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02 Jul 2013 21:46:51
Bent will sign before Friday.

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I can't see this happening as we already have cisse, shola, goufran and cambell on the books. Ashley well see it as adequate and won't waste the money.

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If we can get him on the cheap and get him to accept a pay cut then it sounds like the sort of signing that Kinnear (and certainly Pardew) would be into, even if its at odds with the general recruitment policy. Presumably he'd be a replacement for Shola as an alternative to Cisse.

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Bent is a heap of steaming crap.

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I woulsn't mind Bent in theteam but I have to ask, what has Lambert got against him? he is seemingly not going to be allowed to train with the first team, which means we should get him cheap. but I have to wonder ifthere's a problem with Bent's attitude given Lambert's stance against him.

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Yea Gourffan is not a striker, Shola is terrible and Campbell is only 18. So only Cisse, I think we need 2

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Are you the same bloke who said PEA was signing? Face it. We are now bottom feeders due to our illustrious leader.

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Gouffran actually is a striker, which is what annoys me about him being stuck out on the left to lump it; reminds me of how Rooney is treated because he has a creative side.

I would love to see Gouffran played upfront.

He rarely puts a foot wrong and has a winning mentality, you never see his head drop if we go a goal behind.

Gouffran is our most wasted player under Pardew, criminally stuck out on the wing and subbed for Ameobi after 60 minutes every game.

I think our squad with no sales and no additions as it stands, is already good enough for top 7.

All it would take is some good coaching, and dare I say it, being able score from set pieces.

Man Utd must have scored from nearly 30 corners last season, imagine our season with an extra 30 goals, simply by being able to attack corners.

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Agreed about Gouffran wasn't really expecting much from him if I'm honest but was pleasantly surprised he has pace, runs the channels well, surprisingly strong and brilliant hold up play for someone who looks rather lightweight and think he would of out scored Cisse if he had of been played upfront every game.
Although I do disagree about the 7th placed bit.

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We have the 7th best squad in the league as it stands.

Man City
Man Utd
Liverpool (In that order)

The above teams have better squads, arguably Liverpool without Suarez maybe not.

We are 7th in line.

If we were punching our weight we would hit 7th, if we were punching above our weight into 5th. As seen by the season before last. (With a weaker squad than now)

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We are painfully short up front after losing Ba, don't have a lot of creativity in midfield and defence isn't that great if Colo doesn't play

Fail to see us having the 7th best squad - would put us just below half way in the premiership at best

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Lol, you have the 7th best squad in the league,, tell where did you finish last season. no wonder you lot get called deluded.

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7th best squad! 15 teams finished above us last season, how does that work? Sorry but the way the club is being run ATM we going to be bottom half team every year

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02 Jul 2013 19:39:47
Have a look on west ham, s page offered 10 m for bony unlucky Swansea

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I don't understand how they can afford 2 big signings as they are committed to revamping the new stadium but need cash help due to being not that flushed I thought.

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Or as its also known cheating.

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West Ham know that the financial rewards for staying in the Prem will help the with their stadium etc so are using their cash to strengthen the team. Whilst Newcastle, well we can all see what's going on.

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Its called having chairmen who are fans of west ham and want the best for the club so are willing to put the cash up

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Why press unbelievable on the above the owners of West Ham United are east end boys who supported the club as boys and are willing to put their money up can't say the same for newcastles chairman but then again if I was chairman of Newcastle and was treat the way the fans have treat Ashley I don't thnk I would be to bothered about funding the club with big money signings Ashley will play the European market and English market pick up cheap players with a sell on clause so he can get his money back out of the club somehow

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The amount of money from the TV deal means that most clubs can spend a lot more this summer.

Even Newcastle COULD. But of course we won't be able to "Get them over the line".

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02 Jul 2013 19:33:18
before bidding for remy, did he escape rape case or is it still ongoing, don't want another ranger

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Why go for someone who turned us down in favour of money
Someone we can well do without

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Still ongoing I think.

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Get real that's what 95% of foreigners come for, don't for one moment believe its for the love of the club.

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I would take him but only after he's cleared like.

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02 Jul 2013 19:30:46
How come everyones going on about this pea lad being main target and twisting that we haven't made a move for him? Has anyone heard any statement from anyone at the club stating he is an actual target? Seems to me the fact we have made no move for him he never was. let's be fair he's allways going to take champs league football anyway so just chill out

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Its a well know fact that we have been watching PEA for the last year. We didn't bid for him as Ashley won't pay the fee. You can't escape this or dress it up any other way. Another poor window awaits until it slams shut.

