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03 Jul 2012 22:20:14
newcastle to sign kevin prince boateng if tiote goes to arsnal. boateng will cost newcastle £9.5million

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More like 20m.. Poor effort mate

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Very different player also

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More like 30 mil lets be serious he was a main part of ac milans plans last night and they would never sell him and he would never come to us

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Another warped mackem sunderland will only sign players who are 39 or ver because they have the experience

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03 Jul 2012 20:26:50
Zeki Fryers to Newcastle

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How little effort did you put into this regurgitated ruumour, by not even searching his first name

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The Man Utd players and his friends call him Zeki.

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03 Jul 2012 18:15:59
newcastle going to lose tiote to arsenal and sign mvila as a replacement

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We might lose tiote but it wont be arsenal they dont spent money of the 20 million bracket...have more chance in safc signing cisse

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Id think arsenal would just go for mvila straight off

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Arsenal have been linked all season to M'vila. Why wouldnt they sign him ?

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Absolutely no chance, tiote would cost minimum 25 mil and arsenal have never spent that sort of money on a player, and why would they when they have wilshere and song..... comical rumour

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Tbh i wouldn't mind too much if this happened, we'd probs make a nice profit, but hasn't M'villa already said he's moving to Lille?

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03 Jul 2012 18:11:37
Hearing news that Newcastlenare closing in on the signing of Douglas from FC Twente. I've also seen reports suggesting that Newcastle are heating up their move for Debuchy from Lille. Two possible great signings. Keep the faith. ToonThomas

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Is this really "news" that you're hearing?
We seem to have been swinging backwards and forwards with these signings for ages now.

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Yes, mate, numerous reports suggest we have agreed a fee for Douglas, the only thing in this transfer is the fact Douglas will have to stay at FC Twente for another month, Does not mean we can't set up the transfer for that date :) ToonThomas

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03 Jul 2012 09:42:00
according to slysports transfer site nufc have left an improved cah offer and fc twente where going to let nufc no either yesterday or today but so far have not...i think we had offered £10 million cash upfront which transfered to euro,s is £12.6 million roughly....edd does that sound right?..k {Ed022's Note - There is no improved bid as of yet.}

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Ive been watching sly sports news from 4pm-6pm and there is nothing of the sort. or on the website. its just gervinho over again

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Top right hander corner go into footbal then transfers its on there i check every day and paper talk is there aswell......k

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Sorry meant left hand corner scroll on to football a list pops up saying transfers at bottom if list the go onto transfers its on there so disagree if you want but its in black and white...

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03 Jul 2012 11:50:11
Toon have not only scouted De Jong, they have 3 or 4 strikers on the radar. Twente are pricing De Jong out of a move thanks to the wally with the brolly so lets move to one of the other targets. Douglas? Watched him a few times last season and seen him roasted a few times especially against Shalke in europe.

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Dounglas cannot move until the 24th of August which is the date he would be in Holland for 5 years meaning he can play for the Dutch national team. Expect a deal for Douglas to go through on the 25th of August, Less will be said about Douglas until then.

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The transfer fee for De Jong has to have a sensible limit. Think we should say no more and move on. There MUST be other good strikers out there we can pay around 8-10 million for?
However, still think Twente may relent once we give them an 'accept or we're off' instruction.

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Pretty sure Douglas already has a Dutch passport??..................

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03 Jul 2012 10:46:08
According to todays papers Liverpool are set to move for Demba Ba, they are reporting a £7 mil bid. As far as I am con earned they are not playing Champions league so I expect it is utter rubbish

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It is rubbish paper talk he can only leave for a team in champs league for 7 million any other team has to pay more

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Well with mid-table Liverpool, maybe they will pay 40m. ha ha

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Sad joke why would they pay 40m when they can buy him for 7m and he would go!

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^^ can you not read? the clause price of 7million is only for a team in the champions league which Liverpool definitely are not.

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He wont go for 7 mill. the lad above just said he cant move to any prem club under a champions league spot so why bother asting time with that comment. i hate how every liverpool fan is quick to slag newcastle off but as soon as transfer day comes around, every liverpool fan thinks that the whole of the newcastle united team will be signing for them. newcastle are a far bigger club with better fans and a bigger future. ye demba ba will go but only for another 35 mill. ha!

