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03 Jan 2013 22:42:39
weve been linked with Sebastien Puygrenier of Nancy

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Considering he just rejoined them 3 days ago

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You've got it wrong - you've been linked with Nancy, Svens ex bird !

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03 Jan 2013 22:05:05
Coloccini wants Newcastle exit to join San Lorenzo, says father

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Colo does not want out! Its load of tosh.

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I have read this also, and hope it's just paper talk

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This interview first surfaced months ago when we were trying to tie up colo's new contract. He came out at the time and stated he didnt want to leave. Just ignore this story.

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So did ba

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Colo has just purchased a house on Darras Hall so unlikely he will want to move nb he has always been in rented accomadation up until now. HBA also has just got a house on Darras Hall

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03 Jan 2013 21:45:10
Toon have officially opened talks with loic remy after being given permission by his club!

This is true and will be soon reported.

Fee is in the region of 8 million but will rise to 10 depending on the players success......spenny mag

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This is true, you can't argue with that

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Oh you say "Its True" well then that makes me feel more assured....

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Hasnt this been proven now? all the people who clicked disagree should hang their heads cos we all laughing at you!

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It hasn't been proven.. Infact Marseille reported a few hours ago that they've had no approach from Newcastle for Remy

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03 Jan 2013 19:50:28
sissko (spelling) has been strongly linked with move to nufc

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Sissoko being mentioned all over the place for various clubs. same with douglas

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Id take douglas tho

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What about Zeta Jones ?

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03 Jan 2013 17:04:09
3 players set to sign this month I was told by Pardew when I asked him at the training ground. He claimed Debuchy is very close and that we want a centre back and a striker to replace Ba with a young striker also set to come in too. Probably Mirin, Remy and who knows about the youngster.

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Best friends with pardew are you?

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Ed, a lot of folks have been mentioning two players at training ground today, any news on this? I assume one was Debuchy, and the other? {Ed013's Note - It could be Danny Graham or Charlie Austin}

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I would absolutely love Charlie Austin.

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03 Jan 2013 17:01:25
newcastle are looking at 2 french players a striker and a midfelder

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I wish they'd stop looking and get signing.

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Debeucy and remy

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03 Jan 2013 16:18:53
hey balotelli on loan how about that

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No thanks

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Talented player, but too much wages and causes team morale to drop

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Balotelli is overrated, he puts countless chances over the top of the bar.

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Never happen why even say it?

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Team morale to drop?, theres no team there just a collection of reserve players that sulk when things go wrong last year we had spirit this year nothing no fight in any off them

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He has 1 good game in 12 !!!!

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03 Jan 2013 14:20:08
Newcastle and Sunderland join the battle along with Liverpool, Everton and a number of Championship Teams for young Wolves Striker Liam McAlinden, The 19 year old has scored 7 goals in 9 appearances for the U21's this season finishing top scorer in the league, the Northern Ireland International U21's player is reported as being the most sort after young striker of the moment and will be out of contract at Wolves in June.

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I have had a quick look on the net and he seems like a player scores loads of goals, one for the future mind! doesn't hurt to keep one in the bank for later.

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Probs another conor wickham. talented - never gets a game. we need someone who is good now to help us out of a potential relegation battle, not someone who shows his quality in 2-3 seasons time. lets save our money and buy remy and a quality centre back.

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Not too sure about this one, obviously the transfer wouldnt break the bank and he'd be one for the future but at the age of 19 if he was any decent he'd be starting for northern ireland and i'm sure theyve known about him for ages

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Heard about Adam lallana

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What about him?

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I'v asked my cousin who lives in Wolverhampton if he's heard of this lad he reckons that he's the biggest academy prospect they have had since Mark Davies/now at Bolton. Very highly rated by Wolves and he also reckons Wolves would never let him go unless the price was massive.

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03 Jan 2013 14:11:27
Veggard Forren of Molde is in talks with 'an un-named club' over the sale of the highly-rated defender. Has been linked with Newcastle, Man United, Fulham and S**derland.

Charlie Austin to either Newcastle, Everton or QPR. Would make sense, would add an extra homegrown to the Europa League quota, plus finding the net regular.

Plus, is Demba's move to Chelsea going to go through? All now hinges on a medical....SpanishMag

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I'm pretty sure the deals gone through but sky took down an article that said it was a done deal

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Forren is in talks with fulham apparently

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03 Jan 2013 13:09:46
Interest in Danny graham, no offer but other teams interested but being a local lad could possibly see him at the club, Swansea looking for 3-4 million which is in our budget.

