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23 Sep 2012 17:04:07
Newcastle 1-0 Norwich
Good result, Ba should of taken the penalty. But i've got one complaint about this result:
Where were the goals?
Against Norwich at least 2-0, i was expecting goals from Newcastle, the highest amount of goals we scored last season was 3. I know a wins a win but i think really must really prove our attacking qualities, i was expecting like a 4-0 or 5-0 result against Norwich. I want to see more goals from Newcastle against Reading. But altogether it was a good performance from the toon.


With our attacking form I think expecting more than three goals borders on lunacy. It was a good result.

Well when you're one creative spark comes from the flank (hba) with virtually no support and there's one man capable of putting those very seldom chances away (ba), i wouldn't expect too much this season. We stagnated this summer and I really do believe it'll be an achievement if 1) we're able to finish in the top half and 2)we're able to hold on to HBA come next year because of it

I woudln't really have called it a good performance, the first half we looked a good team, Williamson and Taylor looked very stong. Was nice to see Cabaye running at goal and getting a few shots away (maybe he should work on hitting the target) HBA again was out for this world... But what are the Newcastle players thinking telling him not to take the penality and to give it to Cisse :/

This is the premier league where games are normaly won by slim margins, we kept a clean sheet with a makeshift defence and created plenty of chances in trying conditions against a very good Norwich team, it's people like you that have the rest of the UK calling us deluded by stating that we should be hammering a team than finished 12th last season, madness!

How can u say we were good we were sh1t

People need to get behind the team and stop looking for bad points, We have lost 1 game this season, That alone isnt bad at all. HBA is again unplayable, He is just out of this world and I get the feeling he really loves Newcastle. Cabaye, Ba, Tiote, Cisse, HBA, Trul and Colo and all Great players and could get in any of the top 4 teams in the PL, CISSE is having a downer but he will come good and newcastle are starting to play some decent football. We have a good youth setup and some great young players, We are a in good stead for the future in terms of finance and overall are on the UP as a Club, I would rather do it the proper way than do it the Man City or Chelsea way, Buy BIG, Pay BIG and cant get rid of them when there past there best. This will come back at them in the future. Credit needs to be given, Its been a Crazy 3 years but finally we could be in a position to start going for top 6 every season if we keep our best players.

To the guy above me^, you make some good points and perhaps it's a bit pessimistic but our 'good' youth setup has yet to win a game this season and just got trounced by man u's academy 7-1. And the one thing about having players like HBA, Ba, Cabaye etc is that in order to keep them, they want to be assured that they're with a club that is making continual strides towards the top. you are exactly right; most of them would get into top 4 teams. what do you think would happen if we finish 8th or 9th this year? they'll be thinking in their heads 'wow, why stay here for less money when i could be challenging for top honors and at the same time ensuring financial security for myself down the road?'. makes sense to me and i couldn't blame any of them for wanting out if come january we are still struggling. and this improvement you speak in terms of playing 'decent' football in my mind has been two passes, cabaye's assist to ba v everton and HBA's assist to ba v norwich. Yes there have been a few injuries (a FEW) but other than Ba and HBA, i have yet to see anything to be hopeful for.

I'll take 3 points any way they come! Before the game I hoped for a good performance. It never came! Ben Arfa was a touch of class once again. But at times we hung on for that victory! Especially when tiote came on and tried his hardest to get himself sent off.. Don't know what he was thinking!
But we played badly and still took 3 points. There's so much more to come. Especially when Colo comes back in. Coz williamsons distribution is horrendous! Toon jones

Don't underestimate other teams




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