Newcastle Rumours Archive October 27 2014


27 Oct 2014 20:15:13
Some interesting developments at Rangers. None other than Derek Llambias is interviewing for the CEO role. Mike Ashley has to see Rangers as a serious investment now surely?

If Newcastle get relegated then Ashley will have to give up one of the clubs. He seems to have shown more interest in Newcastle lately. Do you think he might be looking at Southampton and perhaps show a bit mor ambition?


Des Llambias was kept happy for a while now, Ashley has cincerns what he might come out with
Snakes in rhe grass m8 bet you seen a few of them where you are

Good assessment ed
I agree with you, with the large amounts of money Ashley is making from Newcastle with the tv deals etc. there is no benefit in him selling newcastle and buying Rangers.

The only thing we can hope for under Ashley is that the penny drops and the wallet losens a little. I've always thought someone like Nicola Cortese who is out of work, a footballing-business man who I think would be great working alongside MA, and can guide and develop newcastle as a PROPER football club and still keep the profits flowing in for Ashley.

Ed7 Whilst your on what happened to the 78m

Very interesting Buddy but surely 78m must show in the accounts as income. Problem is it takes 1 year minum to see those accounts

Lets face it like AEK Greece Rangers are needed in the top division even if it let's the Celtic fans and I know many justify why they are No 1 in Scotland.




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