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We bid twice for him in January - so unless something dramatic has changed I'm assuming he must still be a main target - so why no bid to see if a deal could be struck this summer

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But how can he be the main target when we established in January that we can't afford him? Surly we have moved on to a cheper option. Ashley has never been held to ransom in the market and never breaks the bank for anyone so why are we all still convinced we will get him?

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Think the player was unwilling to move in January and St Etienne felt they'd get better value if they waited until the summer. Don't think it was NUFC's unwillingness to stump the cash, think they just don't bid unless the they get an agreement with the player first so as not to show their hand to other clubs if the transfer's unsuccessful. i. e. , going for Brown Ideye and Dynamo Kiev demanding the full e15m that was bid for PEA.

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As far as I know we have dropped in three bids for him, two in Jan, and one a week ago!

All were turned down they are holding out for around 15million for him!

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02 Jul 2013 19:07:01
only one team has put a bid in for pea and its not Newcastle Dortmund have put a bid in of 15mill which has been accepted its now down to Newcastle to match the offer and see if they can tice him to sjp but with the offer of a top 4 side and champions league football Newcastle have their work cut out

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Mind, he has always said that England is his preferred destination. let's just see!

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Dortmund's offer has not been accepted yet.

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Everywhere I've read the deal is agreed

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The word from France is that they've not even agreed a fee yet.

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02 Jul 2013 18:31:00
Where does it confirm pea has signed for Dortmund? More to come from this one!

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He has not signed for them.

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I agree more to come I think newcastle are waiting to see if anyone else comes in for him at a higher price then if not newcastle will pounce to match bid or better it

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02 Jul 2013 18:18:00
Aubameyang signs for dortmund! yet again we are not even in the hunt for our main target ( get ready for the we could not compete in the market ) a team that moves for a player and signs him in 48hrs a team that is only 7 places above us in the forbes rich list, we are just wasting time because we ain't going to sign anybody decent, its time for us ALL TO RISE UP AND TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS FROM THIS COCKNEY person!

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Hes not signed for anyone you fanny

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It's pathetic we didn't even bid for our top target. oh I forgot we have the best director of football so everything's fine. not!

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Who's this cockney person you refer to? can't be Mike Ashley - he was born outside London. Can't be JFK - he was also born outside London.

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Denis wise working behind the scene

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02 Jul 2013 18:13:28
Jordan Rhodes would b a better option than bent! Scored goals at every level he has been asked too so worth a punt surely! Mediocre teams spending big money just to survive so where does that leave us? Defo not top half! If Ashley is not spending it's in his best interest to pass the mantle or risk losing even more money!

Aubemeyang ( spelling )
Vermaelen or Ashley Williams

Keep current stars and could do well Nxt season
But still only spending club/tv money!

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Love this idea! Those 4 players would make great additions to our team!

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I prefer Austin he is underrated and cheaper

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Rhodes is a fantastic young talent but would cost at least 8mil, at least. Blackburn have also said he is not for sale at any cost, but he would be nice.

Not so sure about charlie austin he keeps being mentioned and using the word under-rated but how long can a player be under-rated for, it's not as if he is an unknown player, personally feel this would be a waste of money.

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02 Jul 2013 18:11:00
MAGPIE AND PEAS, all the mackems hate you which is a good thing, but you are starting to pi$$ me right off, you speak plenty of rubbish, stop whilst your ahead before more Geordies turn on ya

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02 Jul 2013 18:07:58
Ok kinnear, you've vowed to us that you will sign a player by Friday, and it has to be a decent player, not some 17 yr old 1m bloke, someone like PEA or Zouma.

Don't let us down.

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02 Jul 2013 17:58:16
PEA joining Burussia Dortmund! missed another of our top striking targets, happened with Remy in january. we need to just pick our target and make sure we get them! meet the valuation and done with it!

can see us signing Darren Bent, not a bad signing but why does every club he has played for always end up getting rid of him after a few years.

would LIKE to see:
N'Koulou - Marseille
Thomas Ince - Blackpool
Nathan Redmond - Birmingham
Bent - Villa
Bony - vitesse

this would give us half a chance of getting back to the top half of the table.

but I know this won't happen

i can see this really happening:
Bent - Villa
Tomkins - West Ham
and then we lose Cabaye and maybe more and we end up worse off than last year!

prove us wrong the greatest director of fooball!

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Bony's off to swansea, don't rule out PEA he said premier league is his dream.

