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31 May 2012 19:53:21
Hi Eds,
Which clubs are interested in Yanga M'Biwa? He would be perfect for Newcastle and he's not in the French Euros squad so his price won't rocket, definitely would be my no.1 choice but idk whether we'd be able to get him if other clubs are interested.
Great site btw, the best transfer rumours site by a country mile :) {Ed022's Note - I'm not entirely sure at the moment, but I will try and find out for you mate.}

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Thanks :):)

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I read that Napoli had bid for him but its likely to be bs.

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Its agent said Dortmund are the front runners at the moment, and his agent also stated he will probably play in Germany

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31 May 2012 21:05:52
Hearing rumours that we are leading the chase for 26 yr old Barcelona attacking midfielder Ibrahim Afellay. He is supposedly available for 6mill as he is not needed in the Barcelona squad. I personally think it would be good business, he was considered one of the best young Dutch talents only 2-3 years ago. Im sure Pards could reignite his career with First team Football.

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Hmmmm I'd love to see it but not likely in the slightest

Sources and not HP OR HEINZ

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That would be sauces, but i heard this last year we were looking at him, so wouldnt be surprised iff this was true we seem to track players for longer than anyone actually realises

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I think he is a sik player cisse upfront with him behind and ben arfa on the right with de jong well i have heard that where going for a thew in brazil and spain and france good old carr will get us some more raw talent for not money what so ever and mike ashley please get ur money out ur pockets seem a bit to deep and if we are going to do anything in the europa we need some depth in the squad

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Thew!! That's bad... Really bad... I've never seen it spelt like that... I bet it's not even happened a FEW times...

Affelay would be an amazing addition. Pace, skill and big time european experience for such a young player.

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He had also had a lot of injuries lately which may explain his cheap price...

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No thanks ,terribly injury prone ,not worth the risk .

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31 May 2012 19:14:27
Gael Bigirimana to sign for 500K from Coventry.

Another talent be added to Newcastles youth system.

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Think it's a shame for him to be stuck in our development squad. especially when he's leaving first team foootball.

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Agree after playing a lot of games in the Championship it'll be a shame to see him in the reserves however we might send him back out on loan if we do sign him.

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He will b on the bench a good back up. We wont pay 0.5/1 mil for a reserve player to sit in te youth set up. We can scout good youth but to buy good youth is a sign he is well thought of. Proves himself in the 4th most popular league!

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Agree with the 2 posts above, i say sign him up(looks a good prospect) and loan him out to a championship team straight away.

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31 May 2012 18:32:28
We might loose Ba We wont loose Cisse. Sammy is not going to make it as a striker but look down to the youth we have a nearly 17 year old striker who is going to be world class in Adam Campbell promote him straight to the first team and use him sparingly at the start. I think the kid is good enough. kieran n.ireland

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Adam campbell is nowhere near good enough to be close to the first team, i think your getting wildly far ahead of yourself the boy still has a lot to learn and seeing as though vuckic and abeid cant get first team how you think campbell will is beyond me, we're just upgraded our youth facility and why would we spend millions improving it just to take players out of it

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I think Sammy will make it as a striker - maybe not an out an out lone striker but he will be great to play on the left of a top 3 or as a strike partner in the CF/AM role. Im a big fan of Sammy and its a shame he got injured last season as I think he was just showing what he was made off.

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Each opinion to their own. I think this kid is good enough and what a difference stepping up can make. I'm not saying play him every game 10 minutes here 10 minutes there and we will see

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Don't know why people rate Sammy so highly squad player at best like his brother, however Campbell seems a very talented youngster maybe send him on loan to Gateshead next season.

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Don't forget Haris Vuckic he'll be playing alot more next season!

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Adam Campbell is by far much better attacking than sammy , hes unreal, definitely the best youth team player . So I'm agreeing with the person backing Campbell .

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Fergie is our best up and coming player ,watch him fly next season .

