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26 Jan 2012 22:27:02
Any truth to the Eljero Elia loan from Juventus? Cracking player, would love to see him in black and white(ours), but not sure whether there is any substance to it....

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I wish this was true as I think this is the best defender who is on the market at the moment. Big and fast

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He's a winger.

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What you on about defender ? You een have a clue who elia is ?

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Ha, and he's anything but big

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Should have chased a bit harder in the summer cos this kid is fast and he can go past players too! just the tyoe of player the toon loves

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Dream on

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26 Jan 2012 22:14:13 . Pardew has spoken to bbc sport and says he hopes the lads will be back for Blackburn, but it's not likely. Adstatoon

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They have made arrangements to get them back Tuesday night.

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26 Jan 2012 22:11:08
newcastle to bid for burnleys hotshot striker Jay Rodriguez!!

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The Sun does love a rumour... nothing concrete about this

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Hotshot haha

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26 Jan 2012 20:04:12
Ed is there any chance we might sign 1 of Yanga-Mbiwa, Douglas or Vertonghen before the window closes? {Ed001's Note - it seems unlikely in January, but then who would have said Cisse was going to join before it happened?}

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Yeah thats true, thanks for the reply Ed.

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26 Jan 2012 21:46:48
Big news expected out of Newcastle at the weekend, 'mind-blowing' according to a sky sports tweet.

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Yeah just read the same thing! dont like getting excited tho just in case.

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No mention of NUFC in any recent tweets. Get a life.

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Haha,your finally gonna find out that santa isnt real

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What? That we might loose to Brighton 5-2 as well?!

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Saw this, complete bulls**t a reckon

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Yeah according to past transfer windows it looks to me we will be losing our best players as normal my prediction is D.Ba to tottenham

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To be honest i dont believe much that comes out of sky sports or twitter so i wont be past my self with excitement

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Really? who tweeted this...? sky sports themselves or someone close to sky

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Well there was a nufc tweet, So maybe you should get life.
I doubt anything will happen, although who thought Cisse would happen?

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Probs Colo or Simpson singing a new contract

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They cannot sing

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Mike Ashley is putting the price of a pint up 20p, That's the big news.

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26 Jan 2012 20:05:17
We are now in for Wilfried zaha. Nufc

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Not zaha as well

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This is sooooooooooo unlikely!

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Watched him the other night and wasnt impressed at all! goes down too easy!

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26 Jan 2012 10:24:56
Ravel Morrison met Newcastle executives yesterday afternoon and spent the night in a Hotel in the city centre and is due to meet AP today when himself and the team arrive back at Benton from Teneriffe. I'm guessing a deal will be announced before the weekend.

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It says in the journal this morning we are gonna leave morrison till the summer ...geordie tom

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Is this a gut feeling or have you genuine info into this

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When have the papers ever been right on our transfers they never even knew about Cisse/Tiote/Cabaye/Santon.. we do all our deals in house and suddenly when people claim we aint interested we will have them signed

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Also the lads ain't coming home flying back into London and staying down for sat

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Utter garbage. Pardew told Llambias that he doesn't want Morrison. Deal is dead!

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Well Simpson said on twitter they were returning on wednesday

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Not happening as wage demands too high.

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Pardew doesn't get a say

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Dont particularly want him anyway. Ranger causes enough havoc around the place and we can't get rid of him. He would also be just like Barton and spend his life on twitter complaining about the club then leave on a free to a second rate premier league club.

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Pardew does get a say, but it is fundamentally decided by Ashley, Llambias and Charnley

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I thought the lads were flying straight to Brighton from Tenerife, could be wrong

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26 Jan 2012 09:43:19
A spotted Alan Pardew at Tenerife Airport at one o'clock yesterday afternoon. I don't know of any teams on the island that play in the Spanish League so he may just have been on holiday for a few days (doubtful,I would think). By the time I realised who it was I was too late to take a photo (something I always advocate). I'm a LFC fan and don't usually come on this site so you can take of it what you will.

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Him and the team were out there for warm weather training.dutchmal.

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Thanks for that - I only saw Pardew.

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26 Jan 2012 09:27:28
sorry for the false comment on r.morrison yest i was miss informed and the deal is on hold till summer as utd want 3/4 mill for him. Same old fergie deluded prices. (WelshToon)

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This will happen when you use twitter as your sourse

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Ha, surprise, surprise

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25 Jan 2012 21:42:13
Ed, it is true that Newcastle have made ​​an offer to Juventus to sign Eljero Elia, on loan?
I think you should try for Milos Krasic, although it is very difficult. {Ed001's Note - I am not 100%, but I don't believe they have.}

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It would be a good strategy. Someone to push Obertan (who Pardew seems to like) at lower cost/risk and provide a ready-made replacement if Obertan does not produce.

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Unfortunately obertan was a pardew by. I bet he'll stick by him to the death

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