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25 Jul 2013 23:11:53
Reports suggesting we're going to sign Jeroen Zoet from PSV for a reported fee of £2. 25 million

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That mean Krul will be leaving without doubt

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Cisse is still leaving

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Hes a replacement for Harper.

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No it doesn't he will be pushing Elliot for 2nd choice to replace harper doing that role but this guy will challenge a lot harder

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How come we got told at the end of the season, "Newcastle will not be looking for a new goal keeper as we already have three. Krul is first choice, Elliot and young Alwick will be battling for places". (something along them lines)

So why are we only been linked with buying a new keeper for? We need forwards!
JFK is screwing our beloved club up more by the hour.

i agree Krul could still be moving on, Cisse I think will, and Cabaye I think will return home. The surprise I think we are in for is we will lose Santon as well

I really don't think we will notice the club by the end of the coming season, it won't be the club we loved. Just by the monkey who are in charge making us the joke of the footballing world!

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Maybe JK decided Elliott or Alnwick aren't good enough.

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People looking way too much into this, once Harper left I thought we needed a better substitute keeper than Elliot in case Krul was injured again, if we are to be competitive. its just people being negative. if you are pessimistic u are going to see it as a bad omen but if you are optimistic its a good omen.

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Jfk, neil warnock and mark hughes all booked into leeds hilton tonight, is this woek or another jolly

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We need another keeper cause Elliott is rubbish. league 1 keeper at best

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Two reasons to bring in Zoet IMO.
1) it is better to send Alnwick out on loan than have him sat as a third choice keeper, he needs experience of first team football

2) one day a big club will come calling for Krul and he may want to join them so we take the money so we need to be prepared for that. It well be next summer!

Sign the boy up!

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25 Jul 2013 18:34:19
Reading lots of tweets suggesting that we've agreed a fee with QPR for Loic Remy, who wants to come.

And also we are one of the three clubs that have agreed a fee with Lyon for Bafetimbi Gomis, who's preference is also Newcastle.

Don't hold your breath, I will believe it when I see them holding up the shirts.

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As you say don't hold you're breath

I've read that we haven't put a bid in for Gomis but they have 3 bids already

Can't see Remy deal being done with the court case over his head -after all would you if it was your money and he could end up in jail

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Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth Big Joe went back to his Panini 1995 scrapbook!

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There isn't a hope in hell that Ashley hasn't had top barristers looking at the Remy case with a view to buying him and covering his arse should he get time. a bit like due diligence, like he done when he bought us.
Oh, hang on a minute!

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No one has put a bid for gomis there are three other clubs interested

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We are not one the 3 to bid for Gomis. The Lyon chairman has said as much.

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Another"target" gone. u can't buy untill sell. and top players want top money and your skint

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Dont think Remys court case will amount to anything not much has been made of it

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6th comment down get your facts right mackem boy we are far from skint think youll find we are in more than a stable position financially so talk out your mouth not your backside

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What he meant was Wonga boy, ashley won't spend his money until you sell so in a way you are skint!

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Bent at least 65k a week. remmy at least 80k a week. u gona pay that I doubt it or they be already there. u ain't bid on any1 at all

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No what I meant was what I said mackem boy, being skint is when the club has no money wait till the misfits down at stadium of light crumble under di canios hothead style then youll understand the word skint

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Hey wonga boy, we have an owner who cares and will to do his best for the club, and his money is in the bank not tied up in business deals like ashley's, pdc is a gamble, but we will see exciting football this season, will you with your hoofball style. Skint LOL

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Mackem boy sad thing is your so into your well run club your sat like a wee troll on this clubs page that's the sad part, cares for his club aye okay we've seen the evidence of that were exactly and di canios more of a gamble was a hothead at swindon and as a player and frankly when youve got a scouting network rather than buying all the rubbish you can rush through the door come back and ill entertain you till then you talk rubbish were are sunderland in the deloitte rich list

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I'm a Newcastle fan but do you really believe our scouting system is better than Sunderland after the scouting staff they have brought in? Inter Milan head scout two other scouts from Italy who are experts in south American and Spanish players. There director of football used to work for inter Milan and was an agent for top players and knows how to get the players in. And lastly Di Canio who has huge influence in Italy who can attract big players from Italy. Now compare that to Pardew Kinnear and Carr only the last is top draw. Sunderland are on the up. Unless things change quick we will be left behind

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The quality of players tells me our scouting system is better you know the thing that annoys me most about so called fans is all they do is moan and bitch about the club all the time, let's not over play things here di canio may have been a well lovd player for his passion it doesn't make him a manager of great influence you forget krul, collo, cabaye, mbiwa, debuchy, santon, sissoko all good players last season was all the injurys and some of the garbage brought in years ago if all players stay fit and we get a couple of strikers to support cisse we will finish well ahead of sunderland this year and if you want to slag them players I mentioned then no your not a newcastle fan

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25 Jul 2013 17:28:45
I heard on the grapevine from a mate that Odemwinge will be heading to Newcastle. Anyone happy about this? He has scored quite a few in the PL

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His age might put a dampner on that one, he's 46

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25 Jul 2013 16:19:06
tv reporting that Cisse WILL now wear the Newcastle shirt with Wonga branding on it.

