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05 Jul 2013 12:13:43
With Josè Mourinho looking to reshape his squad reports in the Times states he is willing to let Ba go with Russian clubs coming in for him. Get Pardew to bring him back I say. Prooven goal scorer for us and would be welcomed back by us fans

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He won't be welcomed back, he left us for more money and slagged us off.

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Thing is, he wants europa or champions league, so we won't get him unfortunately

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I don't think Money was why Ba left.

We offered him a signing on fee and good wages.

The problem was his delusions of grandeur and thinking he is bigger than Newcastle.

Everyone knew he would be dumped by Chelsea after half a season, everyone except him that is.

He had a good set up at Newcastle, a huge stadium of fans roaring him on, respect for his religion, friends at the club etc etc. Why he would give that all up to go and be a Chelsea reject I have no idea. I do not respect his decision, and for that I hope he never returns.

He has been rubbish at Chelsea anyway, who wants an out of form striker with a 9inch nail in his leg that has loyalty to no one but himself and his agents.

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We are looking at a swansea striker possibly luke moore also young nakki wells from bradford

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Demba Ba could come back as long as he is willing to play out left and rekindle the 4-3-3 we played in the season we finished 5th. I somehow can't see him being happy with that role and when he and Cisse played as a duo it sadly didn't work.

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How, s this for a rumour, no one in, we lose cabaye now, and when we are 17th in January, more players going. But before that pardew resigns, and kin near takes over. And gets his wish at last. Taking us down.

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Seems that BA wants a megga pay deal from a Russian side. no chance of MA coming up with a package to take him back to Tyneside even if people wanted him.

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So much for JK promise of a signing by Friday - now he's off on holiday after a long hard weeks work!
Think he should see the real world!

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Unless he's holidaying in Naples I couldn't care less about JFK and his false promises.

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05 Jul 2013 07:25:31
I personally would love to see gomis at newcastle he could be a great signing he's proved he can score goals and I think he's the beat striker we've been linked with this summer, I don't think this summer will be as bad as some guys make out just be patient lads and be positive :)


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How can we sign anybody when-

A Director of Football has been brought in who has:
- Stopped the Douglas Transfer
- Done a car crash radio interview – Kebabs, Ben Afri, more intelligent than NUFC fans etc etc
- Did an equally strange interview with Shields Gazette (Head and Shoulders etc)
- Flogged Perch for chicken feed
- Lost out on Aubameyang

And has apparently now Gone off on holiday!


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05 Jul 2013 10:25:21
Gomis's agent reports on twitter that the player is being looked at by Fulham, Swansea and Stoke with a trip to UK planned for Monday 8 July. better get in quick. can't believe JK is on holiday, amazing.

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You can't blame Kinnear too much for what happened with Aubameyang. Let's face it the second Dortmund got involved we were always going to lose in the end.

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Chelsea have already replaced BA and look to be selling him on to Anzi.

It is incredible when you think Chelsea have replaced Ba before we have, and we are his previous club.

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Gomis is a Hoof ball striker. We so needed PEA or Remy or similar with pace, mobility and skill.

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Seems like Kinnear's been given instructions to go for only bargains. All this talk of Kone, Gomis, etc is probably just to get Villa to lower the asking price for Bent.

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Brown Ideye's agent quoted as saying that we are his preferred club. Any good?

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Think brown ideye would be a good signing looks the part and has his heart set on a move to us (so i'm lead to believe anyways) young too so he fots the policy also.

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Brown Ideye doesn't even look like he can control his feet never mind a football.

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Brown reminds me of Martins, has good pace but the end product is iffy. He has the ability to score amazing goals, but also the ability to annoy all who watch him.

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Ideye's a good striker. He didn't do much in the confederations cup but he had a good run in the last Africa cup and won it with Nigeria and he had a decent season with Kiev last year scoring 20 goals I think.

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Gomis has said he wants to stay at Lyon in what seems to be him refusing to be forced out of the club more than anything.

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In what way is Gomis a proven goalscorer 1 goals every 3 games is far from proven especially in the french league playing for the top club, and after watching ideye in the confedirations cup it doesn't take a scout to realise how s*** he is, both Gomis and ideye are absolute donkeys both would be a complete waste of money!

