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06 Jul 2013 20:26:02
steven taylor to qpr, remy qpr to toon. some deal in pipe line tv

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I heard about this as well, very hard to believe, and the replacement for Taylor is meant to be N'Koulou from Marseille, but he has a price tag of £17.2m which I can defo not see happening

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No chance. Steven Taylor sees himself as a premiership defender. Absolutely no chance he will move to championship club.

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Marseille sai they woul sell nkoulou for 12m

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Would so love this to be true. Tbh Saylor is the Geordie Bramble - very error prone and poor in his decision making not to mention often injured.

It would mean Pardew would lose another of his favourites who get played no matter what and M'Biwa would start like Anita will hopefully do now Perch has gone.

Remy for his speed, skill and goals would be great out left in a 433 and N'Koulou would be awesome.

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Saylor may see himself as premiership class. Not sure many others would.

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Players are players and if your going to get a worthwhile pay rise, first team football, most will be talked into it by agents so they get paid too

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Imagine swap happens, qpr get player who tries and half decent, we get somebody behind bars, surely williamson plus cash would be better

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What about Williamson and Obertan and £3m?

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Screw that they can give us Remy, and we'll give them 5million to take Jonas, Willo and Obertan!

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No way would remy play out left we want a goal scorer put him in the middle not lumping the balls in for cisse to be offside

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06 Jul 2013 12:10:46
I can see us going with a 4-4-2 in the first 8 or so games, but it won't be like the 4-4-2 last season, where the strikers could link up, the centre mids got caught up too high up the pitch and so did the full backs. We will be much better this season, against city we will have a stubborn 442, where we will focus mainly down the flanks, with 1 striker helping out on the wing and then creating space for the pull back into the box. I reckon we will still see a bit of long ball, but more long ball where there's actually some of our players in space. I'm excited personally, I think we could be in for a surprise after all the doom and gloom in the past few weeks.

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You, ve been playing FIFA to long mate

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Thanks Joe. your disillusion is very prominent. But you know the way down to the lower leagues and who are we to argue. You won't be getting any of my money this season. P. ck

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I bloody hope not. We've had most success with 4-3-3 over the last few seasons and that way we can accommodate Tiote, Sissoko and Cabaye (assuming he stays). That would allow our decent fullbacks a greater role too. Pardew reverted to 4-4-2 when we were struggling to add a bit of steel but we were crap, and he kept playing Sissoko on the wing. Don't think we really have the players to play effective 4-4-2.

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06 Jul 2013 12:02:56
This squad is already top 9/8 quality and only needs about 3 decent players to make it a quality top 7 team.
GK: Krul, Elliot, Alnwick
Full backs: Debuchy, Richards, Santon, Haidara, Ferguson
Centre backs: Coloccini, M'Biwa, Taylor, Good
DM/CM/AM: Cabaye, Tiote, Sissoko, Anita, Bigirimana, Gosling, Vuckic
Wingers: Ben Arfa, Ince/Sinclair, Marveaux, Jonas, Obertan, Sammy Ameobi
Strikers: Cisse, Remy, Gouffran, Shola Ameobi, Campbell

Even without the new signings and with players like Obertan, Gosling Jonas and maybe Shola leaving it is still a team that has no reason why it can't be challenging for the top 8 of the prem. Players like Bigirimana, Santon, Haidara, Vuckic, Sammy maybe Campbell will soon turn out to be quality players for us.

Keep the faith. HTL

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Htl what does that stand for mate have to laugh that must be it

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What makes a good team?
More than a few names on paper that's for sure as last seasons league position would testify.
What makes a good team is organisation, communication, tactics, structure and spirit. These would appear to be in short supply at Newcastle.

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Agree, we've got some great players, but our manager's way too limited to get the best out of them or get them playing in a coherent system. You only have to look at the kind of players Pardew wanted to bring in to tell you that (Tomkins?).

There's no chance any of Richards (wages), Ince/Sinclair (wages, competition from more attractive clubs), Remy (already ruled out) will be coming. But we can probably do better from the French and Belgian leagues than the likes of Ince. We want hungry young players who aren't taking a step down to play for us like Sinclair and Richards would be. Remember Damien Duff, Geremi, Alan Smith, Luque, Nicky Butt, Michael Owen, Obertan, etc etc.

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What about tiote?

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It means howay the lads if you're a true fan, who isn't negative all the time.

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Why does being negative make you any less of a fan? Maybe we just expect better from our "big" club and don't have (misplaced. ) blind faith constantly, that everything will be just great.

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People use the word great to loosely, IMO you only become great when you win world cups champs league, reg player of year, individual goals etc. Payers can be very good but not great till dead of retired!

