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29 Jan 2014 18:03:32
Luuk De Jong deal completed he will wear the number 18 shirt. Top striker, good target man with great technical ability, I don't think he fitted into monchengladbach's style. Will he be available for Saturday?

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He looked a good player in holland. Plenty of goals. Not a great time in germany though so let's hope he can get back to where he was a year ago. Dutch players have a decent history in english football and tend to fit well into the EPL. now for a midfielder. grenier doesn't look bad but i'd prefer cabella. Different type of player to cabaye ( more attack minded) but apparently a really good player who like to carry the ball and run at defenders.

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Yes he's available

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Wud lyk 2 thank yohan cabaye for his 2 n half years on Tyneside an absolutely brilliant player n performer! shame Ashley didn't have the same ambition as cabaye n I don't blame him for jumping ship 2 a club that does want more than just finishing in the top half of the table! Support the team n not the regime

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De jong to score the winner on saturday

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Seen nothing of the lad but read some good things about him. Does anyone know if he has pace?

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Cabaye said in his press conference that he had an agreement to leave this month - why on earth didn't we line up and secure a replacement before he left

Now we are running out of time to secure a replacement and the price will be elevated for anyone we will go for

Squad looks a lot thinner for the rest of the seasons and all our strikers are on loan and not guaranteed to stay past the end of the season

Bad planning all round from jk et all!

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Good player in Holland. so was Jon Dahl Tomasson.

Not saying he won't work out, but a lot of players come and fail to cut it. He didn't do a job at Gladbach, hopefully he will prove me wrong

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Mick i'd compare him to cisse with his pace, but the lad is a great target man, and has fantastic technique and skill

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Not overjoyed with this transfer at all, again the club failing to actually put some money on the table to spend. The lad has failed miserably in germany and whether that was down to their style of play or not only time will tell. Having a fantastic record in the dutch league is nothing to brag about, I mean altidore has a good record there.
As for Clement Grenier, I must confess I didn't know a lot about the boy, but he has scored some absolutely stunning goals and can hit the ball as well as cabaye. I feel he's exactly what we need, he may be worse off defensively but with tiote and anita/sissoko sitting, we need someone playing between the lines and if we get him in, I think would be a huge piece of business. BUT ashley is famous for putting "big" bids in for players towards the end of a window and never actually getting them across "the line".

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He will have to hit the ground running on Sat as I don't think anyone else is fit up front, regards Grenier just pay the money and get him in.

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29 Jan 2014 17:47:12
Luuk de Jong confirmed on loan for the rest of the season with an option to buy for £8 million in the summer. Hope he plays like he did in Holland rather than in Germany

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He was mostly played on the right wing for monchengladbach and 17 of his 23 appearances were sub appearances I think

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He scored 6 times in germany. so if he only started 6 games or played 6 full games then that's still a sign he can get goals if given a run in the team and with full games

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Also, within those 17 subs appearaces he was on the field of play for a total of somethin like 75 minutes. so affectivly he has scored 6 goals in less than 7 games.

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29 Jan 2014 10:37:48
Newcastle have made a bid for Clement Grenier who is seen as a replacement for Cabaye. The size of the bid is unknown as of yet but a few days ago the French were saying we had a £10 million bid rejected so I'm guessing it'll be around about £12 million.

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Keep guessing that's all any fans of NUFC can do

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The mirror are claiming it's an £8 million bid (hardly substantial like EVERYWHERE else is claiming). They're probably making it up so they look like they've got inside information so more people will read their stuff rather than anyone else.

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Reports saying we bid £8.5 million for Grenier but Lyon are wanting £10 million. Mike Ashley it's £1.5 million for the love of god just pay them, Lyon are not in a position where they have to sell so don't mess about with small increases or swap deals just pay them.

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What liverpool get him or worse stoke

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Why on earth are you talking about either of them?

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Can understand why a player would pick liverpool over us but no way should any player join stoke over us! plus have stoke got 10 million? they've just had to swap a striker!

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Meant to say watch. not what

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29 Jan 2014 07:52:25
Cabaye to psg done deal

Mike Ashley going to block the replacement on Cabaye

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Do you know him to say that?

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That was a random claim made by an international business newspaper based on nothing but speculation.

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