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07 Aug 2013 18:50:31
French football pundit Rolland Courbis has told RMCsport he thinks Bafetimbi Gomis to NUFC will be completed in the "next few days" Fingers crossed.

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Well it must be right if he's saying it! Bingo

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Nope he's not joinin, if it was all agreed he'd have joined by now. if the president says he's pessimistic he will go that's a no, looks like all u got is Remy lol

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Going off the idea now. price seems to be going up and up for a 28 year old soon to be out of contract.

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Mr mackem, you lot were being cocky a couple of weeks ago saying that remy will go to west ham and you were wrong, please don't embarrass yourself and the other mackems again!

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If the deal doesn't go through in the next couple of days we should walk away and try for another target

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Sounds like this Mackem is jealous because they know that their win against us last season was a one off as we will crush them this season because they haven't signed anyone I've heard of before, joke of a team are Sunderland


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Lol there is only 1 joke team in the north east and that's u lot pal, could even beat a Scottish 3rd division side with a full strength team, so how u think that is beyond me

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If its been referred to the French FA - I sort of think that they will find in favour of their own teams not a foreign english team!

I would put a deadline of end of this week for it to be sorted then if not move onto another target or look at short term options and then sign for free next summer if we really want him - though I think there are better options out there for the same price

Longer it goes on the less likely it will come to fruition

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5th post, tv says u cooled ya interest lol told ya :)

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I would personally sign brown ideye someone who wants to join us

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We shall see next season won't we, should worry more about the players your own team are signing! And how many times you been in Europe in the Past 10 years? i'd really like to know this, you mackems think 1 win last season changes everything haha you have no idea.

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Good, he was too much anyway, and I think the makems posting on here will find all the true fans of our club were not that bothered if he couldn't come here. he's over priced, not a good scoring ratio, and by all accounts a stroppy git as well.

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Brown Ideye showed his quality, or extreme lack of, in the confederations cup this summer. No thank you.

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As a true fan I think we are in trouble the club is a complete mess especially with joke kineer just wait till the season starts and he criticises pardew when we loose saying we wouldn't of lost if he were manager the whole thing is a complete shambles I hate to say it but blunderland seem to have it right

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Still think gomis may happen as ever am a optimist
Sports direct site saying poss bid of 5
Mil for Scott Sinclair so wait and see

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None of you have made any comments worth listening to, you can't slag kinnear, or ashley of, your all quoting stuff that's simply not true, we agreed a deal with lyon and the player the hold up was agent fees which was complicated more by marseille ileggaly contacting the agents behind lyone back, so to say we aren't paying for him or that he doesn't want join is nonsense and what i'd expect from fans who act like school kids grow up the lot of you

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Comments not worth listening to? Everyone's opinion is valid regardless what you think. Just because you don't like it or agree with it doesn't make invalid. Who made you comments police?

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Not true? Go on tv and see, u have cooled ya interest in gomis

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No everyones points not valid esp when it comes from all you sunderland fans masquerading as if you support us, when someone talks out there backside for attention doesn't mean they have a valid point

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Im a mackem and i'm not here to take the mik but I would like to know how you can make such a big u-turn in 6 months

in january remy was the of the earth to you lot and now that he's with you for but 12 months he is a geordie hero

hypocritical much

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Funny how the wonga boys only signing is a loan isn't it

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Mackem who have 65 first team defenders 2 of which are thinking of leaving, should worry about their own team. only 22 first team players after bringing in 9 players and you may lose another 4 midfielders before the season starts. your club is in a downward spiral. man for man nufc pisses on safc from a great height. Sunderland are my favorites to go down this year

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Who said Remy was a geordie hero? Why do mackems go to such extremes to make S**t up? He is a very good player and I personally would take him over any of your signings you have made. IF you are going to use words like hypocritical please us them in the correct context or maybe with a hint of truth to it.

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Bramble is he's terrible he's sh!t, HE WILL NEVER PLAY FOR SUNDERLAND!

Hypocritical much? Jeeeeezzzzz your forgetting three very important things!

You sign players that have no use or value to the club they are at, that's why you sign them! (all the new signings can't say any are world class or world beaters now can you?) - and you overspend on these! Look at half of the Man U rejects you have!

You say you will never sign any Newcastle player, yet you have had them in the past, plus you seem to like signing players who openly come out and say they love Newcastle and are fans - have you actually got any players with heart who are home grown?!

And third, you will only ever be the troublesome child living in their big brothers shadow!

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To the self declared mackem, not here to take the mik, what because you read a few posts on a site that means the whole club slated him did it, don't make me laugh you do have to wonder if youve had a glass of sour grapes, remy or jerzy I wonder who i'd rather have

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Not true that's what I said, this is same tv that said wed cooled on remy who was signed a few days later and the same said telly that told us wed walked away from gomis deal completley only for it to be revealed a few days later wed agreed a fee, unlike the doolaly brigade of the club ill go with facts not speculation

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Aye hilarious. I bet your long winter nights fly by.

