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03 Jul 2011 23:23:38
Nile Ranger is going on a season long loan to Aberdeen in the SPL.

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I good fun of the toon for almost 15 years i am geordie albanian, i would like this new season two good strikers two defenders and the most important think making the double over the f***ing mackems

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03 Jul 2011 22:58:34
Anybody any news about N Zogbia and weather we are still his choice of club would be great if he does come back but will be over run with midfielders need to sell smith, guthrie, routledge and possible guitierrez he just doesnt score enough goals for me stevie taylor scored more last season and he was injured or on the bench for most of the season also I reckon pardew will make enrique captain if he stays that is a very big if though.

ED if you can shed any light on n zogbia or any other transfers in or out it would be great.


{Ed020's Note -There has been another bid for Erdinc, thought to be £7.5m. As you may have seen, we heard nothing about Cabaye, Tiote, Ben Arfa, Marveux until they arrived so NUFC seems like a club who likes to keep transfers fairly private. I expect Erdinc before the USA Tour though}

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Thats 7.5m Euros ed not (WelshToon)

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03 Jul 2011 22:55:15
Can someone tell me, Ed or anyone else, if theres any truth to the Matuidi and Sissoko rumours, how realistic it actually is we might get either...

Dont think we will fork out the 15 odd mil for either to be honest but considering we have spent so little so far, heres hoping we might make one big money signing

Anyway, be good to know if theres any real truth to the rumours or chance of getting either, cheers

KRTOON {Ed020's Note - There is interest but I doubt either Sissoko or Matuidi will be Newcastle players this window}

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03 Jul 2011 22:51:16
Confused as to the hype surrounding Erdinc to be honest, goal record is okay, no better, and all round play isnt great from what i ve seen, admittedly dont know too much about him though so maybe someone can fill me in as to why we re so set on spending 8 to 10 millon on him, is he actually worth it?

From the other targets we ve been linked with think 8 to 10 million would be much better spent getting in both the Banguras, probably have enough for a few pints left over too

Maybe i m wrong about Erdinc though, be good to get some info on him...


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Think of him as a Bellamy type of player... Then think back to when we had him and Shearer. Was it Bellamy who scored all the goals?

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Erdinc is a good finisher and he the reason Pardew is interested is that Erdinc works his socks off as does Ba hes trying to build a quality supply line and hard working team what you need for the prem is defence from the front at times Erdinc was PSG player of season in his first season hes 24 8mil is good value as football prices are heavily inflated at the moment id be happy if we bring him in and Zog as BenArfa will be deployed as a second striker at times

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Except we don't have a Shearer anymore, so if we sign Erdinc and he doesn't score the goals, who will? No good having a good supply line if theres nobody there to finish.

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03 Jul 2011 22:00:36
pardew said we would sign somebody by the 4th thats tommorow whos it going to be i think nzogbia....but really hope its a striker, who do you think?

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"We re all looking forward to getting back to work next Monday. The squad is looking healthy and, hopefully, there are still one or two to come.

They won t be in before July 4, but we hope to get one in before the tour of America and there could well be one after the tour.

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03 Jul 2011 21:15:53
mike grella to sign for nufc for 1m. never heard of him .this is a rumour placed on main page of this website, ed can u give me some info on this player, or is it another mackem wind up..del

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Mike grella is training with new york cosmos

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Just watched on YouTube Mike Grella (LUFC) GOALS From 09/10 season: he looks a good signing to me? any comments from any1

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03 Jul 2011 20:56:58
lots of rumours going round that enrique has been seen at anfield today, anyone know anything hope its not true but will not be suprised

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03 Jul 2011 19:31:38
erding and n zog to the toon .all the smbs f.../..f and concnetrate on your small team

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03 Jul 2011 18:19:29
Sunderland have outbid Newcastle for Mevlut Erding

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Go away Mackem and concentrate on your own site.......

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You could out bid us all you want, he only wants to play for a big club like the Toon That rules out you chaps.


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They have its in a french newspaper, google it. Sunderland have offered 2mil more.

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No chance

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But Erdinc rejected them for Newcastle straight away stating "Why would i drive a bike, when i can get a Porche?"

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Melvut does not want to come to nufc or sunderland cos only half the fans can spell his name correctly..erdinc....erding

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03 Jul 2011 17:12:14
Ed any solid news on the Erding situation? Do you think he will sign for us? and if so around when?

