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25 Apr 2014 17:10:27
A newspaper reporting that Pardew will is nearly 100% certain to be sacked if we don't stay in the top 10 after it was stated as the target for the season.


Yh n I just heard pardew just turned down man u job because they lack ambition n would like 2 finish the ambitious job he's got at nufc lol u lot will believe anything nothing will change till Ashley goes full stop

I don't really understand the need or the point from that reply yorkmags.

I think he makes a very fair point. I believe if Pardew fails to reach his mediocre target that was set out at the start of the season, for the second year running, and this time with no excuse of European competition I think he will lose his job. We might all hate Ashley, but he is a very astute business man, meaning there is no way he gave pardew an 8 year contract without a lot of clauses allowing himself the opportunity to sack him if he does not reach targets for a fraction of the full pay out.

I also think Moyes would be right up Ashley's alley, and from what I believed at the time and now he has been offered the newcastle job previous. He knows how to work on a small budget, has a good working relations with a lot of other managers, is good with the fans and the media, and certainly is no stranger is stability and being a yes man.

Although i'd like the job given to someone who demands good attractive football, laudrop, de boer/kluivert, before moyes, I can't pretend I wouldn't be overjoyed to bring in a manager of moyes' experience and class.

No manager worth his salt is going to work with/for Ashley n that includes moyes! Yr all dreaming if u think he is going to sack pardew all he wants is 2 rip the heart outta nufc n line his pockets b4 he goes n buys rangers

Agreed peckers

Yorkmag, Ashley doesn't need to line his pockets from Newcastle, his shares in sports direct are worth billions. He has just sold some for 200 million! The money he takes from Newcastle ether goes on the loan he paid to stop us being in debt or it goes back into the running of the club. i'm sure Ashley knows that if he can't find a buyer soon he will have to spend. I would like to see more fans turning on Pardew tbh, Moyes would do a far greater job. Look at the youth coming through at Everton, that's down to Moyes not Martinez

Agreed I want Pardew out 100% but why bring in another dour, defensive, negative ''containing'' manager like Moyes.

Giggs said he would bring back fun and flair to replace the ''sterile'' football served up by Moyes.

Not many Everton fans would want Moyes back over Martinez who has brought in Delafeo, Lukaku, McCarthy, Barry etc and promoted Stones and Barkley from the youth.

We need a euro manager with 21st century tactics.

Ok let's split hairs and miss the point!

So where's all the money going then because it's certainly not going on the playing staff is it sjp is just a big advertising board 4 Ashley that's all we r worth 2 him a cash cow

Newcastle United is far from a cash cow, 9 million profit annually is certainly not a cash show especially with the amount of investment. He has done incredibly well recently and has doubled his net worth and no doubt that is down to Newcastle United on so many levels.

There is no reason why pardew will keep his job if he carries on doing as pathetic as he is at the moment. Maybe Ashley obviously needs to invest in the squad that is plainly clear, and maybe bringing in a new manager will create that spark, because pardew certainly hasn't made him invest has he.

I think there is a good chance that pardew will be sacked if we finish outside the top 10

Peckers have you seen the accounts??
One Question WHERE has 60M+ from TV & 23M from transfers gone
Almost 85M alone This Season
We know the wages have been cut right back so Cash Cow fir sure fir someone

This season and financial year has obviously not been taken into account when talking about Newcastles finances and accounts, as it is far from finished. In our last financial year we made a 9mil profit, I mean the wage budget is over £60million. Yes the income will increase this year significantly, but at at the moment we are still not far breaking even. Ashley is far from raking in the money at newcastle, a few million here and there means very little to him, and is certainly not a cash cow, especially how he's been here a long time now, not really a short term period of gains.

There's been a net profit of 45million ova the last 5 years on transfers everybody knows u can't stand still in the epl or suffer the consequences which sooner or later we will why do u see so many teams at least spending 30mill every season because u need 2 stay competitive!

Let's say, 11th place, Pardew gets sacked for missing target, Goes to a tribunal claiming constructive dismissal because best player Cabaye was sold over his head. I reckon he'd probably win.

I doubt he'd win. Even if he did have a case (which in your scenario he doesn't really) Ashley'd have an army of lawyers who could get Pardew convicted for wiping out the dinosaurs.

Pardew would never win that case, firstly he has failed to meet targets 2 year in a row, secondly he has been in numerous altercations with the FA, especially recently. There is a huge case against him.

Yeah I agree that we have been incredibly successful and shrewd in our transfer dealings in the last 5 years and we have made £45mil profit, but as I said before if you look at the year by year accounts of newcastle, it cannot possibly be called a cash cow. It is however one of the largest platforms for Ashley to advertise his brands on, and pay no money for.

That is my biggest problem, while other big teams are exploiting the loop holes in eufa ffp with these huge sponsorship deals, Ashley seems happy to comply with them. As if he is a responsible, law abiding business man, usually why is he being with us. Why he doesn't invest heavily like 50million sponsorship for newcastle from a company of his, and get around it like everyone else.

Man City has just been penalised for breaking the rules, such as using their ground for sponsorship.

Ashley is doing the right thing. Last thing we need is a whopping fine on top of everything.

Ashley is doing the right thing.

A) Platini is already going back on his word, which was teams not complying will be banned from Europe.

B) Look at the U turn they have done in accordance to Barcelona, and their clear breaking of numerous rules

Uefa will never follow up these threats with a real sanction, what does a fine mean to city and psg, just pay that as easy as they spent £1billion. I would take a wage cap and a fine to be playing in the champions league, typical Uefa and there weak stance.




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