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29 May 2013 23:03:25
Newcastle will move to sign Douglas to replace Colo (If he moves) as he is out of contract this summer. DS

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I'm pretty sure that he's already signed for a Russian club

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He signed for russian team Kuban. Yawn

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If Colo does go, how much will QPR want for Samba? I know he is 29, but he is still decent.

There is also talk of Vemalen from Arsenal - those two at the back with Mbiwa as back up would be a fairly decent combination. that is if we lose Colo and taylor goes to Hull. ?

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Previously read that Newcastle ready to bid for James Morrison of west brom I can confirm this is true as pardew sees him as a consistent attacking midfielder bid to be in the region of 5 million pounds

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Alan pardew interested in Czech Fullback gabre selassie and previous Everton man Royston drenthe on a free transfer also intresting pardew is ince and Rhodes, PEA, bony and hoilet and remy and finally winston Reid

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Also departing Newcastle will be Williamson gosling coloccini Simpson ben arfa vuckiec and surprisingly Elliot paving way for a return for Fraser Forster

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Vermalen already stated he is staying at arsenal and samba was proper cac last season and is on 100g p/w. haven't you forgot you are a dole line team. dirty horse bashers. ftm

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Vermalen yes. Samba no.

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Samba way past it now

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Personally I think Samba is a waste, great last time he left the PL but since he came back he has been shocking.

Personally for me its Lescott all the way, same wages, around about the same age but for me Lescott is a much better player and without people taking offense, he is also English, would much prefer someone like Lescott coming to Newcastle than Samba.

In regards to Vemalen, totally agree with you, would be a great player for us.

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I can't see us getting vermaelen, we will get one top centre back who's got very good aerial threat and I reckon pardew wants samba. I would only be willing to pay 9m personally if I was ashley. Taylor will never go to Hull, he'll be another long serving member.

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Mbiwa an £8m back up. don't think so. he will be a big player for us next season

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Samba cost qpr 12m so they will want at least 9m for him

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29 May 2013 22:49:36
Not saying this is true or that he has been seen at scotch corner having green tea with ashley. I have however heard more rumours that Bojan could be on his way as AC decided not to sign him. Could be an interesting one, looked decent a few years back when he was starting out at Barca, saying that my cat could look good playing for Barca.

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Interesting thought. He's been in a couple of loan with option to buy deals, might be a good idea if we did that because it shows that everyone who's had him on loan hasn't been certain enough to buy him straight away and then either haven't been impressed enough to buy him or can't afford the price barca want, most likely the first reason.

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He is poor at best. if he was that good host of prem teams would be after him. I would rather we managed to sign a player that top teams were after. it would be more encouraging than signing players that Hull are looking at. just a thought?


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After watching a couple of videos he seems more like an attacking mid than a striker. He's a decent passer and dribbler but he's not good enough at shooting to be a main striker. Of the three goals they showed him scoring for AC one took a huge deflection and probably would have been saved had it not, one was a tap in from about 2 yards (admittedly at a tight angle) and one was a decent header from a cross that was moving very fast.

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29 May 2013 20:58:29
Alexandre Lacazette is reported to be tracked by Carr and would welcome a move away from Lyon

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Quality young striker how has limited first team playing time at lyon

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I wish! he we be great in the next few years.

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29 May 2013 16:48:21
Honda is out of contract. He would be a good player to have. Him just behind Cisse. And also some Prem League experience maybe with Figeroa who is also out of contract.

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Honda, all my yes. Figeroa, meh hope not

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Honda, think he prefers tottenham

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Would that be a Carr signing!

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Id buy Honda just to raise our profile in Asia and sell some shirts = raise some new funds. plus he was a good player the last time I saw him

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They already send loads of shirts to asia. its called gift aid

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Figeroa all the way!

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29 May 2013 10:39:52
hatem ben arfa to go to monaco for a fee of around £18M, unfortunately we can't turn that down however hopefully it will tell ashley and llambias that we have to bring some new players in or we will be in another relegation scrap next season.

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I thought we should consider selling.

Ben Arfa is my favourite player by a mile, but I worry that we are going to lose him sooner or later anyway.

If there are doubts about his commitment and fitness, it may be wise to consider selling.

18 million would get PEA with change left over towards someone like Belhanda.

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I heard that they offered 10 million for him and we rejected it. But i'm also hearing the same thing that an 18million pound deal is in place.

This is how you bring your club forward and make us tackle the top five!

Sell our best players!


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18 million would be good business for a player that cannot play a full season, however good he is

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I'm a Ben Arfa fan but I'd probably sell him for £18m and replace him with Boudebouz.