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03 Jan 2013 12:09:30
Newcastle are set to confirm 3 strikers will be signing this transfer window, 1 being Maiga whom failed a NUFC medical last year, anther to be 7 million for Loric Remy and the third to be a loan with a view to a perminantly deal for Darren Bent, Benteke also linked. I know a lot of people say this on these forums but I genuinely know Mike Ashley.

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How will Maiga pass a medical this time
Wages for three players will not be sanctioned
Villa will keep Bentecke for their relegation battle
Could not see how Bent and Cisse could ever work
Remy would make sense to play on left of Cisse and Ben Arfa

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BS. Bent? Maiga? Remy for 7 mill? Remy would cost 12mill easily, so unless Fat Mike is offering him 5 million quids worth of Sports Direct trakkie tops I can't see any of these happening.

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I know mike Ashley too he's my uncles, goldfish's third cousin twice removed new best friend after his dog shared food with Ashley in a restaurant the other day. We're now like BFFs!

Course you know him....... {Ed013's Note - He served me in Sports Direct the other day for a 1.99 vest!}

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Yup I know him as well

I also know Prince Philip and the Queen


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3 strikers plus the other 2 we already have??

5 Strikers??

Come off it.

This would make no sense at all considering Maiga is useless at westham and at present so is Bent.

Possibly 1 striker or maybe 2 but personally I think we will get another CB and possibly ST but you never know with Newcastle.

I expect Pardrew to come out in the next 2 weeks and say ''were trying'' ''We are in for anyone available but its hard in January''

Expect no one then its a suprise.

Debuchy will sign however but with the money for BA this basically means we should break even as BAs due a part of the fee apparently around 2MIL

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I'd like remy and maiga but defo not a third striker. Remy/maiga can play on the left of the 433 and they can both play as back up.

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Remy will not cost 12million. He is out of Contract at the end of the season so why would anyone pay that for him?

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03 Jan 2013 11:00:16
January transfers:
Personally, i think we need two strikers who can play on the wings and play as back up.
Willo (Summer)-2m
4m january
Remy-10m and/or Maiga-5m
Isimat Mirin-3m

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If i was to be honest I wouldn't want to get rid of Jonas, he has a great attitude and although he isn't the best footballer, he never stops running, and I think simpson is worth more than 1 million as well.

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We should take a look at Emiliano Alfaro to fill the left attacker role. Cisse playing in the middle, Ben Arfa on the right.

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Simpson only has half a season left on his contract, if we could get 500k for him we would be lucky.

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Agree with the players being sold, they are a waste of space.

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Wouldn't give 2p for willo, .let alone 2mil.

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03 Jan 2013 08:19:56
Newcastle will look toquickly conclude the transfers of debuchy and remy following the departure of demba ba.

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I like Remy as character he works hard for his team but im not convinced he is an out and out goal scorer. Will he be pushed left/right with Cisse through mid? Lets hope so.

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Pards said he's playing Cisse only through the middle now, good thing really

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03 Jan 2013 01:42:24
Toon to put in a cheeky bid for Darren Bent

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No bid worth a few million can be called "cheeky", surely?

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Let's hope so. Bent is a guaranteed goal machine.

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He will never come he's an ex Mackem player he will only get booed

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Shay Given was an ex mackem, so if he comes and scores goals, he will get a great response

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There has been contact between the clubs today, but not sure for what reason. Maybe Simpson to Villa?

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Given wasnt an ex mavkem. he was at blackburn when he played for safc on loan! simpson also went to sunderland on short term loan but not sure if he played

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03 Jan 2013 01:15:28
Mathieu Debuchy was DEFINITELY at the Newcastle game yesterday, was sat next to Cabaye in the Milburn Stand.

Also heard rumours of a second player (matching Remy's description) being taken round by security guards and shaking hands of many people. Would like to know if there is any truth in this.

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The first bit really doesnt need to be written. Anyone who watched the match knows he was here. They showed him repeatedly.

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That's cos you watched it on the telly, the people in the stadium will not have definitely seen him.

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The images of debuchy were also shown on the tv's next to the bar like.

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I thought he would be there but I didn't see him as I went to the game

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I was at the game and sat a few rows in front of them in the Milburn Stand. I have no idea if it was shown on TV or not, after the game I heard the Remy rumour and there seemed to be talk of it at the game too.