At last a little bit of positive news.

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And the really good news. the church want wonga out of business. it's never ending for u lot is it

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He said he will give 4000% on the pitch!

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Thats 360% up then

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Is that why the church has money invested in Wonga HMMMMMM

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Obv u don't listen or watch the news. the head of the church of England said. "I want wonga out of business" not my words his. do your homework and the church invest in wonga do me a favour pal {Ed007's Note - Sorry you're wrong mate. The COE pension fund is linked to Wongas financial backers.}

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25 Jul 2013 15:37:15
According to SKY the dispute with Cisse has been resolved and he is to join his team mates for training. Good news?

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Of course it's good news

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And he should be made to apologise to everyone involved with the club. bloody hypocrite!

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Very good news, I thought we had lost him.

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If its true he owes us big time. The casino pictures seem to have made him change his mind. He was only after a pay rise I only hope he's man enough to get over his mistakes and make a right good go off it, this could actually work in our favour. The unwashed from weary side are loving this, I just have a feeling all this might come back nd haunt them.

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So all of a sudden his beliefs don't matter?money talks and rubbish walks. as for him going to "haunt" us he didn't last year in both games so I don't know what ya on about

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Ohhh now the church want wonga out of business. maybe that's why he's changed his mind

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To be honest I think this whole thing was a stunt at the expense of Cisse.

This is probs the most publicity Wonga have had in the UK.

All news papers day in and day out, all online sports websites all blabbering on about it.

Trust me, Wonga has done well of the publicity off Cisse.

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25 Jul 2013 15:20:58
New Signing - CIsse will stay at club and WILL wear Wonga kit.

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25 Jul 2013 14:05:43
We have agreed a fee with QPR for Loic Remy

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Hope so but don't count ya chickens we all no when it comes to transfers with the toon nowt goes smoothly

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To the tune of mr wonga/sandman

Mr Ashley, spend some of your dough
Buy 2or 3 strikers so we can give the prem a go
Maybe a centre back and winger too
Then watch us cheer as we score a few
Mr Ashley, spend some of your cash
So we can give Europe a bash
Make us a team and a force to be proud
Then you will here our ground mega loud

Nuff said

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Believe it when I see it. that is all that needs to be said.

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25 Jul 2013 12:32:07
Ed, what are the chances of Newcastle signing Darren Bent? IMO, a decent signing for us, English, good scoring record and knows the premier league. {Ed001's Note - I honestly don't know, last thing I heard is that he was saying that nothing had happened with regard to him moving, so he was expecting to stay at Villa. That was a while back though, so anything could have happened since. He doesn't seem to be anyone's first choice target though!}

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He hasn't been given a squad number at Villa.

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25 Jul 2013 10:37:45
Ed. been away for a while. Can you tell me what happened to the Sinclair thing. one minute we are odds on favourites and I can't remember seeing anything recently. Cheers {Ed001's Note - Scott Sinclair? If so, he had an op on his ribs, I very much doubt he is going anywhere before January, as I am told he is unlikely to be able to pass a medical this summer. Apparently they have to assess the healing process over a period of months. According to the club doctor, I won't say which club as I am not sure if he is allowed to speak on matters like this without prior permission, I spoke to, all the rumours about him going anywhere were just speculation because of that. Though I don't know if he is an expert on the procedure, so he might be completely wrong, but he knows more than I do regarding it!}

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On his way to WBA now

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Yet we all know he has had ribs out.
As ED said he can't pass a medical with any team!
How could he, he won't be able to walk never mind running!

Above post load of crap again! - Why post something that is a complete waste of time? What type of thrill do you receive from it?

You just do peoples heads in!

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I saw him on TV warming up for City on their Asian tour yesterday. Didn't see to crocked. {Ed001's Note - he can play, it is not that much of an issue as in similar to Ba having knee problems. The issue is that, or so it was explained to me, the healing process needs to be monitored over a period of time, to test his reaction to operation. There is a risk of finding it hasn't fully worked out, but it can take a while to show up. That is not so much of a problem for the club, as any player retiring through injury will just lead to an insurance claim. The issue, I am told, is getting insurance cover, in case of future problems, and a player is not able to play without insurance. If that is correct, and I have no reason to doubt it, then it is likely that any move would be done in January, rather than now.}

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He played the final 10 minutes against South China yesterday so he can't be that damaged.

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I'd say he's fine to play and pass a medical considering he came on yesterday against South China in the Asia Trophy {Ed001's Note - you don't even know what a medical entails, Ba has failed many of them, but he is able to play 90 minutes! Your comment is just ignorant.}

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