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Firstly they can't as they are not a champions league team, and secondly why on earth would he move to a club lower in the league and with players laeving there and becomming bad.... so it wasnt a joke and if they pay 35 mil for the judas donkey they could easily fork up 40 for ba

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03 Jul 2012 08:41:48
Daily Mirror rumour about Ba to Liverpool is nonsense as we all know the £7m clause can only be activated by a CL club

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If I remember correctly the Mirror was the paper that revealed it was champions league clubs only who could activate the release clause. Papers really do talk a lot of b****cks

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03 Jul 2012 01:06:45
Newcastle will sign de jong
Twente are holding out for more money hoping for a bigger club to cone in for him but even if that happens newcastle will match the offer.
Newcastle have scouted de jong the three times this season with carver, pardew and carr all watching him seperately there going to be priced out of a deal easily.
Newcastle wouldnt of let best go if they didnt have another striker coming in if you add the 3 million to the previous bid of 8 million that should be enough to get de jong.

Newcastle have also agreed a fee of 5 million for douglas, his representatives will hold talks this week with newcastle before having a medical.

Newcaatle are still favorites to land debuchy despite late interest from other clubs newcastle have agreed a 6.5 million fee with lille and the deal will be completed once he returns from holiday.

Newcastle will not be signing adam johnson, junior hoillet or any wingers this summer, newcastle already have ben arfa, marveaux, obertan, guttierez, amalfitano, ameobi and ferguson and none them are likely to leave so no need for wingers.

Newcastle will complete there business by searching for a couple of central midfeilders, guthrie has already left and with tiote again away to acon newcastle will be short in the middle. Newcastle inquired about anita but have been put off by the 8-10million asking and will instead return for dijons bejamin cognet at a fee if around 4 million.

The final midfeild target is steven nzonzi and newcastle may look to take advantage of blackburns interest in gosling by offering player +6 million for the frenchman although this e
Would still leave newcastle needing 1 more player so they may have to pay as much as 8.5 million in a cash only deal

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Thought it was believable till the last paragraph about N'Zonzi. He won't cost that much as Blackburn have just been relegated and also if we were going to spend that much on a midfielder we would probably go for Vurnon Anita, who I think we could get for around the 6 million mark. Steven N'Zonzi is no where near worth 8.5 million.

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And this all comes from where? Don't want to knock it, as it sounds great, but any proof whatsoever??

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De Jong not going to Newcastle United. A premiership top 4 club have this morning bid 13m for him which has been turned down by Twente but they will go back with an improved offer. Douglas is hoping that another club becomes interested in the next few days and Liverpool local paper says that Rodgers is hoping to make a bid this week for Douglas.

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What about Elia from Juventus? Newcastle just missed out on him the following season before he signed for Juventus from Hamburg for €9,000,000 and he has only had 4 appearances since joining them. There was some speculation about him being unhappy as you can imagine and that Pardew was attempting to get him on loan. Who knows we may still be trying to work something out with him and Juventus and keeping it on the low down from the press as no one knew about the Cisse singing in January until he was having his medical. In my opinion Elia would be an absolutely brilliant signing, probably get him for around the same price Juventus paid for him and he is still only 25 so he is definitely in our transfer policy. Also he is a left sided winger that can also play on the right side of midfield where he will cut inside onto his left foot like HBA and also even as a striker if needed. He would fit brilliantly into where Ba was playing near the end of last season, I for one am really hoping me sign him.

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Brake the mould sign clint demsey he must a 2 to 3 good seasons left in him...k

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To be honest i hope we dont pay silly money for de jong. 10mil imo is a fair price. we've all seen the consequences of paying to much money for players who dont live up to the price tag and not just at newcastle but most clubs. i for one am pleased our days of paying over the odds are a thing of the past

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I think juventus are resigned to taking a loss on elia tbh. no one will pay 9mil for somebody that played four times last season, he is transfer listed and wants to leave. i would love for us to put a bid in, but not a 9mil

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03 Jul 2012 01:01:56
I'm hearing Newcastle's recent bid for Luuk De Jong has been rejected. Nothing confirmed so I may be wrong. But as I said in one of my previous posts, if this is the case, don't worry about it, there's still a whole 2 months left of the transfer Market. I'm sure Alan Pardew has alternative target. If anything we should be confident as reports suggesting Newcastle are wanting to spend £10 million on a player (again, Cisse) in my eyes is nothing but encouraging news that we mean business in this transfer Market. Keep the faith boys, ToonThomas

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Now on the skysports website stating we have ended our interest and now looking at alternative targets. ToonThomas

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02 Jul 2012 19:20:47
3 million for bes and save on his 25k a week with 2 years left not bad at all....crack is holliet will come on a free ed have you heard anything ?...k {Ed001's Note - Newcastle will not match Hoilett's wage demands, they have already priced him out of a number of possible moves.}

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Cheers ed...k

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