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Wouldnt be a bad buy, hes a quality left sided player, i know we have ba there atm, and he is a hard worker, but in that position i find him to be a little lack luster

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Adam Johnson is a life long Newcastle fan aswell... could be a possiblity

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He was only a supporters when he was a kid plus he was born in dirty mackem land dont want him his wages are like 80,000 a week

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Some of my mates are City fans and they all say that he's an absolute liability and only looks good on MOTD.

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He doesn't work back enough, which could be a risk. He is a good player going forward though

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HBA did not do the needful until he bought into the Toon way of playing... simple play well, track back, get a regular start....


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Born in easington village same place as stevie harper...

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Up road from airport

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No johnson is a mackem shut up he going to safc

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Johnsons family are makems and he supported nufc and he played for the toon before you lot....

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Played for the Toon?? he was 11yrs old for fks!! He spent most of his time at Boro!

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07 May 2012 00:24:20
Santon taylor colo pieters
Cabaye tiote
Ben arfa cisse ba

Clyne douglas mbiwa ferguson
Gosling abeid
Marveaux best hoilett

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Fantastic post! Now WTF is it about?

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Im guessing this is suggesting we're signing pieters, sigurdson, clyne, douglas, mbiwa, butterfield and hoilett or the teams if we did, but who knows why

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Santon Coloccini Douglas Pieters

Tiote Cabaye

Ben Arfa Sigurdsson

Demba Ba Cissé

Substitute:Forster, S. Taylor, Abeid, Marveux, Jonas, Gosling and Marveux

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Is Jonas getting sold then

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He's just signed a new deal?

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07 May 2012 00:11:20
Ali Dia is returning to the North-East to join Newcastle United's coaching team!! (ring any bells guys!, played a cracking part in Southampton's team)

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Somebody has just read 442s Foreigners Special...

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