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05 Jan 2013 21:50:56
Judging by Pardew's comment it sounds like he's found a pair between his legs and is going to really get up in Ashley's grill for some financial backing. About time really, I don't think we should be one of those clubs who axe all their managers. Our poor form lies with everyone at the club to varying degrees, don't just scapegoat Pardew.
On a side note, could you imagine if Williamson had twitter?! HA, we would actually get a chance to push him out of the club.

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He should have found a pair in the summer. be veyry surprised if we sign anyone else

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Yes mw is a poor player . But we need to get off his back, he has not killed anyone ! He does not pick himself !

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Williamson wouldn't have time to read all of those "positive" tweets he would receive!!

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05 Jan 2013 21:34:15
Can anyone recall a game where the team have played well for the whole 90 mins whilst pardew has been in charge? (Apart from Man U home last season).
Ask yourself honestly and the answer says it all.

The real lowick mag

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Stoke at Home last seaon
West Brom away
Bordeaux home

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Liverpool at home x2 (3-1 and 2-0)
makems away x2 (1-0 and 1-1)
bolton away (won 2-0)
blackburn away (won 2-0)
chelsea away (won 2-0)
swansea away (won 2-0)
stoke away (won 3-1)
WBA away (won 3-0)

need i go on

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The club is still moving forward, why jump on pardews back when he wasn't given the money for any strength in depth with all the extra games in europe. You wouldnt have said this question last season when we finished 5th. I could ask you when has pardew had all of his best players to pick from this season?

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Is Pardew not to blame for never having a full team to pick? Pre season was shocking and when players aren't fit they pick up injuries. How much did Cabeye and Ben Arfa play or train pre season?

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I agree to a certain extent. Finishing 5th was a fantastic achievment however i think everything went well last season regards injuries and suspensions and i still believe we didnt play that well. Dare i say it we were a bit lucky at times (which i'l take). also, lets face it. the players that played this season are still pardew's players. whether they signed whilst he has been in charge or have been given new contracts. They are his players. He must rate them.
finally with regards to the results listed, i agree these were cracking results but still not great overall performances. Mackems away, great results but awful games. Swansea away, two shots two goals. need i go on.
Maybe his hands are tied from above but who's fault is that

the real lowick mag

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Whether Pardew is to blame or Ashley and the board. The one thing that appeared obvious to me was the lack of desire during the summer transfer window. Having had such a brilliant season and qualifying for europe the one blatantly obvious thing was that the squad needed strengthening.We were destined to be playing possibly 50+ games pending on cup runs. So what do we do... we bring in just 1 player likely to get in to the first team squad..... Then bare in mind we let Guthrie go it was literally 1 in 1 out...same size squad...2 in if you include Bigiriana who was never expected to fit straight in to the squad but has had to.... So simply such a school boy error in the summer by such a bunch of amateurs deserves the contempt it deserves...... Ashley you have a lot to learn and I fear you never will. A football club in the premiership will never be a money making investment. He has sacrificed profit over success and is now seeing the consequnces.....

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I will be honest and thought we were terrible last season, I have actually seen better signs going forward from the team this season but it takes time to switch from longball to holding the ball and getting higher up the pitch.

I have no idea how we got 5th last season, I think there may have only been 3 or 4 games the whole of last season where we shaded possession, somehow last season teams were all over us, it was a combination of a very good defence and nabbing sneaky goals.

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Moving forward? 5th top last season 5th bottom this season thats what i call getting better sort yaself out lad give yourself a shake

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To be fair, seems as if last season might have been off the back of the team spirt which houghton had built. First premiership which him in charge we scored 6 twice and 5 twice.... Think we have only managed 4 goals most under pardew... Twice. Still saying it. Should never have sacked hughton

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Im not saying he should but the last few games have been becuase of his tatics and subs

He played cisse on the right against everton just to save face, he didnt want to look like he was playing him out of position to suit ba then comes out the next day and says he will play through the middle, arsenal 4-3 takes off a central midfeilder for shola and we get beat 7-3, brighton take off a centreback and central midfeilder and reshuffle the whole back four

The fact is we havent got good quality but the manager should At least have them playing the right way you cant expect obertan, shola or marveaux to suddenly become world class players