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05 Jul 2013 02:14:11
Reports in France that we are going for Lyon striker Bafetimbi Gomis who's not been taken to pre season training with the rest of the squad and has been told to find a new club by the owner of Lyon. His scoring record for Lyon last season was 20 in 35 appearances and he's got 43 in the last two seasons (let's say that's 70 games, 35 each season).

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We were looking at him years ago, he must be getting on now!
Still seemed a good forward then, but I haven't seen or heard much from him in recent years

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Thats 21. 5 goals per season.

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In France, playing for a strong French team.

Please don't think if we sign him he can do the same over here!

We play faster stronger better football, we also don't have the massive difference in class as the French leagues do.

There's is like Spain, Italy and Portugal. They only have very few good teams, obversely a player will be able to knock in about 20-30 goals a season if they are playing teams that are no better than our Championship teams.

If we sign him (which I hope we do, he looked like a new Drogba when he was 23) - but only time will tell. and we are Newcastle we won't sign anyone!

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Gomis would be good, only 27 and has a good goal scoring record but he doesn't play on the wing (he's a CF only) so as I see it, we will still need to bring in a winger unless we are going to play 4, 4, 2 next year. also Gomis has just nocked back Swansea because of lack of ambition from club. so it begs the question why he would look at Newcastle at the moment. its not like we come across as a ambitious club with Ashley and JK in charge.

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He's 27 nearing 28 I think.

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Who cares how good Gomis is we arn't going to sign him. We're just moving from one (alleged) target to the next missing out on every one. Apparently today we have missed out on Aubemeyang, missed out on Kone and decided not to sign Remy whom we have been offered. This drivel from the club will continue all summer!

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Italy have many good teams.
Juventus, Udinese, Fiorentina, Ac and Inter Milan, Lazio, Roma, Napoli.
La liga has the main 2, Athletico, Valencia, Malaga, Seville and Athletico Bilbao are decent.
But you are right with Portugal Porto, Benfica and Braga. sporting CP use to be good

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It is funny how people say there is a big difference in class and that they are championship strikers. When clubs from lower league knock PL clubs out of cups year in year out.

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In a one off 90 minutes anything can happen and that is why in a cup game, where all the expectation and pressure is on the "big" club you can see the underdogs ( often supported by the neutrals ) making a giant killing. If they were able to maintain that sort of form over the course of a season they would be playing at higher level.

They guy who said Italian clubs are still considered as anything other than average needs to set the time machine to the year 2013 and stop watching football Italia on channel 4 in the 1990's. Spain is a rich version of the SPL ( before Rangers hit administration ) as in only 2 clubs are ever expected to do anything.

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The French media is saying Gomis holds us in higher esteem than Swansea so it may not be as bad as you think.

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To the guy that said Italy have many good teams are you joking? Juventus could only barely beat Celtic this year in the champions league, and as for the rest inter and ac are far beyond good anymore. Udinese and fiorentina are full of myths and rumours of players and neither are particularly good also you missed out napoli who are pretty much the same as the rest, over rated and full of myths of players, none could hack it in the premier league, look at aqualani for example cracking in serie A awful in the premiership.

Gomis is far from the standard we need barely an improvement on shola.

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Didn't Celtic beat Barcelona in the CL last season? I guess that means Barca are rubbish despite all they've done because they lost to Celtic.

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05 Jul 2013 01:32:01
Everyone is talking about a signing being promised by Friday, where has this all come from? I haven't heard anything about it.

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Joe confused Kinnear said it earlier in the week. Wants his first signing by Friday. Maybe it was the 16 year old yesterday that signed and he got him a deal early.

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According to tv we've been given permission to speak to Arouna Kone and we've signed another kid from France (u17) Olivier Kemen from Metz. Thoughts?

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The Journal. BS though mate, we won't sign any star today.

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Mate your only 24hrs to late on this comment.

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05 Jul 2013 01:18:39
I'd have Bent. Proven in the Prem longer and won't be going away to the ACON.

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Bent = nearly 30, injury prone, lost his pace, hardly scored for 2 seasons, terrible attitude. No thanks. Would rather try Campbell tbh than someone we would be soon looking to offload.

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How has he lost his pace aston villa don't play and when they do he usually scores

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