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28 Jan 2013 23:14:55
younes belhanda morroccon plays for montpelier deal lined up to turkey collapsed nufc said to be now interested...del

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Would absolutely love that to be true he is a fantastic player he's like Ben Arfa. Maybe Mbiwa can convince him to join us since Belhanda plays for Montpelier as well

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This story has been made up. Its a journo who hypotheticaly wrote that. However like Mbiwa the owner has publicaly said he can go if he wishes to leave. I personally still think we are in for wolfswinkel, but waiting end of transfer to force a low price.

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28 Jan 2013 20:14:13
Ed, any info to suggest we would go for Danny Graham {Ed001's Note - plenty, especially the talk of him handing in a transfer request, that would be only if Newcastle were interested according to a friend of his. Otherwise he will move if he gets the right offer, but he is not looking to force his way out, yet anyway.}

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Think he would be a good addition but got a feeling the Makems might get him

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28 Jan 2013 19:57:36
Just spoken to Harpers neighbour who lives around the corner from me. And he said Harper has been linked with a move to Sutherland Sharks. Emigrating to Oz.

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So where does harper live?

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Wouldnt that mean Harper lives round the corner from you?

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Harpers neightbours are both in there 80s...and the one closest to him after the 80 year old is infact Alan Pardew this is a FACT as I'm a courier and delivery in Darras Hall, and if by neighbour you mean maybe someone opposite him then that is infact Alan Shearer, So either you know Pardew or Shearer or the 80+ year old neighbours who don't even leave there houses..... Why talk utter rubbish when you can get found out?

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Ha Darras Hall. Around the corner may mean the next street? {Ed007's Note - I'm more concerned that a courier driver knows a lot about the elderly neighbours, alarmingly they never leave their houses, that's a bit creepy/Crimewatch.....}

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, Fair one ED, No a had deliveries for Harper a while back but no one was in so a had to try the neighbours and the old man was asking me if I could try somewhere else as they don't like leaving the house

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28 Jan 2013 18:58:22
Danny Graham has asked to leave Swansea and is already back in the north east and he will be join either of the north east clubs with Newcastle his perfered place

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Hope its the toon as he hates sunderland he told me iam his cousin

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He's in the North East cause Swansea play Sunderland tomorrow...

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Although his boyhood team was the mighty mags, heard it was Sunderland who's looking to sign him. If true, I think we missed out on someone who could be another solid pick up mid-season

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Anything more than 3mil is a waste of money in my opinion

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NTo the bloke that said its because they play Sunderland to mos why did he fly and not travel with the rest the Swansea team then

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If he was from bristol nobody would be bothered about him

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Agreed, people only want him because he is local, at the end of the day he isn't good enough to wear the black and white, would much prefer one of the others that have been linked, I would even rather have that smb bent, although pardew has already said business is done so I wouldn't expect anyone in,

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A lot of people said that Fletcher was only worth 5m. Ha Ha.


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28 Jan 2013 16:48:19
anymore news on wilfried bony ed? {Ed001's Note - nothing mate. }

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Aye. Wasn't he is Buck Rodgers and the 21st Century !

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I remember him - didn't he save the Earth in one episode ? That Wilma was fit from memory !

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28 Jan 2013 14:14:06
We are looking at Nancy Goalkeeper Paul Nardi a one for the furture maybe with Harper moving at end of season believed to be linked with a move to Newcastle United Jets F.C. in Australia.

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So he is stepping up a level ?

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27 Jan 2013 21:44:20
anymore transfer news ed? it has been over 2 days since we have singed somebody! {Ed001's Note - I don't think there will be much more to come, one more striker, that is the only target that I know of. Not convinced any of the names bandied about will be brought in now, unless Bony can be clinched for a reasonable price, he seems to be the main target.}

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Ed I hope we get bony the guy is pure class watched him on you tube he is an exciting player, he would be the coup of the window and would tear defences apart in the epl

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Watched him on YouTube? I hope the coaching staff and Pardew haven't done the same. Don't complain about the signings this time next year if he has a bad spell of games if that is the case.

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