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Lowick mag

you can only beat the teams in front of you.. if our 1-0 win at makems was a terrible game it obviously means both teams were, however i think we played very well. you dont have to win 5-0 with 80% possession for it to be a Man utd type result.. if you rewatch the man u game we have 3 shots and scored 3.. krul made 4 great saves, so wheres ya logic

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To be fair I was never suggesting that we should win every game 5-0. My point was that it seems few and far between where we can say every player deserved their wages or performed to their capabilities for the whole 90 mins. Man U we definitely could say that. All I ask is for every Nufc to give 100 percent for the shirt. We certainly can't say they are just now.
I really hope we turn it around. We are all in this together. Including pardew and his squad.

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Sorry, last reply was from
The real lowick mag

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05 Jan 2013 20:25:11
everyone moaning about today and rightly so, players didnt give a monkeys and surely this was their time to try and impress?, also is that our starting team for the uafa cup, ? rest others for relegation battle, cups are now only for championship sides, prem teams dont care except the fans, survival and top 4 is the only thing that seems to count

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05 Jan 2013 18:53:46
newcastle in need of atleast 3 players this transfer window, remy will join QPR (moneygrabber), newcastle have already started to tern attention to aubamayeng who has be impressive for saint ettiene. he has the pace and trickery needed by newcastle. another signing will be lukoki of ajax a winger pacey, like obertan but can actually kick a football and not the alien head. The final signing is a centre back which first option is tomkins but we wont offer west hams valuation 12mill whereas ours is 6mill so noo chance. Jores Okore will be our new centre back is big strong good on the ball and young, his valuation is around 4mill and he has already had 3 denmark caps at the age of 20.

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Well said demba toon are a small club thanks 2 fatty toon the only premier club out of cup!!sack pardew

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Not being funny but Demba and Fergie must be wrong in the head calling newcastle a small club. Not be funny but how many clubs are jealous of are stadium/fans... everyone in the league. fergie is just jealous coz utd fans only cheer when they are winning. And demba has moved to a club with the worse fans in the league and a worse stadium............

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Ba's just trying to hide the fact that he's a greedy (insert insult of choice here) and Fergie's just come out and said that he was talking about the number of trophies we've won because nobody who isn't a man u fan took his side when he made the initial statement

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Demba ba is not his own man. he has people who trade him around, town to town, bet hes never been in his own home (clubs rented accom) a clubs rented car to drive around the toon with. tell you what demba what happens if your right knee gives way! chealsea going to look after you! Dont think so! look how they are treating there boy frank lampard and look what hes done for them! as apposed to if you had stayed and signed a contract witth newcastle the wee club up north and knocked in a few goals we would have looked after you for ever (ask Alan Shearer, Petro, Rob Lee etc even Sir Les) end of the day your just seen as a greedy bastrad.

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I hate people calling Ba greedy, not going to lie but who in there right mind would reject a wage double his current salary. if you were offered the chance to earn double for doing the same job, prob an easier one would u turn it down.
Also if Ba wasn't greedy he wouldn't have joined us and left WHU with nothing for there investment. Ba is a mercenary, personally i think he done great for toon especially as we got him on a free so i cant be angry. I will still boo him when he comes back to st, james park but he was a great player for us.

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05 Jan 2013 18:30:05
Why sell Ba a player who cost nothing, you could of give him a 3yr deal on 60k, approx 9 million in wages for a player who scored 30 goals if he countinued to
score you could of sold him for 24 million in summer, Now you have 7 million, will probs have to pay at least 10-15 million for a replacement and pay 40k a week on 4 yr deal, and hope they settle, so the simple fact is a simple pay rise and you would of been quids in.