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Our best upcoming player is/goin to be
jj hooper

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31 May 2012 15:59:49
Adam Johnson, Debuchy and Luuk De jong all WONT sign for newcastle, graham carr will find an undiscovered genious. Heard it hear first

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Cabaye was one of the french players of the season when we signed him... not everyone we sign is undiscovered

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31 May 2012 15:08:49
Gael Bigirimana is a great signing if we get him, he's young, and looks very much like a Tiote-type player. Saw him play a couple of times for Coventry last year and he is definitely value for money, good catch by the scouting department and Graham Carr

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31 May 2012 10:41:29
Ba to leave in next 7 days to Chelsea and Newcastle to bring in Adam Johnson, Debuchy and Luuk De jong

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No chance of Johnson coming here, his wages would be around 2 and a half times what our average first team player gets, Debuchy possibly, de Jong doubt it and probs not good enough anyway

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I would be happy to see Ba go, I have never seen a player give the ball away so much in my life as Ba in the 2nd half of the season, 6 month wonder who will only get worse with his slow long limbed style of play (We have ameobi for that if we must) Bring in de jong or Bas Dost and we will be much better off. As for those talking about Adam Johnsons wages you may be surprised, Yes Man City pay big wages to senior players to lure them but Adam Johnson is a squad player and is likely on around 40 to 50 grand a week Maximum which is less than the club were willing to pay Enrique for him to stay. He supports Newcastle so watch this space.

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I don't see Ba leaving to be honest. I still think clubs will see him as a risk and why would he want to go to Chelsea and warm their bench? They're hardly going to offer him silly money as well and I hear he's on 50k a week with us and he doesn't strike me as a mercenary.. I guess we'll see but honestly I'd like to see him stay.

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How is de jong not good enough? make sure your opinions are good enough before you post

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I think Ba‘s agent is the problem getting release clauses in his contracts and making sure he gets a big sum of it.

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Ba is said to be on 30K plus 20K in bonuses at the mo.. Adam Johnson is on around 90K

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Extract from northern echo may 19th

Sunderland have been extensively linked with Johnson, a boyhood supporter of the club, in the past.

they tried to sign the Teessider in 2010, but were unable to compete with City's financial clout, and made another unsuccessful attempt to land him on loan last summer.

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That may well be the case, except Johnson has repeatedly said he supports Newcastle, despite growing up in a Mackem-supporting family. Given the choice of clubs he'd come to Newcastle first any day (as would any right-thinking player to be honest).

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Your research is partly wrong .Whilst Sunderland are interested in him he is not a Sunderland fan ,his family are ,not him .He is a Toon fan and Ginola was his idol growing up.

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Everyone knows adam johnson is a newcastle fan

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As you say he was a fan of Ginola and the good attacking players Newcastle had in that era so he supported newcastle because of them but not really the club deep down in his heart i know this for a fact went to school with him,also he done it to be different thats the character he is,his mates support sunderland his family support sunderland he just wanted to piss people off i use to know him personally he is a bit of a tit to be honest.

I remember him liking man utd for a bit too so i dont think he supports either safc or nufc but i would say now he probably prefers safc.

scored against nufc cheered like mad,scored against safc and didnt celebrate what does that tell you?

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31 May 2012 10:16:30
Holiett has rejected a deal from Fulham, wants to play European football. GO GET HIM PARDEW GET HIM.

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Most over rated player in the prem, let the mackems have him, far too inconsistent

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Im unsure as to whether you know anything about football or watch it to say hes the most over rated player in the prem, he is a cracking player playing for a s**t team and scored some astounding goals this season, would love to sign him

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31 May 2012 09:29:48
Marvin Martin has expressed his desire to leave Sochaux(BBC Sport). He would definitely complete the midfield and could be used as an attacker.

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Would be an interesting addition for sure but I want to see some defenders in the door befor another MF player.

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He is joining Lille to replace hazard.....

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