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07 Jan 2012 21:58:19
BA didnt play today because SPURS didn't want him cup tied he will sign for SPURS in the next few days for 12 million before going to African cup .

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Yer cos spurs are gonna buy another striker when they've got Defoe on the bench...

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He was on his way to Senegal training camp

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BA has already gone african cup of nations, start making rumours up!!

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Ba didnt play because hes flying out to the african cup of nations

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Why would they pay 12 million if he has a release clause of 10 million. Sounds like someone is trying to stir things but isn't helped by their own daftness

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07 Jan 2012 19:11:21
heard that we could put a bid in for Jordan Rhodes of Huddersfield. Although Lee Clark doesnt want to sell he could change his mind if we offer Sammy Ameobi to the terriers on a 6 months loan deal.

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Of course they would sell the leagues leading scorer in exchange for sammy ameobi ha ha ha what about teams above you in league who are watching him and can offer more wages

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I cant see Sammy going out on loan. Pards seems to like him, he's been breaking into the 1st team as a impact sub and even had a couple starts. i for one think he looks sharp and is essentially our second choice left winger at the mo.

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I would like to see him loaned, not really prem quality yet, but a loan spell at somewhere like Blackburn or Everton or even Bolton would give him the neccessary.

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07 Jan 2012 19:10:23
Jordan Rhodes being scouted by toons. . . .but spurs were also there along with 4 other clubs. . .

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07 Jan 2012 13:13:23
It's obvious who would release Ba's contract details . . . . Mike Ashley! Chance of fast cash!! Lets hope if Ba is available for the blackburn game as reported Pards plays him making him a less interesting option as cup tied! And potentially not available until mid Feb! Bristol Mag

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He has already went to the ACON with Tiote he left after man u game

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He's already joined up with the Senegal squad ahead of the ACN

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I don't like to slag people off on here too much but that statement about Ashley is moronic.

Revealing the release clause would mean we'd get LESS for Ba because all Spurs need to do is bid the lowest amount needed to trigger it. If the clause was not known about, they would probably bid at least double if they're seriously interested.

Lets face it, its not like we'd need to tout for offers if we wanted to sell him right now.


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Time to face up to reality. at the mo ba is class (i hate to admit it) cost ashley nowt. wanted by lots of clubs. say spurs offer enough to trigger clause then there could be a bidding war. even though you hate to admit it ashley will cash in. what if ba loses form or gets injured or suspended value will drop no easy profit for ashley mad max

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This story really maks me laff we where in this sit at the start the season when we met the 1 mil get out clause for swansea's left back and that made no difference we did not sign him regardless of that get out clause and it will be the same for anyone trying to sign ba

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Spurs will always put a bid in for any player that wears football shorts

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I would suspect that all the release clause figure does is allow the player to talk to other clubs but not mean you have to sell at that price.

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No the player does not have to agree to a move even if the buy out price is met. The players aren't slaves, you cant force anyone to join a team they don't want too, they still have to put pen to paper. People lose their heads during transfer windows... BA is in Africa, if there is an out in his contract and he wants to go, he may do. But there is not anyone can do about that... but just a quick question, do you think a team would sign him (with his history) now when they cant bring him in to there facilities for a physical?

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Why the panic release clause just means they can talk doesnt mean we have to sell

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Supposedly the contract states that the clause can only be triggered if the team is in the champions league. dublintoon

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Why do so many prats state who, what and when triggers the get out clause?
It has never been stated so therefor you are just guessing. {Ed007's Note - You're just guessing that they are guessing....

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Ed007 obviously a prat {Ed007's Note - OOooohhh touchy. How long did it take you to think that up mastermind?}

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Wasnt supposed to be whitty or amusing therefore not very long to think of, just posting a fact after your needless smart a*se comment, obviously the eds of this site have allowed there children to get hold of there laptops, grow up pal {Ed007's Note - Good job it wasn't meant to be whitty(??) or amusing, it wasn't. What fact did you post? You came on calling other posters prats for 'guessing', all I said was you were guessing that they were guessing, so that is a fact in it's own right. I don't need to resort to name calling to get my point across. Wind your neck in fella, where's the famous Geordie sense of humour?}

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Seems a lot of people have read his contract...

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This might be a load of balls. but could Ba's clause (if there even is one ) just be linKed to relegation, similar to that at west ham?

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07 Jan 2012 13:01:51
Demba does have a release clause in his contract, however the club are renegotiating his contract to remove it and he wont be leavin this window. Also danny simpson and colo to sign new contracts this month

Toon fantatic

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If anything, surely a relegation relation clause

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Is that someone trying to be funny? relegation release clause? that's how we got him in the first place because West Ham mared and couldn't cash in on him when they went down as a result

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That's worse.. If toon want to negotiate it out we have more chance of selling as it'll be bigger profit for cashley..

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07 Jan 2012 12:55:34
Just to ease nufc fans: Niel taylor of Swansea had release clause of £1m we tried to activate,but they wanted £10m... Maybe we could do that and ask £40m. . .(U hear that Kenny).

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07 Jan 2012 12:40:19
Just heard SSN Ba has been cleared to play against Blackburn.. Hope he does... Surely no reason why pardew shouldn't play him

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Ba has gone to the ACON with tiote silly boy

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Just repeating SSN.. Silly boy... Anyone can post a reply post KO...

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Do you not think he didnt play cos that wud of ment he woz cup tied makin him less valueable in the transfer market !

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Well considering Both toures have also not being allowed to play this weekend maybe city are selling them too :O, (joking) all players called up for the cup have left in due time to train with their nations. it's a shame it's not every 4 years like euros, then they could also play in the summer.

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07 Jan 2012 12:30:34
If the 10M release clause is true and is now common knowledge, then it has to be Ba's agent who's telling everyone.

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It was Karen Brady on twitter who let the cat out the bag cause he had the same thing in contract with WH.

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West ham clause also included relegation

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07 Jan 2012 12:28:55
Jordan Rhodes banged in 5 last night, surely he's got to be worth a punt.

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I think our punt days are over

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Not for 5,6 or 7 m too big a gamble imo. PL a different kettle of fish to where he is now. I say Maynard a better bet probs could get for 2.5m.

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07 Jan 2012 12:27:42
aw great so ive heard about this by out clause 10 million will be a doddle for any club to splash out on such a good striker i bet he will be gone by the end of january just like last year with carroll dont belive this for god sake! just when things looked good

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He will most likely go in the summer ,hopefully we'll of had the best of him by then as his knee won't hold out for ever and he may end up like Ledley king .

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07 Jan 2012 12:22:40
harry redknapp will have got his info from ba's agent newcastle have carried on where west ham should have and put in his contract if they got relegated he could go for a nominal fee at least newcastle if redknapps rumours are true will get a return in the region of 7 to 10 million. as for managers and clubs finding out about players contracts think about tevez and mascherano finally about ba good luck where ever you end up as you have shown stoke up through a lot of hard work and determination

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07 Jan 2012 10:46:04
The Daily Mail reports Demba Ba has put the Premier League's top clubs on red alert last night when it emerged he has a £10million release clause in his Newcastle contract. Any truth in this Ed? Toonshack {Ed001's Note - contracts are meant to be confidential, so someone would have to reveal the clause. It would be typical of Redknapp to use his buddies in the media to reveal a clause he already knew about in order to make use of it while trying to bid for him and avoid looking like he had been up to no good.}

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Proper wheeler dealer geezer Harry does this all the time.

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