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He was offered more tha sixty we had no choice with clause and bas greedy agents

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He was offered up to 70k/week but he wanted 90 and the buyout clause is active every window so when we sold him wouldn't make any difference

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Ba was offered 80k a week to stay at newcastle but turned it down, we didn't want to sell him and would have loved to keep him but we also accept ba and cisse can't play well together, Ba's agents were the big players in this move and it seems his career, always employing clauses in his contracts with clubs and were demanding a massive signing fee of 4mil for them in our deal, hold nothing against ba at all he was a great player for us hope he does well in the future, but yes we have lost a great player and will need to spend big and wisely to replace him

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24 million for Ba, no way not with his knee issues. No club would be willing to pay that much with so much risk..... o wait liverpool hahaa

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We had no choice but to sell ba, when they offer 7 mill it means they can talk to ba, regardless of what we say, all we could have done is offer him more money

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06 Jan 2013 01:20:08
10 to 15 million to replace him? did u forget ashley owns us maybe 3million for striker

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I'm glad he is gone, not the team can be shaped around the players we have and not around one player, back to the 4-3-3

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Why do ppl keep banging on about ba's knee been in prem a few years now and not a thing wrong! hes gone who cares greedy and no loyalty. like 85% of players these days all for the money

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05 Jan 2013 15:35:55
Solamon kalou is available for as little as 2.8million? I think would be a decent back up to say the least, and has premeier league experience.

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He'll be going to the AFCON with Ivory Coast so no thanks.

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05 Jan 2013 15:22:44
for the first time in my life Im ashamed to be a Toon supporter (Im 65 and went to my first game in 1956) No guts no passion....Ive never moaned too much about Pardew but at the moment he doesnt seem to know what to do next....No-one seemed to have a clue as to what they should be doing...I havnt a clue as to what position Sam Ameobi was playing, perhaps a change of coaches (whoever they are) might help, corners and free kicks are kick in the box and hope williamson will head it to someone and maybe we will score he doesnt we havnt. Perch williamson obertan and both ameobis should be sent packing and why bring on Ranger and leave young campbell on the bench....ashamed of Benton

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I know how u feel mate i have been going since 1964 the place is a joke pardew has to go be4 its to late i was at brighton last year and i thought that was bad but today was the pits i will never go back to st james park as long as puppet is there

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Williamson should definitely go. Another awful performance. Can't wait for Stevie Taylor to get fit again.

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So newcastle are about to pip Man Utd & Arsenal for a player £1million sounds about right toon WILL go down thats fact!!

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No more excuses AP. simple fact if our first team squad is not goo enough regardless of injuries to beat a championship side or even put In a decrnt display you are simy failing us and the club. Time to go

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What our problem's been is we've put in some decent performances but we for some reason we fall over at the last hurdle if cisse can get back to scoring now ba's gone and if we get 2-3 more signings preferably a striker, a cb and maybe another creative mid or a player with flair and we may get through this

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Call yourselves Toon fans, get behind the club, the manager and the players and stop bloody twisting. If you've been supporting and attending games since the 50s and 60s then you have seen a lot worse times than these. Then again your just at that age where you moan about everything!

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I don't see what everyone's getting so worried about! We obviously don't need extra games because of the FA cup which is why pards played the likes of abeid and dummet tavernier etc. players like Taylor and Cabaye coming back to fitness which is exactily what we need. We wouldn't be in this position if we didn't have such a full injury list! Just signed a top class right back (remember how well he played for France against England?) its onwards and upwards in the coming weeks!

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Have some respect for the older generation shame on you

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Big players like taylor, canaye and ben arfa should be back soon which'll help us no end and being out of the cup'll allow us to focus on the league which is what we need. Add a new striker and cb and we'll be fine, touxh wood

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No matter who comes back we still only have one striker and if he gets injured what then

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I think it is pretty obvious by Pardews team selection and his lack of passion in the dug out, that he wasnt bothered about a win today.A disgraceful affair for the fans who travelled so far.

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Sammy is useless, i have never rated him not sure why AP does. he looks like a baby deer when he is on the ball, legs going ever which way. time to move Bambi on, as well as a few others.

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I am sick to death of you twisting muppets.
Can you not see how many injuries we've had all year..?! For me, I'm bloody glad wer out of the FA cup. As if our squad needs the extra games at the min!
We are 5 days into the transfer market & whoever we get in wouldn't have been ready for today's game. Like Debuchy. Give Pardew a chance before you start calling for heads to roll, like the typical brainless supporters!
Bet you wernt twisting last season.. ToonJones (til I do, not just when it's sweet!!)

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This is the first time you have been ashamed of toon? maybe you werent watching us get relegated 3 years ago

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Aye, pay Pardews 8 year contract up & lets part company. (Hold on did I just say 8 year contract ?) that cant be right.

