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29 Nov 2012 14:02:28
NUFC Possible Transfers in January:


I'm sure there will be more than 1, but the defenders we will buy (and very much need!) are anybody's guess (fingers crossed on Debauchy though!)

Andy Carroll (hear me out!) - Liverpool have the option to recall Andy in January. If we were to put an offer of £12mil in again, if you were Liverpool would you
a) reject and hope West Ham are going to stump up £20mil at the end of the season for a player whose scored 1 goal in his last 14 Premiership games
b) recall Andy ASAP and tell Mike to get his helicopter out

Liverpool want shot of Andy, he doesn't fit their new system and never will do, time for a massive write-down!


Only one me thinks... our top players look safe considering injuries (Cabaye out til February) international commitments (Tiote at the ACON) and loss of form (Cisse and Ben Arfa haven't reached the same levels as last year) and we can't afford to lose fringe players at the mo because even Ranger has had a recall!

Ba - We played better with the 4-3-3 formation last year and Ba and Cisse haven't played well at all together when we've played 4-4-2. Ba is a bit more of a maverick journeyman, his attitude ain't as good as Cisse's and although you gotta love him for the goals scored and for the cause, I think we could see the end of Ba soon enough. £10mil from a team not in the Champs League (I'm thinking Liverpool) or £7mil from a below average Champs League team (Fenerbache?)


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Agree with some points but,

HBA not hitting form? are you kidding? other than Santon, he's been our top performer.

secondly, AC - no please! more excuses for Pards to play his beloved long ball 442 formation.

Besides, if we got rid of Ba and brought in a LW (we might lose ba but not get a LW as pards has an obvious disdain for anything veering from a 442), i'd hardly think there'd be money to bring in another striker

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Dries mertens would be perfect, also agree that ben arfa has been our only bright spark this season, also feel anita is starting to look good

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HBA has improved a great deal on last season

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How hard is it to understand? A player can only be registered to play for 2 clubs in one season. Carroll has been registered for L'Pool and West Ham this season which means WE CANNOT SIGN HIM.

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29 Nov 2012 21:01:20
Mertens would be great but expensive so I doubt the greedy cockney person won't cough up btw I'm pretty sure about 5m of Ba's release clause goes to him and his representatives

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I reckon we will get douglas. His contract is up in the summer, cud get him for no more than 3.5mil. top cb fits into the paln young, possible big sell on fee. Simples

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"How hard is it to understand? A player can only be registered to play for 2 clubs in one season. Carroll has been registered for L'Pool and West Ham this season which means WE CANNOT SIGN HIM."

Good point... forgot about that one! And HBA as good as last season?!?! please - who have you been watching? maybe he's been a bright spark in what has been a poor campaign so far - but he's been just as frustrating too! And he's my fave player - no joke! He should be playing better because he has the ability to be world class!


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I think we will bring in 3 players. Douglas , the young Serbian whose playing in Holland and maybe just maybe Remy.

Remy seems like a long shot but rumoured interest to provide competition to cisse and ba and he's available for 10 million

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Honestly I don't think we'll really need another striker unless we sell Ba what we need most is an rb, a cb, and maybe another creative center mid because without cabaye or HBA we've got no creativity in the team

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It's not 2 clubs in 1 season! It's 2 clubs in a calender year! It's rule 36 section 4 on transfers. So as the Jan window would be 2013 a.c. could sign but still doubt he will or would.

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Drise mertens yes please . . . . the fans would love him up here

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What games have u been watchin hatemba bn best player all season get a grip pal.

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Anita has been class to, best player against Stoke. We need another striker and maybe marin from Chelsea

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29 Nov 2012 01:38:00
Demba Ba needs to take a look at Cisse played right midfield chased back and put in effort and we won't here Cisse whinging because he's not playing as the main striker.

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Fair to Ba he did do it for half a season tho

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Ba and hba have done it all by them own cant beliveive the whinging on this page wh r yous???

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