{Ed020's Note - Looks like we've upped our bid to £7.5m. He has a 10m EURO buy-out clause so the offer still needs to be a bit more I think. But yes, I think he will sign...when? I don't know...}

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Thanks ed, Is bid Euros or pounds?
Hope we get him, Im a fan of erding and think he could do well in the prem for us.
Just wondering, but do you have inside sources or do you pick most of your information up from media outlets? (i know if you do have sources you cant reveil them haha)

{Ed020's Note - Pounds}

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03 Jul 2011 15:52:56
Erdinc is unlikely to be transferred domestically in France as Lille wont sell to rivals like PSG so he wont be part of any deal by PSG to buy Eden hazard.

His likely destinations are Galatassaray or the Toon .The further delay is that PSG are about to appoint a new director of football (Leanardo) Source Le parisien

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03 Jul 2011 15:12:13
ed; I live in Nottingham but support Newcastle. Can you tell me how much Wayne Routledge is to be sold to Forest for? and will we replace him? I think he is class in the Championship but not good enough for us. I also expect him to help Forest in to the Premiership.

{Ed020's Note - I don't rate Routledge at all! In fact I'm known for not liking him! I'd pay forest to take for a replacement I don't think we need one.}

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I rate Routledge, but like he said not good enough yet for the Premiership. And from all the talk it seems Wayne has his heart set on a move to Forest to play alongside McGugan and Blackstock. We should put a bid in for Lewis Mcgugan he is class.

{Ed020's Note - Yet? He's had chances with Villa, Newcastle, West Brom...he's never done anything}

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Do you rate Mcgugan tho ed ?

{Ed020's Note - In the Championship yes, Premier League is a massive step up...}

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Routledge is very unfortunate as he is Premierleague bottom 5 standard or top 2/3 championship standard which means he could love his football if he just keeps winning the championship and moving on he'll get more medals and in reality thats his level

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Taxi for Routledge

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03 Jul 2011 11:32:53
Newcastle to step up the offer for Melvut Erding and are lining up a bid for Jermaine Lens

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Sadly the Jermaine Lens thing was just media speculation coz our scouts were watching a lot of dutch matches in which he played well apparently they were watching Toivenen cracking CM but Carr is not stupid and a move could still be made like most our transfers i prefer to not hear anything then they just arrive

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03 Jul 2011 11:17:39
apparently we've upped our bid to £7.5 million for erding

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Not likely with the wage capping structure in place

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03 Jul 2011 10:59:47
bumped into none other warren barton, the ex toon and england defender told me there is a serious offer on the table for pardew to manage in qatar.
watch this space.....
shearer replacement

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Wat a load of sh1t

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Stop talking crap on this site please

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Shearer hates Ashley and Lambias with a passion and wouldn't even consider working for them ever again.

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This is the SMB's response to all the rumours that all is not rosy in the Steve Bruce camp.....which incidently is true

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03 Jul 2011 10:56:12
Wayne bridge to Newcastle on loan. Instead of n zogbia jermaine lens and we also sign mevlut erdinc.

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Wayne bridges wages are to high, ashley trying cut down on them so i highly doubt he will dish out more then 80k a week for a 30 year old.

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I really hope we dont sign bridge he is crap and will want big wages

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03 Jul 2011 08:42:47
does anyone here reckon we could realistically challenge for a euro place next season?

personally would love to see it

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It would take a hell of a lot of luck but its possible.

To be honest though I'm likely the gradual build approach. 12th last season, around 8th this season then 6th the season after.

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I would love it if we could. but at the rate we are going we will not be getting any were near it, mike ashley wont even spend 5m on a player so we are screwed.

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Considering there is Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, City, Spurs and Liverpool fighting for four Champions League spots, two of them will get Europa... then you have Villa and Everton who have been next down the line consistently last few seasons.. then the likes of Bolton are much improved so will probably be up there as well... thats 9 before we get a mention so highly doubtful it will happen this season.

As well as that, dont think i d want to get Europe this year, would more than likely mean going through the Intertoto, which means less pre season prep, more games, etc and think it would be a season too soon for us and our league form could suffer.

If were going to challenge for Europe i d much rather see us do it consistently season after season, with the squad to handle four competitions. Think a 9th or 10th place finish this season, bring in more quality over the next year and youth talent.. then i would be confident about pushing for Europe, and an automatic Europa spot, fighting Villa and Everton... think the days of breaking into the top four, or six as it is now, are long gone.


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Think u 4got about sunderland there aswell mate {Ed025's Note -

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We were 4 mins from 9th place with the previous squad so maybe 7th and a steady cup run would represent a VERY solid season and year after push a bit more

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