Newcastle Rumours Archive September 28 2011


28 Sep 2011 13:57:38
I love the way that all of the so called football experts (Sky Sports and BBC pundits) said that Newcastle would struggle... lol goes to show they know nothing. Also, how come that I knew who Cabaye was and that he was a class player, yet none of the pundits on English TV have a Scooby saying that they don’t know anything about him, but he looks like a good player. I’m sure if he had signed for Arsenal or Manu they would be saying how Wenger/Fergie had done it again, brining in a world class player before anyone else blah blah blah... strewth he won the double last season, surely the French league has more going on in it than Lyon? Also, a bit of goss, maybe anyway and it’s not from my cousins aunt’s mates dogs neighbours ex boyfriends illegitimate sons best mate who works at Newcastle airport, apparently Toon seriously looking at Moukandjo (I think it is spelt that way) as their potential number 9. No prizes for guessing he plays in France. Source.. HP, no joking my mate from Uni who’s a Frenchy, loves his fitba and his beloved Lyon, apparently it’s doing the rumor mill there.


Before the season started a pundit on either 5 Live or talk sport was going on about Oshea and Brown and how Sunderland would be a top 4 team, Newcastle would be also rans.......HoHoHo




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