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02 Jan 2013 19:16:48
Ba wont be able yo play alongside Torres and will start to get stroppy on the bench most of the time, he is now a small fish in a big pool, will be transferred in the summer to QPR for 10 million

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Not exactly QPR but i agree with the main idea

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West ham on loan in the summer

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02 Jan 2013 18:04:24
Llalana was APs first choice target til injured so any signing is looking like a stop gap til the summer

Apparent interest in Hooper of Celtic still being mooted but Celtic quietly wanting over 10 million.

Expect a loan request for Sinclair if as expected toon miss out on ince.........spenny mag

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We should buy carroll and loan let him stay out on loan if we can get hi cheap then we could just get a player on loan untill summer

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I posted here 2 weeks ago, expect Danny Graham talks ..

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Course where going to miss out ince Liverpool already had a 6 mill bid turned down for him Blackpool value him at about ten mill

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Don't know why people want Ince. Yes he's good for a 20 year old but there are better players out there for cheaper. The only reason Blackpool want so much is because a) he's their best player b) there are high profile clubs interested so they can charge stupid amounts and start bidding wars and get a good fee for him

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Charlie Austin?

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02 Jan 2013 16:08:20
all eyes on the stands tonight there will be 2 new players both french

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Why don't you tell us who?

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Debuchy one of them but who is the other one ?

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1maybe but 2 no chance

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Marin loan request made toon not French but chance he will be there tonite,

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Remy and debuchy

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Dream on...the toon is just a small club, ask Fergie he'll tell u lol

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The other was cabaye

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They came they saw they shook their heads n went home

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02 Jan 2013 14:28:27
Ed, some people are saying that they've seen remy at the newcastle training, is it possible that we are one step ahead of everyone else on signing remy? {Ed001's Note - no mate, I think people are making stuff up. There is an interest in him, but that is all so far, I believe.}

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Just heard we have put 3 m bid in for Odear winge and James Tompkins of wham 2.5 m please be wrong r does the fat man want us to go down

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There is no way we will even go for either of those. No better than what we have. Why not try for Zaha if we can't get Remy

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Because the price quoted for zaha is supposedly 20 million, young english=EXPENSIVE

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We'd never get zaha price is too high and clubs like man u are interested so he'd be more likely to go to them

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02 Jan 2013 14:26:40
Demba Ba holding fresh talks with Chelsea, as a 7million pound bid has been accepted. we must now go for remy asap

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7 mill pound offer could not be rejected. offeer had nothing to do with transfer

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Yep, if the club was ever intending to replace Ba in this scenario, they should begin making the bids, or talking to the club of the intended target immediately.

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I dont understand how they met with his officials before a bid was made, then they broke down, now a bid has been put in?

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What I do not understand is why Ba has been pulled out of the Squad to face Everton, Until Ba has signed for Chelsea he is still our player and it would have been good to get one last game out of him, especially as he scored twice against Everton in the last game.

If he wants to sign for Chelsea then he can do it on his own time, not ours.

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Well if he twists his knee and the deal is delayed for 2-3 weeks, that would just bring uncertainty over whether a replacement is needed.
better to withdraw him and ship him out. hopefully his replacement will be in within 10 days.

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Without ba playing tonight it could be more likely for cisse to score.. Everyone knows they can't both score in the same game.

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''Well if he twists his knee and the deal is delayed for 2-3 weeks''

If he got injured then he may have to stay, that is more his problem than ours. His value is more than he is being sold for so why would we be concerned about looking after a player leaving on the cheap.

We should be signing another striker either way.

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Told you cisse would score

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Didn't do much good though did it. the only redeeming fact is that there are 3 teams worse than us in the league and I'm starting to worry about the "harry" factor at QPR. This could be a long season and I don't think 2/3/ or 4 new players will turn it around. This is not good.

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"that is more his problem than ours."

the point i didn't make clear is, the club want and end to the story, either he goes or he signs a contract with no clause. unfortunately it will be the former. the clause has been one of the most distracting factors at this club for at least 6 months.

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How can you say it did no good? Sure we didn't get the points but it means cisse is finally getting his confidence back, this could be what turns our season around!

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02 Jan 2013 13:49:09
ba..... his mates are trying to push through a deal to any team just to get there hands on the loot they look on him as a money tree just move him and the cash falls into there dirty hands..... what a mug he is..... there back at chelsea today

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Well he'll get more money as well, he's playing it very well, staying quiet, not expressing a wish to leave but not expressing a wish to stay either. keeps complimenting the fans support at

games. he wants more money, let him get it so the club can get on with things. it's been too much of a distraction.

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02 Jan 2013 13:47:06
Debuchy currently in Newcastle discussing personal terms.

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02 Jan 2013 11:35:31
Just seen Debuchy and Remy at training ground entrance, everyone else down here is saying theres another player already inside complex. Hopefully be Douglas or some other CB

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I worry that now simpson is injured this might delay/prevent the debuchy deal being finalized. The trend seems to be one out one in, and I can think that ashley will see Simpson as surplus to requirements if debuchy was to come in. But we can't sell him if he's injured, won't pass a medical.

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And i see santa the other day

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He broke a toe dude
? Hardly a big deal....

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I wish! as long as you dont see big Andy down there i will be happy..

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Remy at the complex!! What a load of rubbish. What's the point of saying such things

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There are no new players at the complex yet. Debuchy has yet to arrive.

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Sounds like a game of electronic cludeo

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Ive just seen Leighton Baines and Fellaini in Toon! Must be signing them as well... :)

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How would a broken toe prevent the deal? A player can pass a medical with a broken toe, it is more about muscle strength and durability, and general fitness(cardio etc). There isn't likely to be anyone going after Simpson anyway, July he is available on a free.

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02 Jan 2013 08:01:47
a website: if the remy deal falls through, pardew will line up peter odemwingie or mdibo maiga as demba bas replacement

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I really hope not

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Surely not oldmanwingie?

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We wont sign anyone over 27 years old.

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Too old and absolutely nil resale.... Papers stirring the pot will never happen..

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Odemwingie bid (7million) has been knocked back

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Oiewinkle had a couple of good seasons but cant do it now..on WBAS BENCH MOSTLY AND IS 31 SO UNLESS WE GET HIM ON A 1 YEAR CONTRACT DONT THINK ITS ON

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02 Jan 2013 00:08:51
Newcastle supposedly searching in the Bundesliga for a new cb. Strong interest in Serdar Tasci and Matthieu Delpierre

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Bit late for searching, that should already have been done, bids should be flying in nw for targets already searched out during closed window

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You have just been watching Stuttgart...Tasci is above our price range IMO, and Delpierre is 31, and has only been at Hoffenheim since July.

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