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04 Mar 2012 17:31:29
Open letter to Alan Pardew. PLEASE do not give too much respect to the opposition and concentrate on letting them worry about us. Last 2 home games against below average bottom half teams and we play to stop them. Get at them man and those 2 points would have been 6!!!

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Surely Cisse was not fit,hope Ben Arfa gets more full games to show his class before he dissapears back to another French club, only player that seems to be able to dribble and shoot

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Hopefully pardews comments on ben arfa after the game means he's going to start him against arsenal.

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Pretty sure Cisse wasn't well and Shola was sick all week and still got em lol.

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I totally agree with the top post Pardew worries to much about the opposition. Ben Arfa should be played at home especially against average teams.

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They were sick. no mate they were awfull

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04 Mar 2012 14:01:34
Having watched the game today as a complete neutral I would comment on how little class your plonker of a manager has, his behaviour is an embarrassment to your great club. Good game though......... JS

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I think its called passion mate

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You can have passion but a healthy dose of respect also helps.

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Respect works both ways

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Nothing wrong with having some passion.

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Newcastle shud of had a blatant pen wen oshea handled in the box nd also iff sausageon hadnt elbowed tiote he wudnt have to go down. cheer up sad smb, they thought they had beat us ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Yeh, ha ha ha ha, your so glad to scrape a draw at home! Speaks volumes.

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Scrape a draw dont make laugh we shud have had 3 pens nd cattermole shud av been sent off in the 1st minute smb

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Tiote could havehad 3 reds but lets not be biased who said you would have scored the pens anyway you scraped a draw against 10 men in injury time and you say we were lucky hmmm

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What bout mignelets blatant timewasting the fact is much as pains me to say this, it was a fair result but iff anyone was gunna win it it waz the toon

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Scrape a draw? just like at the stadium of s**te last season!

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Ow he sounds wounded spoilt his day out never mind 2000 was a long tine back for u championship here you come lets all laugh at blunderland ha ha ha ha ha ha shola ton 1 toon 2 mags for ever

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Well enjoy the bus ride home thats your holidays over m8 take a look up the prem

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Sorry but can the poster above who mentions the 2000 travelling home please tanslate his post into english as i dont have the luxury of having code breakers at hand

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Yeah but yous had your whole team in the box defending in the second half so it was hard to get past you.

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Listen, I've got black and White blood and can't stand reading the rubbish you lot are writing, let's face facts, the smb's took the first half and we took the second. We were unlucky not to score but then we were lucky at the end! It was a fair result! Woulda and shoulda don't come into it. Get a grip.

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Reply to the first post! Pardew only done what Campbell done when they scored thier goal! Infact Campbell was worse as he was goading the fans and was chased back to the bench by the stewards. Pardew showed passion yet Campbell just showed stupidity, he should be reported to the FA.

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Tit for tat, not very grown up is it, he is the manager for gods sake. When yous got the penalty and he started to gesture towards Oneil he made a complete FOOL of himself as yous missed it. To be honest I was suprised Oneil shook his hand after the game but then, maybe thats the difference I am trying to point out out, as a neutral I have no axe to grind with either club , just an opinion........JS

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What bs as a neutral - neutral SMB.
pards gave it and MON took it and was quick to step up - like the other post says campbell goading fans MON did not do anything about that. The whole toon squad should have celebrated in front of the away dug out.

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I have no affiliation to either club, I can assure you........JS

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While I understand your loyalty to your team and I am not excusing Campbells behaviour in ANYWAY, it rather reminded me of the way Jose Mourinho behaved towards Pep Guardiola during the Spanish derby. Managers have to be above that..........JS

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You kind of are excusing Campbells behaviour by only pointing out Pardews silly and foolish behaviour, yes Pardew has got too set standards but so does Campbell he's also got to act responsibly as he's supposed to be a role model to youngsters who look up too him.

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I agree with your comments regarding Campbell and in the cold light of day I dare say Oneill will give him a rollocking for his stupid behaviour, I just feel all the other foolish behaviour aside I thought Pardew let himself down. He should have rose above it........JS

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Lucky to scrape a draw at home? Is that why we had a total of 29 Shots....

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Most of the shots werwe off target, anyone can blast the ball towards goal and hope for the best.

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Exactly my deluded jawdee nugget 29 shots... good teams are expected too score within those 29 but it took 10 men and a minute into injury time for the fourtoone to score you tit use your football brain after all thats what your supposed to be admired for... the jawdees know their arse and ba and cisse were s**te... lets just state a simple football fact Sunderland were composed Newcastle were desperate !

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