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You are all mad. Without HBA we are nothing, he is class and we should build a team around him. As for his injury record how can you blame the player for De Jong breaking his leg or for Pardew rushing him back too early so his hamstring goes again?
Do you remember last summer and all the arsenal fan's saying the money for RVP was good considering he is always injured, look what happened there!
Did you ever think that if we actually kept him and had more players of his ability that it would take the work load off him a bit and he would complete a full season, again RVP anyone?

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I do like benny but all in all his contribution has been minimal this season when he has played!
And yes I do remember he got us a solitary point at home to villa!
18 mil yes please!

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If we got £18m for him and used it to buy PEA and either Belhanda or Boudebouz it would be extremely good business. That and with Boudebouz or Belhanda we'd probably hardly notice he was gone.

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A little bird says it's not Benny but Cabaye to Monaco rumour is an offer offer of £20m has been sounded out.

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Sell him for 18m and get mcmananman and PEA for the same ammount

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Question HBA commitment!

did anyone happen to read the interview with him at the end of the season?

hes 100% stayinng

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This isn't so much a case of people wanting him gone so much as a speculation on what could be done with the money

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All you hear from some toon fans is you can't knock that sort of money back? WE sell all our good players ashley has no feelings 4 our club he just wants to fill his pockets sooner he sells the better and take pardew with him!

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Money talks bud and if Ashley gets the right amount he will go mark my word everything and everyone has a price

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Apart from Enrique who wanted to go what best players have we sold recently

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If we sell HBA we should buy PEA also have a look at bringin in ABC and FGH also XYZ contract runs out in a month so MA should get the wallet out and give AP some cash and then he can also buy LMN and DFG {Ed003's Note -like it.}

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I for one love hba, but if the club get the big fee and except let's get jeremy menez in. We wouldn't loose anything and might have a little change to pick up bony, pea, or bojan.

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If It were me this is what I would do this summer,

Sell Ben Arfa if we got upwards of 18 million but wouldn't sell for a penny less.

Replace him with Menez and PEA or Bony.

I would then sell Tiote, Anita, Pearch and Gosling and Obertan and replace them with NIGEL DE JONG or SONG from Barcelona, one of these would come for the right price and including all the sales wouldn't cost ashley a penny.

I would then invest in Sinclair or Ince or even both and if colo goes then get in Lescott and also possibly Charlie Austin and PEA.

Total personal investment would be around 20 million which overall would turn us into a great team.


Debuchy, Mbiwa, Lescott, Santon

Menez, Cabaye Song (De Jong) Sinclair / Ince.

Cisse, Bony or PEA.


Austin / Campbell

And also other smaller players availble aswell, this would look decent.

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The problem with that line up is
Lescott only has a couple of good years left
Nigel de Jong's overrated and we probably won't meet Song's wage demands assuming we met Barca's fee
PEA and Bony will both cost upwards of £12m and Menez will cost more than £6m
Ince and Austin are both young English and important parts of their teams meaning they will be over priced
Sinclair had one good season in a mediocre Swansea team and is clearly not that good, also he probably won't improve much if at all
As for the subs Campbell lacks experience at this level and isn't good enough for it yet, although he's only 18 so you can let that go

Replace Lescott with N'Koulou or Sakho.
Forget de Jong and Song
Buy an attacking mid, Belhanda or Siem de Jong
Maybe go with Boudebouz over Menez
Definitely Ince over Sinclair
Agree with PEA or Bony, Austin may be one for the future
Agree with the sales except Anita who I think deserves a second chance
Campbell should be sent out on loan to get some first team experience.

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Don't have a chance of getting most of them, most likely is Lescott

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I agree when you break it down like that.

Im not sure if Ince is on a free or not, has he signed a new contract?

Im sure it was a 6MIL fee they were wanting.

But overall yeah I suppose Lescott would only be a short term solution and then we would be back to the drawing board.

I would really like someone like Shawcross, decent player and plenty left in the tank, he would cost a decent amount though which we don't have.

You do have to think with Mourinho coming back to the PL the likes of Moses, Marin, Gary Cahill and even BA are all somewhat mediocre players in his eyes and he may want to get rid.

Wouldnt have Ba back personally but would take a punt on any of the rest and if Lukaku was to become available I would think Pardrew would think he would be worth a shout.

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I would sign Marin and Cahill up in a heartbeat. Lukaku would only be available on loan because I doubt Abramovic would sell him only on season after paying £18m I think it was. Even if he did become available to buy there are plenty of clubs who would pay larger fee and bigger wages

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28 May 2013 22:05:33
Are these Ashley or Llambis rumours about being in France true?

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Wouldn't surprise me, after what happened with our season and loic remy. They'll be wanting to tie up Aubameyang quick.

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They were probably just at the Grand Pirx with Pards!lol

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In the casino with pardew

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Agree, In the Casino playing poker with Ashley betting for new players and new contracts lol.

Pards, Lucky number 28, never let's me down lol.

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