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07 Aug 2013 01:38:51
Lyon president is now saying other clubs are trying to disrupt our Gomis negotiations with what he calls "dishonest bids" whatever that means. I'm starting to think that it's him trying to drive up the fee for Gomis or something similar because each new excuse he comes up with for the deal stalling is more ridiculous than the last and he's just trying to divert attention from himself.

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Time to ditch the gomis interest there is something not right. I would push the boat out instead to sign Siem de Jong, much younger and can play attacking midfield or upfront also in last year of contract might cost an extra couple of million but being about 5 years younger will have a sell on value. Also why are we not linked with Toby albeirield (sorry spelling) Norwich had bid of 7mil accepted and has since been linked to Everton. Again young with potential sell on value which mike likes.

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I honestly think we were paying too much in the first place.

That is a heck of a lot of money for a player with only a year left on his contract.

The estimate for Lewandowski was around 12 mil due to him having a year left on his contract, and he is one of the best in the world.

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We are run by JFK and Pardew is the short answer

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Lewwi was going for like 24 million

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Personally I would have much preferred Wolfswinkel from the Gomis money if we had actually made an effort. I think hughton personally has done better transfers with a lesser budget, bassong last year was a very good recruit. This year norwich's spending has had me very jealous, redmond wolfwinkel fer and they almost had alderweireld. I would have jumped for joy with any of those

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I think newcastle should try investing in young english prospects, the lower leagues are great places to look. I would love will hughes, max clayton, adam webster. I think we should sell williamson and invest in lewis dunk or harry maguire

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We should just let this one go and sign someone young like Matej Vydra who would be a cheaper better option

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Regarding vydra, they want to sell not loan again and they want 8mil. Way too much for someone who ain't done anything at this level!

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And yet norwich seem to be one of the teams being tipped to struggle, if any club have been wise in transfer market its swansea, michu and bony why the hell we didn't seriously go for him he will score 20+ this year easily

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07 Aug 2013 20:13:21
French football writer on twitter
Stating gomis deal hopefully done in next few days

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I don't rely on the odds of finishing places, mark lawrenson tipped newcastle to come bottom 2 years ago and we finished 5th and alan hansen tipped west brom to go down last year. just sayin

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I honestly think we should pull the plug on this deal

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Let gomis stay at Lyon it's dragging on far too much now

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Couldn't afford bony that's why. or ask jtoon he's Ashley number1 fan he should know

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We need to move on, the only way Marseille can complicate the deal is if Gomis wants to join them. As far as I can tell, he does.
Newcastle are the only club who he can sign for because a fee is agreed. Marseille come along with an offer for the player but not the club. If he wanted to sign for Newcastle he would, I think he prefers Marseille.

Let's move on, whether it's Bent or JK's 2nd hit list of strikers.

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If he wanted to join newcastle he would, have you actually bothered reading the facts on this, he has publicly stated he wants to sign, he has agreed terms the problem is agents fees and who should pay any sell on costs so don't even go there unless you have a clue what your talking about

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08 Aug 2013 11:34:00
i have said this a few times on here, I live in canada and for whatever reason I get french football on the telly here. Gomis i'm my opinion, is a very good striker, fantastic strength, good quick feet in the box, good in the air, great pace, and knows how to score.8 million Euros is a good price (even though there's 1 year left on his contract) RVW does not compare to him at all! and he wants to come here. it says on his twitter account. he responds to us toon supporters and talks with moussa and yohan about newcastle!

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I really do think we should try for Toby Alderweireld. He looks like a great young defender. But with us not being in Europe is doubtful he would be interested. Player of his quality will be wanting the champions league never mind the Europa league.

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06 Aug 2013 17:31:25
Ed, do you think there is a clause in the loan that if remy is innocent with his court case, then we can buy him in January? {Ed001's Note - there are a number of clauses, I believe the fee is only paid for the loan if he is innocent. There is a clause to make the deal permanent, but not until the summer I am told, and only if QPR do not get promoted. Not sure how accurate that is, contracts are private matters, so it is difficult to prove or disprove.}

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Yea contracts should normally be private matters but when that saggy face cretin Harry Redknapp is involved they become public documents. Just like with Ba.

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QPR will bounce straight back up, there is no danger of them staying down.

The starting line up they put out in their first game of the season was fierce and perfect for the Championship.

Karl Henry & Joey Barton in midfield, lol, that's what I call a 'get the job done' team.

Zamora & Andy Johnson upfront will batter defenses too.

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Qpr are not garenteed to come back up. Look at wolves. They had a better squad than most last season

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How can you compare Wolves to QPR?

That QPR squad is now brimming with talent and solid players, and they have hired a good manager. (Getting rid of Taarabt will do them a world of favours too)

Wolves sold Fletcher and got rid of a good manager. (Mick McCarthy turned Ipswich around practically overnight)

Apples & Oranges.

QPR will storm the Championship this season.

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I think wigan will win it

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Would not rule wigan out have a solid squad with a good championship manager

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Rule out wigan they have signed mclean.

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Qpr crap mid table better teams than them in the championship
the info being spouted about them must be from the duty turd

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