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05 Jun 2012 21:02:41
I'm hearing from decent sources that we're looking at Jong Il-Gwan. Not heard anything about him, just that hes young and promising.

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If he's anything like the lads at sunderland or arsenal, i can safely thanks.

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Yeah - I read Newsnow Newcastle too.

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Jong Il-Gwan is North Korean. Not South Korean

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No one said where he's from?

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Yeah but both Park Chu Young of Arsenal and Ji Don Wong of Sunderland r from South Korea.

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The second comment made a reference about two South Korean players.

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Second poster here. Apologies for the mistake, assumed they were south Korean as I've never heard of a north Korean playing outside of north Korea (I've not been checking mind). What team does this fella play for? Are north Koreans even allowed to play for foreign teams? I know their WC training was supersecretive, people thinking they might spring a shock or two, and i believe the country as a whole arent keen on people leaving (although my knowledge on the subject is EXTREMELY limited)z

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05 Jun 2012 20:27:30
Debuchy fee already been agreed, pre contract in place. Will move after the euros

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Source or it isnt true?

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05 Jun 2012 17:31:45
Mate told me at work the day that John carvers mate has been in2 his cousins shop and said ba and Ben afra won't be at Newcastle next season. Ba not bothered bt Ben afra was gutted at

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My mates mate told me today that mike ashleys nephew had been in his auties butchers and said Ben Arfa was going nowhere

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Load of bull

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Yeah ... It's like Carver's going to go and tell his mate all the secrets about the Newcastle transfer period. It's not like Newcastle are very good at keeping their buys low profile until the moment the deal is finalised ...

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Demba Ba came into my syrup shop today and said he's staying at Newcastle because PSG can't afford his wage demands ;).

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HBA wont tell anyone were his is going he will just turn up at some random airport, so that means sunderland definitely not gonna sign him

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05 Jun 2012 14:16:40
Big mistake if we dont sign Debuchy before the Euro's, his price and demand is only going to increase!

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But it wont go up that much and he will probs be better cause he would of played for the hole year

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Us signing him now or later wont make any difference to how good he will be

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Its not up to us, clubs say no to talks before euros for the most part unless the fee is already giant size. 2 way street

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Lille won't let him go before the euros cause they want to get as much money as possible for him and with a few impressive performances his value can only go up..

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I think we can forget about Debuchy, Clyne looks the most likely to join.

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05 Jun 2012 14:15:45
Danny Guthrie linked with moves to Southampton, villa and west ham likely to go to villa

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He should go to Southampton the way they play would suit him and bring out the best in him.

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Meh, who cares hes been released anyway

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05 Jun 2012 10:28:43
With other clubs starting to wrap up top quality transferability do think that we also need to bring in some new names that aren't brought in on frees, we need some players that can actually take us forward so we can compete.

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Just be patient! do you want all our transfers done in 3 days?

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I didnt say we needed to do it now, i said we need to sign some bigger players

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The transfer window hasnt even opened yet....

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I do want some good names signed quick so they have time to morale toghther

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Big names for big prices are a thing of the past, ashley wants value for money players that will come impress and make him a fortune. big names cost big money and require big wages we dont need that we need players that want to play for the shirt not the wallet.

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04 Jun 2012 22:48:35
Ed I have sen a rumour today that we are looking to tie up a deal for Luuk De Jong by the end of the week, have you heard anything? {Ed001's Note - the rumour I heard was that he was being looked at to replace Ba, but I don't believe Ba is leaving as it stands. Newcastle's interest in De Jong seems to have waned anyway.}

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I hope we still get de jong cause he looks like a real good player now and even better in the future but him cisse and ba unstopable all we need know is a center back with hopefully signing debuchy right back.

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I think De Jong may be moving to Spurs

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According to all these rumours, spurs are literally signing every football player in the world. Wish if people are going to make stuff up at least pick someone other than spurs, gets boring!

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