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I thought this was a rumours page and not a "slag your team off" page? True supporters of a football club back their team through good times and bad times.

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05 Jan 2013 13:55:32
Shola sent off, we've lost. Should of put a bet that Brighton were gonna win this. We've been simply outclassed by a championship side. I feel sorry for every geordie who made that trip. All that money spent and that 7 hour journey, and what do you get? Crap football and being embarrased by a championship team. Disgraceful. Pardew can't give a team talk. Hes not a man manager. A dissapointing season and I've already said this but I'm gonna say it again. Even with about 4 signings I can't see us climbing back up the table. To say our squad is stretched is an understatement. Prove me wrong Alan.

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The way we're playing we'll struggle to convince any other potential signings to join us, even Debuchy said he took some convincing so who knows how we'll convince anyone else

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They should be ashamed of that performance. They do not deserve to wear the Newcastle shirt

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8 year deal for pardew, too funny haha

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Get a grip that wasnt even a 2nd team . be concerned when we lose without 10 first teamers out

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So losing to brighton who are in the second tear down is okay for you??

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The average age of the team that finished that game was 22. That's considering Williamson is 28, Marveaux is 25 and Elliot is 26. Excluding those the average age was 20.5
That wasn't even a second string side today. We have 9 first team instant starters out, once we have them back and a signing or two. We'll climb back.
Mashley has let Pardew down on an astronimic scale with the lack of investment in the summer. Anyone calling for his head is a moron. Look at Moyes' reign at Everton, 1st season finished top ten, next season 17th.
Last 3 seasons 8th, 8th, 7th.
Stability is the making of clubs, and I for one am glad that we're trying to do that. Albeit without the backing of the owner.

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Original poster, get a grip. Your no world beaters so why on 2 occasions have you patronised Championship teams? You seem to think that you are far superior and simply turning up would be enough.... Reality check for all barcodes... you're not very good and recent results prove me right. One swallow doesn't make a summer boys but I doubt you've even get that! haha

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The person above is right, no point in sacking Pardew. Like with a full fit squad we are a top 8 team for me and pushing for the top 6, along with the Merseyside teams.
Tavenier, Dumment, Bigi, Sammy, Ranger are 21 or less. We bring in Remy and a very good centre back we will be in the top 10. I only see the top 8 at the minute and possibly Stoke and Swansea beating us. Like we have the players

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Who is bothered about Everton? toon 5th last season this season relegation great eh!!

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Honestly think we will go down then go away, fake fans, we are better than the 5 teams we are above, better than Norwich, Sunderland and West Ham for sure. We should be better than Stoke, Swansea, West Brom and Fulham

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Thats ye problem mate you actually do think you have a good team come into the real world mediocre at best its a good job for qpr reading and southampton or you would be down along with 2 from villa sunderland and wigan

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Wait til cabaye, taylor and ben arfa are back that'll help us

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How can u say were better than the mackems, stoke, west ham, west brom, norwich? look at the tables they dont lie sort yaself out kidda

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The season is not even finish, I think Brad Johnson would be the only one from Norwich that would get into our team. West Brom I think Long Olsson and Morrison would be the only ones to get into our team. Stoke Shawcross and Begovic. Sunderland, Fletcher, Johnston and possibly Larsson. Then West Ham Diame, Jarvis and possibly Tomkins.
I didn't say Liverpool were worse, I said we should be challenging with them. As with Everton and maybe in 2 or season we could be as good as Arsenal who will only go downhill.

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Wakey wakey, time to get up, you have been dreaming again, (come on pal give yersel a shake man, you will be challenging Villa for 4th bottom nothing else.

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Yes players comming back will help us, but the problem is they have been out for months, and if they come back now it will still take weeks before they are up to speed ! We have not got that time ! If squad had been stronger we would have eased them back properly, rush them in starting line up we will risk other injuries . It's a right mess at mo .

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05 Jan 2013 10:31:17
Óscar Cardozo we were interested in him i think last year i know he's 28/29 but he would fill the hole upfront and he's awesome

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05 Jan 2013 09:28:31
I understand that NUFC have put a £4.5 million bid in for Tom Ince

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Won't leave for less than 6m

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Liverpool had a 5 million bid rejected so that's rubbish

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