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02 Jul 2013 17:40:38
I'd like to see us sign Anthony Pilkington very underrated player who I think has one year left on his contract he's exactly what we need a proper winger good cross, good shot good in the air, would chip in with about five goals from LM, works his socks off and is decent on set pieces.
Also I'd rather see us take a chance on Charlie Austin instead of Darren Bent both will score goals but Austin is younger and deserves his chance in the Premiership whereas with Bent there're questions over his attitude.
As for defenders Laurent Blanc will give Sakho more playing time so he won't leave, can't see Ashley allowing 10m to be spent on 18 year old Zouma, West Ham fans think the club wouldn't sell Tompkins for 5m which doesn't bother me as when I've seen him he's looked poor, one player I would have liked is Dragovic from FC Basel but I read that he could be on his way to Italy, can see us trying to sign Lyon youngster Umtiti who is rated very highly.
And although we don't seem to be very keen on loans I'd love to see us try and bring in Lucas Piazon or Thorgan Hazard on a season long loan deal.

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Hazard coming to the best north east club mate. Boro

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02 Jul 2013 17:16:38
Pea wants to play in prem so surely the easiest thing for Ashley and JFK is just to match the bid! Or is that to simple for the best director of football on the planet!

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Its just to simple your right. I can't see us getting anyone to be honest.

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He's actually very interested in a move to Dortmund, Milan or Monaco

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Who even said we actually want him? I know us the fans do but where's all this coming from?

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02 Jul 2013 16:54:55
Aubameyang is going to borussia dortmund by the looks of it

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02 Jul 2013 13:23:02
Toon to sign remy for £8. 25m by saturday. same terms as agreed in january.
expect cabaye to go PSG for sahko plus 12m.
PEA to sign for £12m plus marveaux and obertan.
Williams from swansea £8m redmund from birmigham 2.7m and the shock of carrick from manutd £4m

Williamson to cardiff 1.8m
Ameobis both to boro. loan and sold 500k
Fergy to birmingham loan + 2.7m
Tiote to dortmund 14m

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Meanwhile back on planet earth.

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You deluded none of that will happen & if we were to sell cabaye we would need a replacement in as currently there is no players among our sqaud who have the creativity in The centre of the park as him

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Thanks Ashley. Here we were thinking you never spoke to the fans.

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Dortmund have 15 mill bid accepted for pae another one slips through the net

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PEA bidding is allready at 15mil!

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PEA is off to Dortman mate

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Carrick Manchester United best player in midfield last season for 4mill ye having a giraffe

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PEA Expected to sign for Dortmund now. There's a surprise, we wouldn't pay the money.

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If a 15mil bid got rejected for PEA then why would they accept 12

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Only seen fans mention transfer targets, nothing from club so when one fans target signs for someone else there's uproar, slating club for not getting signing over line, when club may not even have been in for them we aren't going to compete with clubs in European comps, good players go to good clubs in Europe or chase big money, we aren't either at the moment,
Potential to be is there but not under this regime so stop expecting big signings its not going to happen, just need to back the players we have or get whoever they are.

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Am glad I'm not the only one that thinks the creativity of the team is a problem. If Cabeye goes we are screwed without a direct replacement. Cabeye is the only player in the team who can play a pass, have been saying the for some time. We need a defensive midfielder who when they win the ball they can then get an attack started. You don't need CM's who can regularly score goals, creativity is their main job. Strikers and wingers will score the goals. As I keep saying we should be looking at people like Verratti and Bernard. These two are really good now but in a couple of years will be two of the best out-there. Does anyone know of any good defensive midfielders that are good on the ball as well as without it? They seems very difficult to find.

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02 Jul 2013 08:00:44
Ok we've already lost out on Bony and possibly Ince. But we cannot afford to loose out on Aubameyang or Zouma, they're are two types of players that we so desperately need and are lacking. PEA got potential to be a world class striker, he's quick and technical and lethal. Zouma is also one of the most highly rated defenders in the world, but he will get most first team football here, that's why I think we've got a chance on him, but would ashley pay 10m for an 18yr old? Well he did fly over to France to see PEA and Zouma play so we may be surprised.

Keep the faith. Fingers crossed.

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Wish people would realise our future is fownwards
Teams like Swansea znirwich & a few more know the importance of staying in the Premiership Newcastle are the standing joke & will be as long as Ashley is the owner & JFK runs the dhow

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We have some good players we need 3 quality CB Striker Winger that is all not like Mackems who almost need a full team
Cisse if he starts scoring evey week
With 3/4 ready to breakthrough

Get these extra 3 players & we will be OK

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Agree with 3rd post

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Lots of people want players for the sake of players BUT we desperately need a CB and Striker and someone to replace Gutierrez, Williamson and Perch so that is 5 quality players NEEDED

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Not so sure about Perch. I like him. He is very versatile. I however agree with the rest.

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We need almost a full team, but we still spanked your lot to the tune of 4pts, didn't we

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