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28 Oct 2012 12:53:55
Liverpool will need to dig deep if they want Demba Ba as Llambias has also opened talks with PSG which is rumoured to be Ba's preferred destination if he is forced out of the Toon.


Forced out. Explain?

Might be trying to off load him because he's been causing trouble due to wage demands and some people have said his recent form might have had something to do with Cisse's recent lack of it. We'll only get 7m though as PSG are currently a champions league team

Maybe he wants to go 2 win things? he wont here fat bloke keeps selling our good player so he can line his pockets !!

We owe him over 100million, he has got us to were we are not with next to nothing, and when he bought us we were a club about to crumble!
Give your head a shake, we all know Big MA is a C**T but he has done everything RIGHT! Maybe he didnt go about it the right way, but did everything right.

You would think selling AC and getting 35million a grade "A" academy, having possibly 5 of the stars of the PL, and getting in Euro would be enough... and look we even got SJP's name back where is belongs...

Lets go back to the days of Freddy becasue Newcastle as a football club would not be here today!

Who has the fat bloke sold recently who we did not need?


No one has been sold! He added to the team and kept our players. The sale of Carroll lost us nothing, we sold him injured and he was injured all the season you plan. So again VERY good bit of business for MA {Ed007's Note - This forum is for talking about Newcastle/football, it is not a place to just abuse other posters. If your post doesn't add anything to the thread it will be deleted and if you keep abusing others you will be banned.}




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