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30 May 2012 23:22:13
It's pleasing to have the feeling that we're not seeming to be interesting in selling big players unless massive money is offered. Apart from Ba it doesn't seem as if anyone else will go apart from the deadwood. Can't see Tiote leaving this summer, I really do think that with the right signings, Newcastle can genuinely challenge for top 5/6 next year. Also, I'd like to say that we shouldn't go for Johnson, he's useless defending and HBA is developing into the most dangerous RM in the league.

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Pardew has got Ben Arfa tracking back and Johnson can play on either wing just like HBA.

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True, if we had both of them could get them to swap wings a couple of times a game and would cause chaos to opposition defences:D

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Do we really need him though? His wages will be colossal and I think that Marveaux will turn out to be a classy player next year for us

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Everyone seems to be forgetting about one of our best players last season jonas was awesome. I wouldnt drop him for johnson but he would be a good buy as this season we need depth in the squad

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Jonas was ok at tracking back but his attacking and croosing was poor

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Jonas was good, but i think if were gonna push on into europe we should replace him with a more creative winger, whether that be marveaux or johnson i dont know

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30 May 2012 22:25:16
Ignore paper talk about Cisse leaving - its not going to happen anytime soon. Why would we spend years scouting and negotiating for a player only to let him go after 14 games? Especially when he did exactly what we hoped he'd do - score at will. Cisse has been part of the plan for a long time and Pardew will continue to build a team around him.

We may well sell a bigger player but it will be one that we've planned to lose and replace. Tiote is the most replaceable and also most sale-able asset but we've already lost Guthrie and I'd be surprised if Amalfitano is ready to be his direct replacement. So we're already a holding midfielder shy, which means we'd need 2 more if Tiote left just to stay where we are.

I can see a case for Ba being sold due to his knee and potentially decreasing value but remember that we're already effectively 2 strikers down with the loss of Lovenkrandts and Ranger.

I expect us to keep the strikers we have and add one more high quality, young striker (non ACON). I also expect that the new striker will be able to play in a wide position or as a link man. If we don't buy then we must be banking on Sammy and thats asking a lot.

We'll need at least 4 strikers to cope with a European campaign on top of the rest of the fixture calendar. If we lose Ba, then I think we'll buy 2 strikers.


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Cisse cannot leave, He has to be at Newcastle for a Year. A Few journalists reporting the Man Utd link did not do their homework

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Ed ,can you carify if this is accurate .A player can sign for 3 clubs but only play for 2 in a year? . {Ed001's Note - correct.}

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Thanks ed, that should of said clarify by the way ,too much speed typing today.

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Ed - is that a calendar year or a rolling 12 month period? Cisse did not kick a ball for Freiburg in 2012 although he was technically their player until mid-January. What is the ruling on that? {Ed001's Note - they don't work on a rolling period ever mate, they work on window to window basis. I believe it is in a season, rather than year.}

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30 May 2012 22:19:38
Ed do you know if the rumours that spurs are set to trigger Ba's release clause and we're going to go for Luuk De Jong as his replacement are true? {Ed001's Note - I haven't heard any of them, it seems there are issues between Redknapp and Levy right now mate. Not so sure they will get much business done, they might end up looking for a new manager themselves next!}

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Cheers Ed, Interesting you say that because ive heard similar.

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Spurs have not qualified for the champions league so would therefore not be able to trigger a release clause (apparently if what appeared in January is true).

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30 May 2012 19:38:24
I think we need two left-back a start and a back up and switch santon to right-back.who do u think we should buy?

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Agree. santon has the potential to be a very good right back

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What is everybody's obsession with sending Santon to RB? He's a natural LB and he put in a few great performances towards the end of the season. Just get a couple of right backs and a couple of centre back, and a striker and we'll be well on our way

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Hardly a natural left back seeing as he is RIGHT footed the only reason he played left back was because of maicon at rb for inter

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Hardly a natural LB, he played his entire Inter career as a RB and that's where he belongs. That being said he has performed exceptionally well on the other flank and he can do the job there. Probably better off buying RBs as there is a better selection and Santon can to perfectly well as LB, but he is really an RB.

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We need to be going for left -back and not right like nicolai boilesen and danny Rose.

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Personally wouldnt mind dropping jonas to left back and santon right back, also purchasing one or both for cover or competition, but also feel santon will only grow as a player under jonas and thats why i feel pardew is looking to bond that side, benny doesnt really offer support never mind leadership and guidance, so think we'll just be buying a rb for now and maybe gettong santon there in a few years saying hes still there and progressing as we thought.

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I don't think jonas is a good left back, he likes to get forward.

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I'm danish and I suggest we (NUFC) place a bit for Nicolai Boilesen of Ajax. He's an up and coming player and has beaten everyone to the left back role at Ajax and on the national team. Get him, he will be amazing.

