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07 Feb 2012 18:24:16
just like to point out to the foolish geordies who said Meyler dived from the Huth challenge on here and our page, well looks like the FA agree with us that Huth was reckless and caught him as he has his appeal dismissed and he has a 3 game ban! So some of you lot,Pulis and stoke can go and eat humble pie!


This is a pointless and should be on BBC 1 at 5.30pm

You lot should know by now that the fa is run by old farts in suits who have no clue to what is going on look at the suarez incident the fa had no witnesses no proof only what evra said they only banned suarez to appease the old fart blatter who should have been put out to grass years ago.

The best and only way for this to happen is for the ref in this country to become professional and paid a decent wage.Or paid per match and then based on the amount of correct decisions made, get a match bonus.

That way they can be fined or not get their full bonus and we can also attract other refs from around the world to ref in the best league in the world, I mean we have so many foreign players, refs and linesmen or should that be linespeople should also be given a chance.

Toonal {Ed001's Note - refs in this country are professional and paid very well too.}

Cabaye incident was not worthy of a 3 match Ban, how can the FA justfy upholding their decision when even the player El-haim or watever defends cabaye himself makes absolutley no sense, then incident lyk crouch's eye gouge, lecots elbow, lampard tackle v wolves, ashley coles kick v wolves, rooneys kick against colo merit no action.
its not only fouls that a screwing the game up, its intentional dives aswell, i persoanlly feel all games should be reviewed and incidents such as hoilets dive against us should be reviewd and the player retrospectively punished.
while i agree that referees make mistakes, it seems to be the same mistakes being made, i personally feel again that referees shouls also be monitored during a game and reviewed, not to punish them but to jus make them aware stuff they arent picking up on or making incorrect decisions on

Whats you opinion on the warnock challenge on raylor too ed? {Ed001's Note - he is a good lad Warnock, but he does get carried away trying too hard and throws himself in. I don't believe it was any more than that, but the FA have already set the bar as they have given bans for similar challenges. On that basis, though I personally don't agree with it and the move to make footie a non-contact sport, he should be facing a ban, just to be fair, which the FA should be seen to be.}

How are the fa consistent? if you watch our first goal against Villa Warnock was as late as they come, lunging, studs showing and at knee height, only reason we did not get a penalty there was due to Demba's follow up goal, despite that he still deserved a red card if Huth's tackle is a straight red, he pulled out of it. I am one of the Newcastle fans who though Cabaye deserved a 3 match and will again describle it as "stupid", but how come there has been no charge for Warnock? he wasn't booked during the game so why wont they do anything? FA consistent? I think not, the FA do get a lot of stuff right, but they over look certain things from certain teams and referees can't be held accountable for everything they are human but they do the best that they can with what resources they have (their eyes), Ed that your view on Warnock not being charged, but Huth's red card standing and everything else I have said really? {Ed001's Note - I think the post about the FA being consistent was intended to be sarcastic. The FA are a joke, they are making a mockery of the game by picking and choosing which bans they give to who and when. They should look at every challenge afterwards or none, that is the only fair way to deal with it.}

All you can say is the FA are consistent. they didn't let cabaye off for a thing he didn't do and the same was done for huth.

Mackems don't think, one say one thing and the rest follow like lemmings.

Yeah cos the FA always get it right! They ban a player for allegedly racialy abusing another player for 8 games yet one who got caught on camera they havent? think about it! They always wrong!

So the FA are the intelligent guys of football. When did that happen?

Humble pie? Just because the FA rule on something doesn't make it right. It seems only the Scum think it was a sending off. No one else. The FA are simple protecting a card happy ref.

Ha ha awful




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