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24 Dec 2012 17:19:58
Does anyone know why pardew and coloccini fell out?

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Pardew is jealous of Colo's hair!

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They fell out over tactics

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More likely to be the hair

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Defo the hair

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There is no other logical reason other than the hair. Pardew is balding and is jealous of colo's beauty locks

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We should totally allude to the hair issue. completely neglect the fact our captain, considering the seemingly insurmountable amount of lunacy he's overcome since moving here, has fallen out with anyone for the first time in his four years with us.

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^ can I have that in Geordie language please?

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Apparently it was about Colo not tracking his men.

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Colo wanted to borrow pardews fake tan and pardew refused but I think colo wudn't give him his afro wig aswell, turmoil for newcatle!

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Side show bob

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24 Dec 2012 17:06:24
Hi Ed. Do you think Ba will leave and where do you think his most likely destination is? I saw that Canal + are saying he will join Arsenal?

Thanks {Ed001's Note - if someone will match his financial desires, I expect him to leave. Pardew is keen on a sale to raise cash for team strengthening, and to get a more balanced team. Cisse is the one he is hoping to keep. Apparently that is why he mentioned the contract clause out of the blue, to tempt interested parties in.}

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Arsenal? {Ed001's Note - I don't know, I would not see them as particularly likely though.}

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Ed001 must be mistaken, why would Pardew want to sell Ba for the purpose of raising funds, especially when Newcastle only get about 3 million of the release clause. {Ed001's Note - wages freed up are also funds mate.}

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He will go to liverpool, straight swap for andy carroll. Watch this space

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I dont know if he will go anywhere, after all isnt he practically crocked anyway? Its a big gamble to pay 7 mil for him and offer him big wages for his knee to go and leave him out for ages. Only club I can think of doing that would be QPR, and now harry has taken over, he wont mess about with that.

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I know for a FACT that ba is going to arsenal watch this space

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Ed, could you clarify if his clause can only be activated by Champs League clubs? or is it just a simple any team clause? {Ed002's Note - Without knowing the exact details, I understand that it is correct that only Champions League clubs could buy the player at the quoted price. I also understand that other clauses in his contract might make a sale complex and it must be remembered that insurance will be very high for him.}

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24 Dec 2012 17:30:43
Ive watched a lot of Dutch football in the last 3 yrs with working there. Signing Douglas from Twenty would be a backward step. He is no better than Williamson. Gets caught out of position,slow to turn and is slow to react to a strikers movement,deadly. Alderweireld-Ajax, Ramsteijn-Feynoord, Botteghin-Nac Breda would be far better options to tighten the defence up.

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Agreed I think people are just desperate for a new CB that they think he'll be a good signing.

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Alderwield is class and young

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Yanga Mbiwa of Montpellier i think would be great next to Colo. Ive heard his name mentioned in previous windows but dont know if theres any substance {Ed002's Note - Mbiwa had been of serious interest to AC Milan, Lille and Fenerbahce but having signed a new deal at Montpellier will probably not be going anywhere for a while. However, the summer may see interest from both Chelsea and Arsenal see bids for Mbiwa.}

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24 Dec 2012 11:35:37
Just heard that QPR are planning to offload djibril cisse, stephane mbia and samba diakite. I think we should defo make moves for diakite and cisse who can play as our 3rd striker and wont mind how much playing time he gets. Replace gosling with diakite, Gosling has no potential to be in our first team, let him go to Aston villa or something for about 3m. In the summer we might be able to get mbia for about 6m then we's be able to get rid of Willo if we get another CB in January
Transfers out:
Jonas 2m, past his peak
Simpson 500k
Gosling 3m
Xisco 800k
Williamson (summer) 1m
Remy 11m
Kouyate 4m
Debuchy 5m
Diakite 3m
Mbia (summer) 6m
Cisse (summer) 4m

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Cisse for how much. this is why qpr are in a mess

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So QPR bottom of prem and we should take players they want rid of???????????????

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Qpr want to offload then because they are on like 100k a week, they have to take a pay cut to leave. Mbia is someone we should of gone for in the summer, cisse has still got his clinical finish in him.

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Can we stop this absolute crap

Lets sign the over-paid rejects from the worst team in the league

Your either a macum or a clown !!
Now shut it

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You been playing Football Manager mate?

Gosling wouldn't sell for 3m, Diakite is worse than Tiote in regards to his discipline, Xisco won't sell for 80k, nevermind 800k. Debuchy will sell for closer to 8m.

And I assume you are talking about Djibril Cisse? Where do I start. Injury-prone, over-rated, prima donna, expensive wages, no pace, erratic, inconsistent, and an ex-mackem.

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