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24 Jun 2012 16:15:59
Which clubs are interested in Yohan Cabaye?

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Everyone apparently due to last season and the EURO's. doubt he will move though. he has only just signed for newcastle and has had a terrific season. chances are he will be staying for another season at least yet.

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Man utd have showed the most interest, but due to the euros im sure more clubs will start looking, dont see the fat man selling for less than 25 mil though

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Man Utd have just signed Kagawa, highly doubt they would move for Cabaye aswell.

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24 Jun 2012 14:17:22
various sources linking Elia at juventus with newcastle united? excellent young star and surprised he wasn't chosen for the netherlands this year for the Euro's. the young dutchman has been said to be frustrated at Juventus and wanting a move to the premiership. would be a great signing.

Other signings include those of Luke De Jong (very close to agreeing a fee with FC Twente). Cissokho (very close to signing for the Toon last summer; speculation also from Liverpool). Debuchy (apparently already signed, other speculation from chelsea. We shall probably find out very soon as france have been knocked out of the EURO's). Bedimo (would be a stretch for this player, however his agent has admitted talks with newcastle and has said he has signed for a premiership club. He has said he will announce which club in the next few days). Kalou (having been released by chelsea, he has admitted he would not mind joining either newcastle or liverpool)

All players have been known to held talks with newcastle with some of them receiving multiple offers (De Jong and Debuchy) However we all know Newcastle don't tend to announce an interest in a player unless the deal is realistic and almost certain. Only time will tell. Please remember this is just speculation not 100% transfers. Danny.

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Elia would be perfect playing on the left where Demba was at the end of the season

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Why regurgitate what everyone else has already said this is getting boring

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He wasnt picked because he never played for Juve last season think he made 2 substitute appearances last season for them

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Also Kalou has never mentioned anything to do with Newcastle.. He said Liverpool

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He made 4 appearances. and what does it matter he probably was capable of performing better than most of that team anyway.

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24 Jun 2012 09:28:21
Just read an articular in the french press that Manchester United are going to bid £20m for cabaye this week after he should he can compete with the bigger stars

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Cant blame him iff he goes toon aint big enough and cockney bloke wont make us bigger no ambition {Ed026's Note - I was going to delete this because its just pointless but I'll leave it up so everyone can see.. The higher Newcastle finish the more money he makes = definite ambition.

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Such an idiot, like ed says such a pointless comment, more than likely another jelous mackem

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A still cant see why Ashleys get so much critism, granted a hated the man years ago but were now better than we have been in years and people want to come here, i think we'd be silly to accept 20 mill, hes better than that

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Theyve already got kagawa, they need a dm now not a creative cm

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And "Worst comment of the Year" award goes to....

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Eds right, Got show the Deluded toon and stirring mackem supporters. unless we get an owner like the one at man city. this is the ONLY way to run the club. some people still dont get that. because they are stupid

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I just made this comment up so i did hahahha

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It would take a lot more than 20 million and Man Utd cannot afford top World Class players anymore, Man Utd gambled on extending Berbatovs Massive contract by 1 year in the hope they could get some money for him which is a gamble that is not working out, Now Man Utd are stuck with the most expensive Bench warmer in the world eating up the wage bill, Fergie only got Kagawa because the deal pays for itself with Japenese interest in whoever Kagawa plays for.

Try Again.

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Load of mackem crap

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20m? haha, after him carrying the French team through the euros? 30m please.

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Carrying france they were worse than england what a pile of s**te

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24 Jun 2012 04:28:22
Debuchy deal will go through for 7Million euros, Luuk De Jong will go through for 15Million Euros, Luc Caistaignos will come in on loan and Douglas is off the table due to Visa problems, Mbwia fee has more than doubled alan carrs initial valuation. Erik Pieters would be ideal but his valuation had gone from £6Million to nearly 15. Therfore unfortunately Williamson will have to stay. sorry lads......and maybe perch as well.

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You clearly don't watch nufc. Why put something stupid at the end if your rumour about James Perch? When he replaced Steven Taylor against Chelsea he was out of his depth. However was a key player at the end of the season and put in some amazing performances!

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I'm not sure whether I trust Alan Carr's judgement tbh... Graham Carr on the other hand

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It's clearly a mackem 'Alan Carr' wasn't funny the 1st 200 times....

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Alan Carrs initial valuation!? . Go home mackem.

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Alan carrs valuation?! Ha ha

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Pieters is 15 million but Baines it only 12 million sounds about right

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How can Pieters valuation go from 6million to 15million when hes played about twice in 6month with a problematic foot?

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Erik Pieters is injured, so i dont understand how his valuation is rising?

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