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31 May 2013 16:41:00
Anzhi have offered 15.4 million pounds for Papiss Cisse, starting him on 50,000 a week, after being impressed with him in the Europa League this season. Mike Ashley is willing to sell but will want a considerably higher offer before selling the striker.

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Take the money and buy

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I think Ashley's minimum asking price for most of our biggest players is between £20-£25m so although Anzhi could easily afford it they may not think he's worth it.

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£15m ain't bad - if we were guaranteed PEA I'd say take it.

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15 million for a player who every time he gets the ball is offside, take it buy PEA and add a little for belhanda

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Not many of our players worth 20-25 m

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I'll take him there myself.

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15 million for a player that kept us in the league, how many points did we have because his goals

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Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

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How many did he miss!

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Why not go for Kone (spelling) from wigan

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Unless you've been living under a rock PEA = Aubameyang

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Well look PEA has one of the worst conversion rates in the world this season.

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Really? Because he was the second highest scorer in Ligue 1 so it can't be that bad

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He only scored so many goals because the made like 200 chances

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31 May 2013 11:29:43
all members of staff. not on the footballing side. have had an E mail this morning from dodgy derrick lambarse. reminding them of there contracts and the need to keep any gossip or information they hear in house or there contracts will be ended

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Most businesses have a requirement for confidentiality from staff who may be in a position to know key information.

How would you feel if we'd secretly lined up a cut-price deal to sign a top player and some person blurted it out to the press -then another club comes in with a late bid?

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if thatt story about dressing room unrest came from one of the people at the club looking for some attention. Their idiocy could have got us relegated.

Personally, I don't want to know about any deals until they're certain.


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That doesn't surprise me, I used to work at the club, and we were warned against even making negative comments about players performances as they were our "colleagues"

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It makes sense. Would you like it if our transfer plans were leaked by gossiping employees causing other clubs to jump in and steal players we're about to sign?

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"Also, I wouldn't be surprised if thatt story about dressing room unrest came from one of the people at the club looking for some attention. Their idiocy could have got us relegated. "

The reason we could of got relegated is playing awful football and conceding sixty plus goals not because of a rumour of dressing room unrest.

Every club has to deal with negative rumours we should have just ignored it.
If you want to read about how amazing everything is at the club all the time read the chronicle.

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DomW I really think you're coming to the wrong site if that's the case.

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31 May 2013 11:07:52
ive just heard that anzi are apperently guna offer 18m for cisse

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18m euros so £15m which apparently Ashley is refusing to even bother considering. Apparently there have been no offers made for any of our players and the club is going to focus on buying rather than selling

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The fee proposed for Cisse sounds strangely familiar to the fee being quoted for Andy Carroll.

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31 May 2013 06:51:47
Is it true that we are closing to agreeing a deal to sign Tom Ince from Blackpool?

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I doubt it since they've only just started discussing targets, budgets etc this week so I doubt they've done any deals yet unless Ashley's signing people without Pardew's knowledge.

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It is believed him and Aubameyang maybe signing

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31 May 2013 00:59:27
Pardew looks to land young midfield and strike stars from rivals middlesbrough, adam reach and luke williams are the targets, with sammy and shola ameobi going the other way, with boro offering 1 million plus reach and williams.

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Hope so!

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Apparently we're going after Will Hughes from Derby.

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If this is true it'll probably be selling Shola and loaning Sammy because I don't think they're going to give up on him when he's only 20 and still has plenty of time to improve.

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I would personally let them have both Ameobi's for a straight swap.

It is clear as day that Sammy cannot shoot.

Wonder who he gets that from lol.

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I'm pretty sure Sammy's a left mid, that's where he's often used so it's okay if he doesn't score that much.

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