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We need more than 4 centre backs as we saw last season with injuries

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Because your supposed to support your team through the bad times especially at the beginning of a new season

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Hooper, Ince, Rhodes and an experienced defender like Lescott, Richards or Kolorov (Douglas would have done) would be enough and wouldn't cost the earth.

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Devonmag, are you sniffing glue?

Hooper=doesn't want to move, 8m
Ince=we're too late, Cardiff etc already in advanced talks with him and his contract, 8m
Lescott=going to Everton, 5m
Kolarov=is wanting Juventus move, 6m
Richards=he either wants to stay and fight for his place or go to Liverpool or Arsenal, his price tag is 15m

It wouldn't cost the earth, we will struggle to spend over 10m, all of that lot will be around 40m, think about it next time

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Being negative doesn't mean you don't support your team. It means in our case that we have no faith in the board to make any ambitious decisions.

I support Newcastle, always will. But I don't have any faith in our owners to take us to a higher level than a mediocre team.

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I didn't mean all of them you plank. Just pointing out there are good calibre English players available without breaking the bank. In you're opinion we should roll over for teams like Cardiff if they are talking to someone then?

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It's not a case of rolling over, ignorant. We can't attract that calibre of player because we won't at least match what other clubs offer. and it is a sad state of affairs when players choose clubs like stoke, Cardiff, west brom, Fulham, Swansea over us. but then again, if I am honest, with the way the clubs run on a footballing basis, I wouldn't go there neither, and I have supported the club for 40 years.

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Players would probably choose us over Cardiff and Swansea if we actually made the effort to bid for them in the first place. But we don't. We fanny on for 6 weeks until all of our targets have gone elsewhere.

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06 Jul 2013 11:36:59
I personally don't believe the report from the Chronicle about how we are "set to snub Remy" Why would we? Apart from the fact he snubbed us in january which you really can't help as QPR did offer him a lot more money, and he's on bail for suspicion of rape, I do not believe he is that bad.

He is a quality striker, the type we need, a good header of the ball, blistering pace and can play on the wing at only 8million which is a bargain. Alan Pardew also said we're still interested in him. He'd be a brilliant partner along Cisse.

We only need 2-3 decent players to strengthen the squad, then we definitely have a quality team that's on par with the likes of Everton maybe Liverpool. I still think we have a chance on Tom Ince, if not then we should go for someone like Sinclair maybe and then we just need a cover right back, my suggestion is Richards, who can also play Centre back.

Just keep the faith lads, we might be in for a pleasant surprise and maybe emulate Everton's past two seasons.

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"and he's on bail for suspicion of rape, I do not believe he is that bad. "


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Yeah give him a 5 year contract and he gets 3 years jail great

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Probably right. They can't give him away.

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Keeping the faith is easy to say mate but they have to give you something to keep the faith in. The silence is deafening from St James Park. Where is our manager, why hasn't come out and spoke for our hopes for the season. All is not well and its clear to see.

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Suspicion doesn't mean he's actually guilty

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"Apart from the fact he snubbed us in january which you really can't help as QPR did offer him a lot more money, and he's on bail for suspicion of rape, I do not believe he is that bad. " - First laugh I've had on this site in so long. Thankyou.

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He means that he doesn't think Remy is that bad of a person to commit a crime like rape.

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05 Jul 2013 22:38:25
Work in a local hotel and graham carr and adebayor were both spotted leaving through a back door today, coincidence or something more behind it I don't know

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No chance. He's rubbish anyway.

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Was it graham Carr or Alan Carr

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Seaham Hall?

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It always surprises me that football clubs have secret meetings with players that they want to sign in public hotels. Surely if they want to keep it secret there is somewhere more secret they could find.

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Perfect replacement for Ameobi LOL

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Adebayor only plays when he is on loan and trying to impress for a new contract. Most of the time is is uninterested - shame because when he is on it he is very talented imo.

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No chance, he is rubbish and don't fit blueprint as they say. Wish people would Stop coming out with tripe on here.

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The guy was on 170k a week at city can't remember what wage cut he took at spurs but think he would still be on 100k +

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Hes on over 100k a month. not in toon s budget

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Think you mean 100k a week - not a month!
Even we could afford to pay 100k a month

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The doom mongere blabbin about the blueprint now stop let some air to your brain get some air we already know kinnear wants more prem experience in the team the blueprints torn up face facts your all such experts on what's going on at the club yet none of you come up with any thoughts who we will sign

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Thats because there is no one of any quality that will sign for the current management.

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And how on earth do you know that do u represent every footballer on this earth, exactly what i'm talking about season hasn't even started or windos closed and your all whining and moaning before you know anything

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