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07 Jul 2012 19:10:44
De Jong deal not off altogether. Expect confirmation either way Tuesday. Negotiations ongoing with Ba - could mean club moving for two forwards. Big interest in: Kleber, Hissein, Guidetti, Son Heung-Min, Tovoinen, W. Bony, Sulejmani.

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De Jong was quoted in the Dutch papers slagging off the Twente board for over pricing him out of a move to Burussia Munchengladbach ( spelling ) but no mention of any desire to join us. Time for us to move onto another target or maybe if Twente play hard ball and keep de Jong we might get a cut price deal in Jan. I doubt it

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De Jong has told Dutch papers he wants to move to Germany where the league is higher standard and he will develop. Translated into English maybe he is saying the English Premier League is a massive step too far and it wouldnt have helped with the wally with the brolly yapping in his ear. Move on to other targets,the boy doesnt want to come.

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A think you will find that dejong was slagging of the board at twente because the germans agreed 13 mill after add ons for de jong then wanted 16 from newcastle and thats when de jong replyed saying theyre valuation was to high !

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07 Jul 2012 18:59:28
Appears that Newcastle have avoided the chance to sign Hoilett. I think he would've been a class signing for a free.. Despite the couple of million compensation that would've been required. So are wages the only issue here?

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I heard 5 million compensation, and he is wanting 50k a week

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I don't think any compensation would be required since he is out of contract and I thought compen. was only due for youngsters. Not 100% sure about that like. {Ed003's Note - For under 24's mate,and Hoilett is.}

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Apparently so.

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We need a player like that in our team on the left centre forward and we should pay the money for him and that it

Toon Jegz

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Problem was he was asking for £50,000 a week in wages which we would never pay {Ed001's Note - 70k he asked for.}

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He is worth 50k a week, but not in our club as other players will start wanting more and feeling they should be on at least his level, but as ed said he actually wanted more than 50k a week, he is just showing what type of person he really is by demanding so much without showing it yet, another daniel sturridge

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Do the people who think we shouldve paid his price really have memories that bad? It was paying players those kind of wages which ruined us, those days are behind newcastle and I am very pleased about it. It sets a precedent for all current and future players we would try and sign, if he wants the money let him go to Russia or the UAE

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70k a week! forget it, he's good but not that good,move on to other targets.

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Am I the only one who would rather have hoilet than de Jong? He seems to be in up his own derrière and never been that impressive when I've watched him

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I do not think its a good idea to go after players that shine in a team that gets relegated, Buying the best of a bad bunch is a risk.

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He's S*@T!! Do you people not watch football? When will we learn, clubs get relegated for one reason, there players are not good enough! therefore why would we want to sign them?!?!?! Stop thinking he's good just cos the chronicle says he is!

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Well I know this might not be well received by us Toon fans but can anyone argue Scotty Parker wasn't brilliant the season wet spam went down? Not saying we should fork out the wages for Hoilet but to tar all players with the same brush isn't fair imo.

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So Colo, Jonas and Ba are not good enough?

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If clubs get relegated as their players are pants. Do you not rate Colocini? There are always exceptions

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Cisse was in a relegation team in the german league and look how he turned out?

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07 Jul 2012 09:12:18
reports on sky sports news and talksport, we have pulled out of the race to sign lukke de jong. i said this week on monday, if we dont hear anything by wednesday, we wont be signing him. and looks what has happened. its just turning in a gervinho deal. YET AGAIN WE ARE LOOKING FOR A STRIKER IN THE SUMMER TRANSFER WINDOW AND CAN WE GET ONE NO!!!

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We've gotten 1 in January window and one in the last summer window. So prognosis is good for getting one this window. So keep your nickers on, no one wants to see your wiener swirling about.

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We've lost one target, and Twente are asking way too much for him. There will be other targets and it's not like we're troubled in the striker department atm. There's no ACON next year so we'll have Ba and Cisse all season. If we sign a promising youngster who'll gradually come into the first team like Santon did last season I'll be over the moon.

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It would be good to get another top class striker but we are not desperate for one (if he is as bad as Gervinho then thats ok)

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Every1 that says ashley is doing ok well the greedy cockney spends 300k on a nobody sounds about right !! wont spend on good players like dejong i cant stand the person Toon 4ever

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Other targets yes they are out there
We tried and lost out De Jong will be worth 30m in a few years
What intrigues me is just how serious we are because keeping who we have now and adding a FB CB and Striker would take this team knocking on the door of the top 2/3 in the Premiership
However if we think we can bring in young players to immediately step up we will make a big mistake
Early Doors yet so let's wait and see

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Sorry bud there IS an African nations cup next year. However Ivory Coast will play Senegal in a qualifier and therefore The Toon won't lose all three of their current African Internationals.

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There is ACON but it is not certain that Senegal will qualify since they face ivory coast in the final qualification.

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There is ACON in Jan and we will lose either the Dembas or Tiote depending which out of Senegal or Ivory Coast get through on the qualifiers !.

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Hold on here we lost out on gervinho who in my opinion does not look that good....we ended up with cisse a much better player.....dont panic we still have very good strikers and transfer window only opend 7 days ago....could be worse we could be a makem........

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There is an acon this season please get your facts right so we could lose both strikers again

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Im sure there is acon next jan as they have changed it to every 3 years after that ?

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WRONG there is an ACON but we are lucky in that Ivory Coast have drawn against Senegal in the qualifiers...or so I read in an article yesterday. that means either Tiote OR the two Demba's will not be going... i'd put my money on Ivory Coast qualifying so no Tiote for upto 6 weeks but we keep our strikers.

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There is an ACON next year mate, but Ivory Coast and Senegal have a playoff match, so we'll be keeping either Tiote or Cisse and Ba.

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Unless they've been living under a rock, everyone knows this, not exactly breaking!

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Sorry, thought ACON was every two years. {Ed003's Note - It will be back to every 2 years after this one}

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07 Jul 2012 07:27:14
Anita of Ajax was in Newcastle last night with his agent, wants to sample nightlife before deciding on signing. Was in sharks bar. Fact

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No Chance he would of been good but i think Carrs Spotted a real gem out there. Must be better. Whats the Futue like for Abeid? 1 or 2 of thm should go out on loan

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Ha ha this is hilarious

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Nice try SMB

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If all he cares about is the nightlife id rather we didnt sign him

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Lol funniest thing i've heard in a good while. Keep it up son!

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Hope your right could probobly play where simpson plays atm if we dont get debuchy

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I do not want a player signing for newcastle because we have a good night life. he should be concentrating on playing not going out on the drink

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Not smb at all, he was in Newcastle but I've since found out he's joining the Mackems. Just we have a better night life in Newcastle. Deffo him!

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To the nameless buffoon slagging off Ashley, I think you'll find Bigiramana cost 1M. I personally am glad there are no more Luque, Boumsong, Owen type signings and why the hell should we pay16M for a totally unproven in the premiership striker.

I could be mistaken but havent we just got Cisse for 10M and didn't Colo cost 10M? At least back up your argument with something credible.

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06 Jul 2012 22:23:42
Ed any new developments regarding Kevin Gameiro or Benjamin Corgnet. Also i've seen recently we've been linked Georginio Wijnaldum and Mamadou Sakho would either be a realistic target. Thanks {Ed001's Note - not that I have heard and yes, Wijnaldum is, though Sakho is highly unlikely.}

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Benjamin Corgnet has agreed to join Lyon, as he believes he will get more playing time there

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