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05 Apr 2013 08:12:08
The Mirror is reporting that Liverpool want to do a swap deal with Newcastle involving Ben Arfa and Carroll.
Surely this won't happen? Ben Arfa is a million times the player that Carroll is. If its true, I think they'll have to bid Carroll + at least 15 million


They must be running out of ideas.

This would be the third time I have heard this rumour in the last 6 months from the same paper.

I wonder if they even rewrote the article, or just copied and pasted the old one.

We are in the position of power, Ben Arfa is at a bigger stadium with french players around him, he also knows his religion is respected with fellow muslim players around him, now why would Ben Arfa want to leave?

Onto Andy Carroll, Rodgers does not want him, and he wants to come home.

So why would we need to swap our best player to get a player that already wants to jump, and is being pushed.

Load of nonsense.

He may have some ambition, and he will win nowt with you lot, despite how massive and huge your stadium is.

Two players that we won't see at all next season because they are both totally injury prone.

Its paper talk its LIES.

Don't believe a word of it, and a swap deal, Carroll is not worth a 1/4 of Ben Arfa.

If any deal were to take place, it would have to be Carroll and at least 15million, and that isn't blowing Ben Arfas price tag up either.

But this is Newcastle, if they are interested in a deal to bring Carroll back we all know too well (far too well) that we will defiantly get the best part of the deal, so you can guarantee that it won't be just Carroll in the deal

Pretty sure liverpool still owe us in excess of 10m for Carroll so it would be Ben Arfa and 10m for Carroll hahahha yeah good one Liverfools.

How is that good!!

10 Million to us plus Carrol?

10 Million we are already owed which basically means its costing us 10 million Plus Arfa!!

Would much rather keep Arfa, demand the 10 mil from Liverpool and put an over the top offer in for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to ensure he comes to us. He would cost no more than 12 Millon Pounds which is around 15 / 16 million Euros.

He has much more to his game and would offer pace upfront.

Why get rid of one of the most exciting players in the PL and replace him with one who once upon a time had a good future ahead of him. Makes no sense what's so ever.

At the end of the day it would be like getting rid of our version of Bale only to replace him with someone like Larrson from Sunderland, Overrated, overpaid, no pace but on his day he is ok!! that ain't good enough.

We have Arfa, Cabaye and Sissoko, these 3 could walk into most clubs out there and all at present would demand at least 10 Million Each which let's face it would be a low ball offer.

We're only in a position of power if we stay up, we're not out of the danger zone yet.

This will not happen as the toon are building ateam to challenge the crap at the top of the league next season you will see a better toon team

I thought part of the deal for Carroll was that it was paid upfront.

True or false?

Money was paid upfront mate out of the money from torres

Just so you know, Liverpool paid cash for Carroll, they owe us nothing.

Torres went for 50million cash that day and that's why we got paid cash for Carroll. Its was one of the main reasons why we sold him

Not a chance! if it came to it, i'd rather keep HBA. i'd have carroll back but not in exchange for ben arfa.

its clear carroll will be leaving liverpool and west ham can't afford his wages so he won't go there. Also, carroll wants to come back here so newcastle are in a position of power so to speak. no liverpool, you can't have HBA just because carroll hasn't worked out for you! tough luck isn't it lads!




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