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30 Apr 2012 19:55:10
We are interested in Ezekiel Fryers from Manchester United, who will be a free, but they were get a small compensation of a couple of hundred thousand pound, usually is

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Source (my guess is tomato or barbecue)

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I think marshmallows with chocolate

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Read this myself in The Mirror yesterday, think he'd be a decent signing but not one to take us to the next level, unless Pardew sees him as being able to parlay from the off.

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30 Apr 2012 19:52:33
Mike Ashley to sign Dimitar Berbatov. Hes stayed out of the transfer policy lately but believes Berbatov could take Toon to the next level. Especially if another club trigger the transfer clause on Demba Bas contract.

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To old my friend and wages to high - south west geordie

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Never say never lads!

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He said never to say never... never.

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We can buy him on the never never

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30 Apr 2012 16:23:12
Alan Dzagoev of moscow and also russian
International who is only 21, was voted 19th in the young stars 2012, being linked with a number of
English clubs including the mighty toon

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Might be around 20 million, but would be worth every penny!

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Doesn't his contract expire in December?

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If the kids rated that good why would he come to premiership especially the way the russian clubs are splashing out the cash

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The prem is the best in World, all players want to play here...

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Except messi.......

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Messi? Dont you mean Ben Arfa in disguise?

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Ed, is there another player who is called Messi, some African lad? {Ed023's Note - No that's just Diao's nickname}

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30 Apr 2012 14:57:26
Hooper any one from Celtic ? I think he is a cracking player? How much tho ?

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Hes average at best, nowhere near the quality we need, and hed cost around 6-7 mil

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I think he is a decent player, would score goals in my eyes good back up for cisse n ba when rotating squad Could mabye get a better striker but it's an option?

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He's a dummy, you should have went for the Jellyman but Everton nipped in and bought a diamond on the cheap

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Hear Steve Davis of Rangers is being watched by Newcastle, very good player, though midfield but goal scorer even when he was with Villa

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Hope Davis signs for Newcastle, N I players always seem to do well with the famous Georgies

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Davis is too old for Newcastle

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Hooper is a better forward than Jelavic. Think Jelavic is already starting to show all the idiots who think the Premier League is the best league in the world that just because he played in Scotland doesn't mean he couldn't find the back of the net against other keepers. My point is that they are both finishers, give em service and they'll score. Hooper compared to Jelavic though, has a better all round game and has more time on his side. Definitely worth a punt for £7million. Good back up for Cisse. Ba's off though lads, anyone who thinks different is deluded.

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Why would hooper leave a side who are in champions league

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Celtic knocked back 7 mill last year

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Coz who wants to stay in Scotland all there career ? While Newcastle are on the rise why not have a go at the premier league ?

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30 Apr 2012 08:43:56
jacob butterfield from barnsley will sign this summer my mate e from ftball has been best mates with him since school n hes told him hes spoke t pardew n thyv pre agreed a contract as hmhis current deal runs out soon

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This is rubbish as pro players donĀ“t tell mates about their personal pre contracts, etc. SMB

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I'm from N.Ireland and would like to ask you guys a question, is Shane Ferguson a player?

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Shane Ferguson is a player a good one too, from County Londonderry/Derry the same home town as me i am Northern Irish too

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Butterfield Has been signed, has an injury at the moment and we have taken over his rehabilitation from Barnsley Paid around £2 million i believe TRToon

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