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29 Dec 2012 19:31:34
Embarrassing...absolutely embarrassing, what is our defence about? Santon had his worst game ever, if we can't get debuchy then we need to go for haidara and put santon right back. No bonus with willo returning. Everton is gonna be a very very hard game unless we actually learn to defend, desperately need a new centre back, mbia, mbiwa, isomat miring, douglas. And a pacey striker, remy will be just fine, coz we need someone with pace up front, arsenal have walcott, city have aguero, tevez ballotelli, liverpool have suarez, man u have rooney, hernandez welbeck, spurs have defoe. There was just no one in the hole today to make a pass to. Tiote really needs to recapture his form. He did make some crucial challenges but gave the ball away too much. Simpson is a liability and can't cross for his life. Bigi is really developing. If we don't get at least 3 signings, we're not gonna finish in the top 8.

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Top 8? you gotta be joking, top 17 more like...

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Top 8 ?

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Mate if we dont get a few defenders in we will get relegated pardew and ashley out save our club

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We were at a huge dis advantage though having gone through a tough game against Man U only 2 days ago where as Arsenal didn't play due to public transport strikes which is ridiculous, I'm willing to bet we wouldn't have been allowed to call off our game had we been in their position

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Pardew lost plot. apart from wingers bigi was our best player. cisse. santon are a terible pairing down left. cant believe at 4-3 he brings on iamdobi. arsenal were scared of pace it was surely sami who was meant to go on. to concede 11 goals regardless of how we plated must mean the end

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Tiote is the main liability.... either gives the ball away or gets caught on the ball time after time in bad positions. On top of that he's more than often likely to get sent off or booked... 20 million for him ?? snap their hands off !!

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Lol. Can we have a metro strike until 31st Jan?

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We need to sort out a proper skipper as he has been so bad this season we need 3 defenders

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29 Dec 2012 14:12:20
Ed, have I missed something. I was under the impression that Demba Ba's get out clause expired in the last window (31/7/12). Surely if it expired then wouldn't it be just a null and void clause now? {Ed002's Note - My understanding is that it applies to this window as well. I don't know the details.}

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It applies to any window, it is a never ending clause until it is taken away

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Have you been living under a rock for the past year?
I've forgotten how many times I've heard about his contract!
For the duration of his contract with us, during every transfer window his release fee comes into play for the first couple of weeks. In EVERY window.


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29 Dec 2012 12:23:40
i understand that nufsc will make two very quick signings this week have been agreed..... i have no names but players will be here on tyneside on thursday

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Loic Remy is one I think and the other could be Sakho or Aubayuayng or whatever he's called.

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It will be remy and a full back, hopefully haidara so we can put santon right back.

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Remy and sissoko maybe?

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I understand both player are defenders and both play in france but i have no names nufc are on lock down

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It will be no one.... Ashley wont part with his money as has designs on other financial matters..... watch and see !!

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Boy do we need them

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