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27 Apr 2013 23:24:52
Just saw something in the Mirror saying Dortmund want to buy Cisse to replace Robert Lewendowski who is almost certain to leave in the summer. Hope this is true so we can try and squeeze them for as much money as we can or maybe try and get an exchange for Reus, Hummels, Gundogan etc (unrealistic I know but considering our current situation it's a more preferable idea)


Look at what you just wrote, and take a long, hard look in the mirror
Cisse, best possible price is 12m

Hummels, 25m, Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, and Man City all going for him
Gundagon, 18m, Man U, Chelsea going for him
Reus, 30m, man city, Man U, Chelsea, PSG
Think a 16th placed team stands a chance

You do realise it was just a joke right? Or did you leave your sense of humour at home today?

It wasn't funny though.

No I left my sense of humour with all the respect of our players after that embarrassing display

We could easily get relegated now

Sorry for being the only fan who thinks we can achieve something. The rest of you just complain about everything and act like you want us to be bad so you have something to complain about

What is you think we can achieve under Pardew. The so called rest of us are realistic.

Sorry that we r realistic and know that we can't achieve anything with these performances
The French players don't have the stomach for the fight ahead of us, but hey, we can always get some German tacticians like reus, hummels and Gundogan ;)

Cisse will only be sold 18m min

18m you can't be serious

Got 4 yrs left on contract so hel be worth a bit

Give your head a shake. the season Cisse has had his value will be the same as what we bought him for about 9 million. and that's if we are lucky.

If we drop (which is still very likely) he will cost less than five!

LISTEN ashley will only sell our star players (Ben arfa, cabaye, tiote, krul, m'biwa, sissoko, cisse) for a min. 15m, if cisse can get 13 goals in 14 games then there's no reason why a long break in the summer, with new coaching staff and a new top manager, so he can regain that form.

Only fan to think we can achieve something? Your F'ing joking me right?

Dude everyone of use hoped and prayed that we would do something this year, but no. One reason or another we haven't YET AGAIN. The team, squad, manager, board and wonder. All of them are to blame.

You thinking now we can achieve something is like saying Bolt with no legs could still win the 100m!

There is nothing we can achieve at this point, we can try and put ourselves ahead of the competition and stay away from the drop zone, that is the best we can do now. We may as well stop thinking we are going to finish above Wonderland becasue that is not happening

Now its time to stop believing we are that Champions League team off 10 years ago.
We are a team battling to stay up and nothing else. I wouldn't even say we are a battling team due to the fact not one of our players gives a s**t what happens

No loyalty in football, only money talks!

Who would want any of these players?

Like really, they aren't good enough for us, they won't be good enough for others.


Ben Arfa - Not a chance you will get 15 for him, he has played crap all season, got a bad attitude, clearly isn't fit, and is injured all the time. take that 15 and bring it down to 6/7 (TOPS)

Cabaye - tops of ten he isn't a world class player now is he. he is good at what he does. I could see Mike getting around 17 for him just by the way we act in the transfer markets

Tiote - HA really? 15million? ha, NO MATE JUST NO
1 - he gets far too many cards, no team would want him because of the fines they will have to pay when he gets a card, and the fact of the games he will miss a year by picking up reds and yellows all the time
2 he gives away stupid fouls in VERY stupid positions
3 he has had a poor season and price of players is based on form, goals, assists and what not (tiote hasn't had a good thing going for him all year) we will be lucky to get the 4 we paid for him.

Krul - He's a goal keeper, you don't get 15million for them. again tops of ten. And Krul we all know isn't the best goalkeeper in the world, as a shot stopper he is nearly perfect

M'biwa - Not as good as we first thought, last few games he has played terrible. 15 million for a player we have just got. No about 4 or 5

Sissoko - Who's he again this the boy wonder who came, scored, and never done anything since? be lucky to get 7

Cisse - AHA again this lad can't see playing cards in front of his face and i'm talking the VERY big ones here. He couldn't hit a barn door this year. be lucky to get 8

Sorry but pull your head out of the sand WE ARE NOT A MAN or MAN CITY with world beaters! We are Newcastle United with poor players!

Couldn't agree more

Your just in the huff because you support york and you cannot find your best player gert namtin who scored an amazing 3 goals last season and you hate newcastle because they have good players and have the same players they had last season to do well so there still good but don't get the chance to play football with pardew in charge

Would help if your comment actually made any sense what so ever :-/

18m would be what we'd sell him for its not his value




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