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28 Jan 2014 20:45:08
Lewis Holtby being linked with us as a Cabaye replacement. Would be a good deal as Holtby's a good player plus he seems to want out of Spurs because he's not getting games in a world cup year and the Spurs manager is wanting to reduce the size of his squad since Villas Boas bought so many players who turned out to be crap.

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5million would be a good deal

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Have not really seen enough of Holtby but first impressions are that he isn't worth the money he would cost.

Would much rather go for Grenier.

Possibly take Holtby on loan till end of season and see how he does as Grenier may be available then but Lyon may have qualified for champions league by then. So that would mean Grenier wouldn't want to leave.

What do you recon to Debuchy wanting to follow Cabeye at the end of the season?

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Whether debuchy wants to follow cabaye or not what makes you think PSG want to sign debuchy?

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28 Jan 2014 10:39:47
De Jong will have a medical today, terms have already been agreed for a 4-year deal.

Cabaye has gone to PSG in a £20+ million deal. PSG will pay £2 million to the Toon now, then £16 million over 4 years, with a further £2-4 million in related clauses.

Newcastle want to make one more signing and one potential loan deal.

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What a load of cr@p, this is Ashley we are talking about who does not do deals on the never never either coming in or out and why would a mega rich club like PSG have to structure a deal this way. they wouldn't.
I hope the signing of De Jong and the sale of Cabs does not mean a return to the dreadful hoofball w had under AP until this season.

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PSG are one the richest clubs in the world.
You honestly think they're going to pay over 4 years?

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Dont know where the figures come from. After offering 14m then 17m Agreed 19m + 1m add ons.
and probably only PSG with the mega bucks would pay over the odds for Cabaye
We as fans might value him higher
but No English club would pay this.

As it is Ashley made 15m on the deal from when he fisrt bought him
And now we know what Joker's job is MAKE ASHLEY MONEY and GC uearth the players that can make this happen
None of the 100m that has come in this season will be touched for players of which 25m has already gone to Ashley for interest on his loan and salary.
So Cabaye sale was necessarry and let's see what of that Ashley spends.

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Lmao at first post we are talking about PSG here. what did they do get a provident loan pmsl

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Sorry Art but we don't pay interest on Ashley's loan.

Cabaye was always going to leave I'm happy that he's not gone to another team in the PL.

We're stuck with Ashley until he's got his loan back so get behind the team.
Cynicism helps no-one.

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Nine What cynicism you on about
Check again about Ashley's interest
He has been able to take it for almost 2
seasons now
Where do you think the 100m in before Cabaye sale has gone
Then look again at the NUFC accounts
if they ever file & release them on time
and see

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Yes the club did make 100m.
They didn't make 100m in profit.

The majority of that goes on players wages.

We also pay back some Ashley's soft loan from the debt he inherited when he took the club over.

The last payment I think was 19m.

Would I like him to spend that on players? yes, but not as much as I want him to make his money back and bugger off

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Some rather naive tantrums being unleashed ;)

Fact is: most, the vast majority of all transfer, are structured like this. Paid over a number of years.

This isn't a computer football manager game. This is the real world

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NINE Me too BUT 100M Income Revenue which in estimation 45m (according to the club) in wages 10m running costs (I think) leaves 45m of which Ashley with interest and his wage takes 25m, there is a surplus of income 20m lying there which goes one of 2 ways Tax or Ashley against his loan which he is happy not to reduce because of the interest he now makes.

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Fat Dave respect your defence But PSG like NUFC do business in cash which makes it easier for everyone especially Ashley who will not use banks as he can get the interest on his loans.

As ever the price of Cabaye will circulate and increase and decrease.
But from what I hera 19m plus 1 m add ons

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Cissie not in team or squad tonight -looks as though he will be on his way

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Its not just wages to be paid at a football club! you have costs of travelling, running costs of stadium, tax is another biggie. Then you have local authority payments. Police payments. all added up i'm sure it comes to quite a tidy sum. If ashley is taking money out of the club for himself then so be it. he's the owner and if I owned a business I would too because this is why businesses are set up in the first place. to make money. Not a fan of mike but as the club owner he does what he wants and has every right to. if you had paid multi millions for something you surely would want to do what you feel fit. Does some one else tell you where you can go in the car you bought?

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Respectfully it does not take much working out from 120m in we know the wages have been reduced to a max 45 m other expenses 10 to 15 so where is the rest???

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28 Jan 2014 10:17:30
Luuk de Jong on way for medical according to Borussia.

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Having a medical today!
Who next????

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Im not sure about how good this Dejong is, 5th choice at his current club. Heard he is a target man, if true does that mean hoof ball for the rest of the season?

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I hope this doesn't turn in to another remy saga we do all the work then another club offers him more money

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The derby is the perfect time to give De Jong his home debut

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He is a good player. Good is better than what we've got at the mo. excluding remy

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28 Jan 2014 10:09:37
luuk de jong on his way for a medical

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28 Jan 2014 08:59:25
Newcastle to are spend the money received from the sale of Cabaye with the purchase of Remy Cabella or/and Clement Grenier.

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No chance. need a flippen striker too

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Well they will sign De Jong on loan that's costing a lot Ha Ha
As for anyone else Tick Tock watch the clock

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