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26 Jul 2013 22:48:37
The Mirror is reporting that we are close to signing Gomis for a fee they are claiming is £6 million

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Ah yes Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the mirror the paper that said we where intrested in Rooney? I will wait for the club to announce it before I believe it.

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It was sports direct news who said we were interested in Rooney, the mirror just reported on it

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Ed, do you know what is going on with Gomis? It sounds like Lyon want stupid money for a player with one year left on his contract and Gomis doesn't have to move as he could be a free agent in the summer and command more money! {Ed001's Note - it just seems to be standard negotiations, Lyon hanging on in case anyone else comes in and ups the price.}

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Lyon trying to play hard ball and its back fired as gomis had done one as he and agents canit understand the fee there asking gomis wants the move to Newcastle to join up with French international gomis holds all the cards here and if he was smart he could turn around and say look a see ma contract out and in January sign a per contract with any club willing to take him this would speed up any deal that is happening are maybe he's pulling a Ben Arfa on Lyon already

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26 Jul 2013 18:31:10
jfk is evidently meeting mark hughes in york or leeds tonight might be to talk about jones or walters not sure

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Oh great hoof ball donkeys

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More like he'll be in Leeds Hilton, pissed up and rambling.

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Walter Jones?

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Just what we want!

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Maybe its to discuss his assistant role.

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Wherever they were due to meet, Leeds or York you can guarantee if Hughes is in one of them joe will have gone to the other. But at least we know mark will just be on the other end of a phone call if he needs to speak. just like Sir Alec, Pep, Jose and Jupp. Can't make it up can you really. NUFC just keep on giving and making all our lives just that little bit happier.

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26 Jul 2013 16:35:40
Lyon want £8.6 million for Gomis who has now gone on strike. The plot thickens. Can't see Ashley paying that for a player in the last year of his contract. He will offer £5 million and not budge.

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Us the fans demand some players

Yet another week
And nothing
Not even a bid accepted
Never mind terms, medical etc

Sorry to say but it looks bleak

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I could imagine him maybe going as high as £6-6.5 million if he's pushed enough but I'll be surprised if he does. Of course in January he spent £20 million which nobody saw coming so who knows?

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5mil? Don't think he'll sign then will he! Best off looking at players that are up for 5mil instead!

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Ashley and his persons are penny pinching again eh!
well after 30 years having a season ticket i'm penny pinching, had enough of his silly games

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How do you know if there hasn't been a bid accepted second post? just because the media don't know about doesn't mean there's nothing going on.

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No one will come because the Ashley back scratchers will bow down to him get rid of this bad apple he will ROT our club

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You mean like how Ashley penny pinched by spending nearly 2 million to bring Sissoko to the club a mere 6 months earlier, that Ashley?

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Toons increased bid to 6.9m for Gomis, you got to accept footballs a business now, would you pay more for a car for example than you had to.

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Not if it was Franz Carr toot toot

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