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07 Jan 2013 19:25:21
Remy is 100% in longbenton as i type! lots of coming and goings and in its mainly from official club cars. ie-black people carriers with private reg and blacked out windows. were seen at newcastle airport just after 6pm

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Remy is in Morocco training with Marseilles. There's a picture of him in Marrakech on the official Marseilles twiiter page. He is NOT in the North-East, even though I wish he was :(

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Tell him to pop down to the Black Bull for a pint Ill be there till about 1030 Des Toon

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Heard he rejected QPR, so as long as he's not in Germany it's looking pretty peachy

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This could have some substance to it actually, drive thru Seaton burn around 6pm tonight and seen a jet coming in, thought to myself am I just being suspicious nd having an over active imagination? Im no Airplane expert but It wasn't ur average easy jet.......who knows pd86

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07 Jan 2013 21:41:02
marseilles twitter feed have just posted a picture of him waving and smiling in morrocco? Is he in two places at the same time? We definitely need to sign someone that can play in two positions!

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07 Jan 2013 22:24:53
The twitter post was 4 hours ago. Was it a parting shot maybe?

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I hate to dash everyone's hopes but I have had a browse on the net and visited om web page. It is true he is in morocco with the rest of the squad training smiling and happy and of you look at the time it was posted it was at 7pm, i was hopefull but there are a lot of misinformed people on here. I think you need to check your leads before you get people's hopes up.

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No wonder we are treat the way we are by Ashley there are some knumskulls posting on here who make it up as it goes along

2 weeks will see if there is any sense in Cashleys head or we will flounder

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Ye sorry I want in the Black Bull last night Des Toon

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07 Jan 2013 18:47:57
Olympic Marseille player Loic Remy is on his way to Newcastle (allegedly) and he is an out-and-out striker.

So where does that put Cisse? Because I can promise you - Remy is expecting to be the main striker - just as he is at Marseille.

And I'm sure his position in the team will be well to the fore in transfer negotiations.

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Remy is not the main striker at marseille and hasnt been for 2 years now!

hes been used sparingly due to injuries and the form of other players plus when he has played hes been used on the left wing

thats kind of killed that one for you!

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Remy more often than not plays rw and has done for France .....

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Remy's not an out and out striker he can also play on the wing so (once injured players are fit) the line up'll probably be something like



(new CB?)


Although I'm just guessing

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Remy isn't an out and out striker. He is usually played on the wing(either left or right). It looks likely he will play where we have been playing Cisse/Ba, in an inside forward kind of role, similar to the one Ben Arfa plays.

If(big if, I know never to believe a transfer until the player is signed) he joins, he will be a perfect fit. It will likely signal the end of Guti in the team, whilst I can see Marveaux dropping centrally behind Cisse, where he has been effective so far. Finally looks like Pardeaux is moving away from the obsolete 4-4-2, and going for the much more flexible and effective 4-2-3-1

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Kouyate to compete for Saylor at CB

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07 Jan 2013 16:32:13
hi edd just been told that theres a possibility of remy in the northeast as we speak for a look about have you heard anything to confirm or deny this and also that remy does not want to got to qpr??....k {Ed002's Note - I don't know where he is right now.}

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Cant see it myself, who knows though we persuaded debuchy lets hope they repeat the same converastion ? not many clubs can guarentee football at mo as they all have load of strikers

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Why would remy be in newcastle, lambias is in france

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Llambias doesnt finalise the contracts or medicals of any players. just conducts the initial deal then moves on and leaves it to the admin at the club and the owner!

like any business there will be a HR dept who will discuss and finalise the fine details.

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Managers attend a lot of contract negotiations etc. So it may be so Pardew could be there because you can't expect him to fly out to France for one player when we've got a lot of work to do for the Norwich game. Also Carr's apparently found a French wonder kid so Lambias could be doing something about that

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07 Jan 2013 17:51:28
Lots of French and english sites claiming Remy is in or on his way to newcastle tonight, also lots of rumours flying around saying Nile ranger is on his way to rangers, presumably on loan, not sure how true either is but both surely good news? Thoughts folks? pd86 {Ed007's Note - Rangers are under a transfer embargo and can only register players under 18 y.o. so there is no chance of that.}

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Well that clarifies the ranger one then :) be nice to see Remy deal sorted quickly, what's the latest he can be registered to play against Norwich? pd86

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I dont think we are in a position to let any players go, let alone strikers

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07 Jan 2013 15:23:46
remy is on his way should be in newcastle airport at aprox 22.15 private jet

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Have seen other reports that he is already in Newcastle in advanced talks.. Remains to be seen if it's true though

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I hope you are correct but i think we will lose out, hopefully not to qpr I can understand if he went to Dortmund. But if he goes to qpr it will be a massive joke. Again I hope you are accurate with your prediction but unless you are closely connected to the player or club how can you know this.

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Remy is in Morocco training with Marseille.

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Marseilles own site and le equipe both report that he isnt with the squad!

