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29 Jun 2013 21:15:08
I reckon if we do sell cabaye, then we will pay the money to get in aubameyang and maybe zouma, its just a question of who else goes in for him. as pardew said, we sell one top player, we bring in two. I'd rather have zouma and aubameyang than cabaye.


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I'd be surprised if we spent £5m this summer
I predict some big departures and very few, if any coming in

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Thats clever and if course selling to buy is the only way we will bring in ANY players Unless the cost nothing But as we have been whitewashed FREE players cost money persons

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I read somewhere that Kinnear only wants 2 signings, James Tomkins and Darren Bent, I would be okay with that but we might have a big departure in Cabaye etc and will not get a replacement, I think we are in for a bit of a disappointing summer

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If we sell Cabaye we would need to replace him straight away as he is the only creative player that we have that can pass.
We should really take a good look at Verratti at PSG. Is young and very good with the ball at his feet (the next Pirlo in the Italy national team).

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I wouldn't be happy with just Bent and Tomkins, it's nowhere near enough especially if we lose Cabs or A another.

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Verratti at PSG is a nice idea but that is a crazy notion.

He would cost a fortune, PSG do not need the money or sell their good players, and. he would want Champions League football.

If Manchester United have no chance of signing Verratti that does not give us much hope.

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Bent is a 'used to be' and Tomkins a 'never will be'. Why should we be going in for those two?

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29 Jun 2013 20:30:57
we are after strikers and yet we let in nearly 70 goals in

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We are not only after strikers.

You're wrong.

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If you haven't done any research we've been linked with various defenders in Zouma, tomkins, douglas, Sakho, Lescott, vermaelen etc.

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Pity we haven't signed any of them!

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We will never pay the amount quoted for Zouma -too much of a risk for someone so young and unproven in the premiership

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•Zouma=Too expensive
•Douglas=we pulled the plug
•Sakho=go to CL club (think its Arsenal)
•Lescott=didn't know we were linked but will probably go to Everton
Vermalen=will go to Man U or fight for spot at Arsenal
Tomkins=think we will get him, as well as Bent

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No one seems to have mentioned that there's nothing wrong with what we've got, yes we need to replace Williamson and Simpson, but the existing personnel should be able to do a good job.
I put the blame at mangement and coaching staff for the poor defensive displays.

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Doesn't matter if we let in 7 or 70 goals as LNG as we win games and push up the league as king Kev said 'as long as you score one more than te other team'

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29 Jun 2013 16:23:16

-----------------Ben Arfa----------------

Subs: Elliot, Zouma, Haidara, Anita, Belhanda, Marveaux, Gouffran

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I have always wanted the toon to play this way as for a few seasons now we haven't had good enough wingers and santon and debuchy are good at going forward and wouldn't be short at the back with 3 cb!

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Would love it but not going to happen with pardew is it

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Tiote leaving

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Sounds decent enough in theory but just a couple of points.

- Ben Arfa struggles in that role. The odd flash of brilliance but he invariably ends up running around in circles then loses the ball. He's better as a winger.
- Belhanda won't come to NUFC just to sit on the bench. Ashley won't pay that much for him to do that either.
- Where's Cabaye?

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Swap Taylor for zouma

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If we were to sign those players which would surprise me then maybe more of a 3-4-2-1 would be better with Belhanda and Ben Arfa behind Aubameyang as Cisse brings nothing to the team.
Also to the post above I'd imagine Cabaye was sold to fund the players in the original posters team.

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It will be rotated, belhanda will need to earn his place.

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Pretty much a 5212

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I doubt we would play 3 at the back, especially when we conceded sooo many goals last season with 4 defenders

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''Belhanda won't come to NUFC just to sit on the bench''

Belhanda would not be on the bench if he signed for Newcastle, you can be assured of that.

It would mean Gutierrez and Marveaux getting less games, but he would go straight into the team and be a regular.

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Tiote said he will wear the shirt with wonga on it so how is he leaving

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"Belhanda would not be on the bench if he signed for Newcastle, you can be assured of that. "

I'd agree in terms of ability. But in the formation posted here, where would he fit? He'd have to kick out HBA, cause he's not a holding/defensive mid.

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29 Jun 2013 15:47:13
Five weeks or so to the season starting and still ZERO signings and only rumours. Did the Club not state at the end of last season that they wanted deals done quickly so they could bed in? Everyone around us at lower end, Norwich, Villa, Muckems etc, bringing players in. Another long season ahead if the clowns running the club are putting all the eggs in one basket and, as it happened before, we lose out because we offer half of valuation of player. I hope they shock me and announce 3 or4 top signings but I won't hold my breath.

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I'd be shocked if we announced one good signing.

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Can't see any decent signings being made - the fact no bids being made says it all
At best a 1 or 2 fringe players to replace 4 or 5 leaving as Ashly and his cronies believe what we did in January is more than enough and that we can rely on youth
We will be a much weaker team than last year

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WHO is going to join us with all the trouble in the board room and who is really in charge please can you tell me what we are going to do this year because I am fearing the worst.

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29 Jun 2013 09:22:15
Newcastle to sign Jonathan De Guzman on perm deal. He's hesitating on a move to Swansea & NUFC set to swoop

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Doubt it, but very good player. Our midfield look strong (if they actually try, keep fit and not get sold)
Cabaye, Tiote, Sissoko, De Guzman, Anita, Jonas (when inform) and Perch. With Bigirimana there just in case.
Still strikers only we only have Cisse (who is class, but outta form like 80% of the team). Shola is crap, and Campbell needs another year

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Staying where he is.

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Just signed a season long loan deal with Swansea

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Decent signing if we get him, only 25 and a good technical player and very nice free kick and corner abilities.

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Back to Swansea on loan

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I sincerely hope not.

We have better on our bench.

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Jeez again jealous with all the players we are linked with

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Perch on way to cardif

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Players you are and have been linked with are not coming to Newcastle.
How can I be jealous of nothing happening at the Big Top?
Joe the Joke is holding Carrs hand around Europe, does that mean the club have lost faith in Carrs judgement?

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29 Jun 2013 15:34:00
at;;]]; post 2 - agree with all but Cisse. Like the guy but he only scores worldies & hashes the easy chances. Plus once inside 20 yards of goal he ignores everyone and generally skies it

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I wish the Toon obsessed Jizz would stick to his small village club site, he is getting a bit boring now. Give your mammy her laptop back please.

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Bloody nora, getting beat off Swansea for players now

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Jonas perch and anita not top 10 players

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PEA will come.

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Anita is a top 10 player.

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