Newcastle Rumours Archive May 24 2014


24 May 2014 11:03:33
Apparently Chelsea in talks with Cabella
si he ain't coming to the Toon
Apparently all Hands to the deck Newcastle delegation
scouring Europe to find cheap and players that will
fit their wage structure so don't hold your breath
in thinking we will have a team to compete with the top 10 in the Premiership But midtable is OK apparently


Chelsea wanting him doesn't make sense. They have both Hazards, Schurle, Oscar, Willian and a lot of young players such as Van Ginkle who can play where Cabella does. If they did sell one of them surley they'd spend a ridiculous amount of money on some Brazilian wonder kid or something

Typical Chelsea. They will sign and then loan him out. They've got 30 odd players out on loan as it is. Surely Fifa has to impose some rules on this.

Chelsea won't sign him

Good Des neither will Newcastle




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