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Yes he was in the milburn stand.Set to sign Friday morning

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03 Jan 2013 00:52:24
Newcastle will be the one of the most active in this January transfer period.

First off All - Demba Ba. He is set to complete his medical in the next two days at Chelsea. Looks like he is set to be on £70, 000 - £75, 000 and added goal bonus'. Chelsea will pay £7.5 million of which, Ba receives nearly £2 million under terms of contract. Under regulations of his release clause only the top 4 teams last season could trigger this clause. Manchester united; who will remain inactive this transfer period. Arsenal; have already stated they have no interest, as do Manchester City. Finally: Chelsea, as they override Tottenham due to winning the champions league. It is unclear what Ba's intentions have been with signing a new contract, for sure it looks as though money is the only factor. What he probably hasn't realised is that he will be Chelsea's third striker; following Torres and Lukaku (when he returns from loan). Not forgetting Victor Moses. Simply due to Torres costing £50 million and Lukaku is in such good form. What will be let uncovered however, is Ba's medical as he has failed at nearly ever club he has had trial's for due to a knee condition.

Coming into Newcastle will be the French International Debuchy from Lille for approx. £4 million + Bonus'. The fall back is much needed due to missing Simpson and Taylor and will strengthen the weak defending of Newcastle this season. The player however, has been rumoured to cost a lot on the salary cap of the club. He is due to complete his Medical in the next two days and was present at the Mid week game v Everton. He has even been rumoured to have signed on Wednesday and been keeping quiet. Another Defender rumoured to be signing is that of Douglas fro Twente. The CB will more than likely be a first team player along side Collocini due to the frequently injured Taylor and the inexperienced Williamson. This is just a rumour however, but would be a great signing. The player has great experience and is 6 "4 coming in handy for set plays and will bolster the defence.

A second likely rumour is that off Moussa Sissoko. The Toulouse Midfielder will be a third player behind Cabaye and Tiote. But more than likely play every game due to Tiote serving continues suspensions for picking up yellow cards and regular reds. The player is also French, and reports suggest two French players including Debuchy are present on Tyneside. Moussa Sissoko has regularly expressed is desire to join the Toon and told the Media he would pick them over the likes of Tottenham and Liverpool, probably due to the highly regarded French force they are accumulating.
The fee is unknown as of yet but reports suggest no more than £7 million at a push.

In the striking department Newcastle will be most active. With Ba nearly out the door. Pardew will need two more Strikers, as he was already out for one before Ba leaving. Key targets are that of Loic Remy and Odemwingie. Loic Remy was a close sign in the summer and has been seen by many on Tyneside. He too, has openly expressed interest in joining. He has permission to leave and Marseille have given Newcastle a £10 million asking price, A bargain some may say. The player has been known to be frustrated at the lack of action and wants to leave as New signings have pushed him out of the light. Odemwingie is possibly the more likely transfer, although both signings are key targets for Pardew. Odemwingie will cost a reported £3 million from WBA.

Again, this is from a close club source. If anyone says Newcastle have no money they couldn't be any more wrong. They have a total of 29 million remaining from Carol's Exit to Liverpool and a further 5 from Ba leaving. All of which, Mike Ashley has granted to the transfer budget. Kind Regards.

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Moussa Sissoko is on a free in the summer so no one in their right mind would pay 7m for him.

Pardew has come out and said we are not interested in oldmanwinge.

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Only the top 4 teams last season could trigger this clause? chelsea finished 6th
you really should research better when spouting drivel

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But we aren't looking at the summer we are looking now. it would be a small fee probably

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Chelsea won the champions league, re-entering them into the competition.

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Far too long

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Why would we want Odemwinge, he's a selfish player that doesn't track back.

In regards to the money side of it, Ashley doesn't have that money from Carroll at all. Liverpool are paying it off in installments so he doesn't physically have that money to spend.

Sort it out.

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Ashley also spent a massive portion of that money upgrading the facilities.

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How can you say ba is only after the money, hes leaving a team in a relagation fight to play for the european champions. He owes us nothing, just wanted to better his career, fair play to him.

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Has already been stated that Liverpool paid the fee straight away as part of the thats b*******.

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You really have waffled on a lot there mate. You've said nothing I havnt known for months. ToonJones

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Actually liverpool paid newcastle 30m upfront with 5m being payed in december 2011 so liverpool owe us nothing. however if chelsea hadn't payed 50m upfront for torres then we would be getting small installments so really we owe chelsea a lot and thats why we sold ba to them.

the last bit is only a joke!

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