Newcastle Rumours Archive November 28 2014


28 Nov 2014 12:52:31
We have released our first batch of profile badges, there are 21 of them, for you to earn. They are all available through playing our new free to play game, Flat Out Horse Racing, which is currently being converted to HTML5 to enable it to be played on mobile devices too.

Currently the badges will just show up next to your name when you post, after you gain them, but Ed033 is working on your profile to create a place to display them on there. You will be able to see that by clicking on the link at the top of the page currently marked 'My Recent Posts', though the name will be changed in the future to reflect it being more than just a place to see your recent posts.

You can check out other people's profiles simply by clicking on their name under a post, and be taken to their profile page. Currently it has space to load in a profile picture, their avatar is displayed, a box showing how they are doing in the correct score comp, one showing their progress in Flat Out Horse Racing and their recent posts. Oh and any info, such as team supported, they have chosen to submit.

We are working on a number of additions to the profiles though, including showing profile badges, albums to keep previous profile pictures and avatars in, enabling you to switch to a previous one more easily and for people to keep track of the ones you used to use when you posted. Those are just the beginning of the upgrades we are working on bringing to the sites, with many more free to play games and competitions on top of that.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope you are happy with the changes we are making and continue to be regular contributors to the site.





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