Newcastle Rumours Archive May 24 2013


24 May 2013 13:36:37
Steven N'Zonzi of Stoke City has handed in a transfer request. Despite the club turning it down, Newcastle are rumoured to be planning a move for him to potentially replace either Tiote who may be cashed in on or Anita who has not been getting that much game time.


If there's one place we're ok then it's CM.

Tiote, Cabaye, Sissoko, Gosling, Perch, Anita & Bigi.

N'zonzi ain't all that anyway

Nzonzi is quality, good going forward, good defensivly, good at set pieces, and from set pieces, engine, passer, tough lad, strong everything tiote should be. He would be awesome with cabaye sissoko.

Dan gosling is leaving in the summer as he is no longer needed and bigi is set to rejoin coventry on loan

Personally i'd prefer to develop Bigi than buy N'zonzi, and if we can recapture Tiotes best form it's all good in MC

If we were to cash in on Tiote surely u do it when he's in form so u get more cash for him, I understand he hasn't had the greatest season bt last season he could do no wrong. t word fickle comes to mind. besides he only cost 3-4mill could b worse ;p

He said that he's a replacement for either tiote or anita.

Why would Bigi be sent to Coventry on loan? He played around 25 games for us last season playing in the premier league and Europa league so why would we send him to play in league one?

He was one of the very few positives to come out of this season and think other than the game were Pardew played him RM he played well in the all the rest.

I'd have Nzonzi. But get Gosling out of this club as soon as possible. Awful player.




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