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By the way Nicolai Boilesen is a natural LB

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He's said himself that he's a left back! He loves to cut in on his right foot and he's potent doing that, as we saw in the Chelsea away game. Why take that away from him? Also Guti had one good game at left back, personally I think he should be developed into a holding midfielder, that way he can cover for Tiote when ACoN is on.

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Santon said he is equally happy playing either side and he plays RB quite abit for Italy U21‘s.

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If jonas can play fullback for argentina he can most certainly play fullback for us

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Have you not seen Santon play? He cant kick with his left foot.

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Argentina's defense is extremely average and imbalanced compared to their attack. Gutierrez is a good player if we want to be competing for Top 4 and to win the Europa League he won't cut it, fantastic work ethic and versatility (not forgetting his loyalty).

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30 May 2012 18:47:51
Ed do you know if Newcastle are interested in Mateo Kovacic and Alan Dzagoev with kovacic available on a free and dzagoev available to sign a pre contract seem like our kind of signings. If they are interested that is {Ed022's Note - There is interest in Kovacic I think, and Dzagoev is available from November onwards.}

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If Youtube is anything to go by Mateo Kovacic looks sensational!

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Youtube isn't really anything to go by.

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YouTube can make a Mackem player look good. Therefore no, it is nothing to go by.

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Didn't realise Dennis Wise posted here.

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He looks mint like, not many CM can dribble through the middle like that, hope we sign him, would be perfect to play in front of tiote and cabaye

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I would have both of them in a flash, Dzagoev is ready for the first team and Kovacic is gonna be a hell of a player, no doubt about it, cant see it happening tho cos neither of them are going to be short of offers, last I heard Kovacic was attracting major interest from Ajax and Bayern Munich, cant see him knocking back them two for us, sadly.

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We don't need anybody to play ahead of Tiote and Cabaye because Cabaye is the player who needs to be played further forward, he excels there.

Tiote - Jonas

Perfect midfield

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Yes they could because we have been linked with 4 or 5 Ajax players

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30 May 2012 16:23:05
Wilfried zaha is becoming heavily linked with newcastle

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30 May 2012 16:22:46
Newcastle closing in on Nathaniel Clyne!

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30 May 2012 16:18:57
Ajax join Newcastle, Man united and everton for the race to sign Clyne, I reckon newcastle are favourites {Ed022's Note - Unfortunately not.}

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30 May 2012 15:00:54
If it is true and Man City are sniffing around Cisse then i suggest that Pardew asks for 20m plus Adam Johnson plus Micha Richards. The 20m will buy a replacement AND pay some of the wages.

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Cisse supposedly has a 15 mill sell on clause plus if ye want johnson and richards it might cost ye cisse and 5mill

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Cisse can't play for another team til after jan 17th can't he? Having already played for us and Freiburg thus making the reports utter garbage, yes?

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There is no way Newcastle would be stupid enough to put another clause in one of their players contracts.

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Cisse has no sell on clause, both the player and Pardew has said this.

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Buy for 10m and have 15m release? behave

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Why do you jump to mackems bait

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No way on this earth is adam johnson or micah richards worth 5 million more than cisse...makems think sess worth 15 million to me that means cisse is 23 to 25 million...i value adam johnson at 10 to 12 million..(james milner is a better player totally) for richards 15 million..must be a makem who said cisse and money

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Yes he can he didn't play for Freiburg in jan b4 we signed him so he has only played for us this year, is that right ed? {Ed022's Note - I don't know, but Pardew will not sell him this summer.}

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It wouldnt matter if he had played for Freiburg this year.. The rule is no more than 2 clubs in 1 season

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Why would Cissé go? He's scoring for fun at Newcastle and I think he'd find it hard to get into the Manchester clubs due to the calibre of the players at the clubs

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30 May 2012 11:58:24
Newcastle and 2 other club are looking at Adam Johnson!!

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Now this is a lad i think that would flourish at the toon..

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Rumour has it ManU may be one of the others. can't see City selling to them so there's one down. Wages would surley be an issue for nufc tho

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Johnson Cisse BenArfa
imagine that front 3...

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Apparently hes on around 50k/week at city. Does anyone think he would take a cut to play regularly at Newcastle? Because I doubt we will match that

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Its newcastle, tottenham and sunderland, newcastle will get him, spurs will get Isla

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Most probably liverpool will get him

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29 May 2012 20:45:48
whats the crack with PSG offering us kevin gamerio is it fact or pure fiction would be nice to see him in a newcastle shirt fast good forwards and has a lot of goals in him

bring on the geordie (french) revolution

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Originally i was a big fan of him coming to the Toon but he opted for (in his eyes) greener pastures , and now that it hasn't worked out for him, we are supposed to take him back with open arms, sorry missed the boat for me..

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Agree with sageordie. he's made his bed, now he has to sleep in it.

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He's a professional footballer who may have made a bad career choice, not a girlfriend who cheated on you. Get a grip.

If he's good enough and cheap enough, let Pardew try to get the best out of him.


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