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07 Jan 2013 12:10:13
anthing latest on remy or on any other players please {Ed002's Note - Gomis was watched by Newcastle yesterday.}

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Wouldn't be suprised to see gomis sign, we've watched him for a good couple of years now, remember us reportedly watching him the season we went down, could see us going in for alderweld (spelling) from Ajax aswel, I for one would be more than happy with gomis and alderweld and keep hold of everyone else, watched alderweld myself last season at Amsterdam arena, looked top notch, cheeky bid for eriksen would be nice aswel (I can only but dream) pd86

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Inter have submitted a loan offer for remy... {Ed002's Note - Chelsea, Spurs, Newcastle, Everton, QPR, Shalke 04 and Lille have shown varying degrees of interest in Loic Remy but there have been no approaches to Marseille regarding Remy from Liverpool. There was discussion with Chelsea about Remy during the negotiations over Azpilicueta but it came to nothing. Remy would perhaps be interested in a move to England but his recent form has been poor and Marseille know it will be difficult to get a good price for the player. Newcastle will very likely complete the transfer of Remy in January, although there is a slim chance that they might face opposition from Everton who made a recent approach to Marseille about his availability on loan and QPR who are looking for a deal invloving a player moving in the opposite direction. As far as Marseille are concerned, they have started looking for a replacement but will hold out as long as they can to get the best price they can.}

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Jus been reading mike williamson saying on news now page that we are lacking in every department!! long streak of rats p1ss worst player ever at toon BUT thats the type of plyer we get of fat ashley

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MW is not the worst player ever, at least he tries, and he was quite good when needed last season. I don't know why his form has suffered this year but he's far from the worst we've had.
Remember Marcelino, out for 6 weeks cos of a broken little finger.

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Mike williamson is not the best but I dont think he deserves that mate

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Gomis is very similar to ba, wont play on wing

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Gomis wasn't he the one k.keegan watched 08/09 season

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He barely even tries! Have you watched his body language over 90 minutes, slouching, moping and generally being pathetic. Him and Simpson are exactly the same and we need to be shot of them both.

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Marcelino was better than Williamson by a country mile! No chance of Williamson getting injured or sent off worst he would do is a damaged side parting

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Williamson was never and never will be good, he just doesnt know how to defend, he is consistently following players out to the wings leaving gaps through the middle of our defence, colo cant do everything by himself and we desperately need a cb who knows how to play football, remie street should be given a chance instead of him

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Worst nufc player? hes bad but not that bad!

what about guivarche and gavalan or even paul robinson?

then there was paul dalglish!

and what about xisco?

all of these are bad but then totally blowing them outa the water and coming first in my opinion is jon dahl tommasson considering how well he did at milan and other clubs!

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Cannot agree more about williamson and are right they do bloody patience.Simpson refusing to sign his contract.GOOD.Now walk on by.championship players at best.

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Laurent Charvet?

Des ruddy Hamilton?

Carl Serrant?

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07 Jan 2013 01:10:24
Florian Thauvin is apparently being coveted by Graham Carr. River Plate's Germán Pezzella is also apparently another of the quietly linked players. Modou Sougou of Senegal is another player who has been scouted on a couple of occasions, The winger could be available for just £2 million according to reports, and wants to leave the Romanian side FC Cluj.
St Etienne value him at £10 million, according to reports. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, he joined the club from AC Milan for just £1.5 million but has since gone on to become a prized asset for the Ligue 1 club, scoring 8 goals in 12 games this season. According to The Daily Mail, Newcastle are set to pip both Manchester United and Arsenal to the signing of Swiss 16-year-old Kevin Mbabu. Don't know how much of this is true however it is what I have picked up looking through other sites.

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Pezzella and his agent have already ruled out leaving River half way through the season.

And although he is young he is their captain and would demand a fairly large fee.

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Why oh why are we at this time being linked with moves for kids?.... I'm sorry we are in a serious position and our future in the Premier league is at stake...I agree that kids one day may become good players that Ashley can sell on with a massive profit, but thay will not get us out of this current problem...Get real and get some experience in or otherwise those kids won't have a future other than in the lower leagues.

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We should put more faith in graham carr, players like victor wanyama have been linked in the past and have gone on to be successful enough to be courted by most of the champs league clubs.
iirc, wanyama was availble for £1m when we looked at him 2 summers ago.

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Sack pardew and get chrissy back better manager (ask norwich fans)

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Tonny Vilhena as well from the Dutch league great player.

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Great, just what we need. More fringe players to sit on the bench with Abeid and Amafiltano.

I hope these are just side stories and not the main transfer targets.

I would be happy with Danny Graham and Lescott instead of spending what we have left on remy alone.

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Pezzella and Aubameyang are what we need most, a cb and a striker. Thauvin and Mbabu would be good for the future. The way I've heard people talk about Thauvin it sounds like he could be the next Zidane.

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I understand that toon are getting a package together to get carroll back?
not sure how true it is but i do see carroll is back home ? due to injury i expect nice house he has by the way

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Carroll couldn't play for us this season, he's played for two clubs already why do people keep coming up with this rubbish
and since he has left what has he done to convince anyone he would be a success he's been dreadful on the few occasions he's been fit or sober

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07 Jan 2013 15:49:41
if any player is valued at £1.5 million, ashley will be interested, any thing cheap.

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07 Jan 2013 15:50:38
i take great fans that went to brighton are not getting their cash back?

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Yes carroll is a geordie but also a non- scoring, perma crock and hoofball magnet

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